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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    the new spawn controls i am lostok so my mob spawning is fubar.............im pretty sure elephants should not be spawning in the nether........

    # Configuration file

    # biomegroups

    biomegroups {
    S:BEACH <Dunes:Gravel Beach:Overgrown Beach>

    S:DESERT <Badlands:Brushland:Canyon:Corrupted Sands(nether):Desert:Dunes:Lush Desert:Mesa:Oasis:Outback:Savanna:Savanna Plateau:Scrubland:Steppe>

    S:END <>

    S:FOREST <Autumn Hills:Bamboo Forest:Birch Forest:Bog:Boreal Forest:Brushland:Cherry Blossom Grove:Coniferous Forest:Dead Forest:Deciduous Forest:Fen:Forest:Forested Field:ForestHills:Frost Forest:Fungi Forest:Grove:Hot Springs:Jade Cliffs:Kelp Forest:Lush Desert:Mangrove:Maple Woods:Meadow:Mystic Grove:Orchard:Origin Valley:Overgrown Beach:Rainforest:Redwood Forest:Sacred Springs:Seasonal Forest:Seasonal Spruce Forest:Shield:Sludgepit:Snowy Coniferous Forest:Snowy Dead Forest:Spruce Woods:Sublime Shrubland:Taiga:TaigaHills:Temperate Rainforest:Thicket:Thinned Mystic Grove:Timber:Wetland:Wonderous Woods:Woodland>

    S:FROZEN <Alps:Arctic:Frost Forest:Glacier:Icy Hills:Polar:Snowy Coniferous Forest:Snowy Dead Forest:Taiga:TaigaHills:Tundra>

    S:HILLS <Autumn Hills:Canyon:Coniferous Forest:Dunes:Extreme Hills:ForestHills:Glacier:Grassland:Highland:Hot Springs:Icy Hills:JungleHills:Moor:Rainforest:Savanna Plateau:Snowy Coniferous Forest:TaigaHills:Temperate Rainforest>

    S:JUNGLE <Bamboo Forest:Jungle:JungleHills:Oasis:Overgrown Greens:Rainforest:Tropical Rainforest:Tropics:Tropics Mountain:Undergarden(nether)>

    S:MAGICAL <Blessed Bog:Cherry Blossom Grove:Fungi Forest:Garden:Majestic Meadow:Mystic Grove:Ominous Woods:Sacred Springs:Sublime Shrubland:Thinned Mystic Grove:Wonderous Woods>

    S:MOUNTAIN <Alps:Canyon:Crag:Extreme Hills:Highland:Jade Cliffs:Mesa:Mountain:Sacred Springs:Volcano>

    S:MUSHROOM <Fungi Forest>

    S:NETHER <Bloody Heap:Boneyard:Corrupted Sands:Nether:Phantasmagoric Inferno:Undergarden>

    S:PLAINS <Brushland:Chaparral:Field:Forested Field:Garden:Grassland:Grove:Heathland:Lavender Fields:Majestic Meadow:Meadow:Orchard:Outback:Overgrown Greens:Pasture:Plains:Prairie:Savanna:Savanna Plateau:Scrubland:Shrubland:Steppe:Sublime Shrubland:Thicket>

    S:SWAMP <Bayou:Blessed Bog:Bog:Dead Swamp:Fen:Fungi Forest:Grassland:Lush Swamp:Marsh:Moor:Quagmire:Silkglades:Sludgepit:Swampland:Wetland>

    S:WASTELAND <Arctic:Badlands:Boneyard(nether):Crag:Deadlands:Mesa:Quagmire:Silkglades:Sludgepit:Tundra:Volcano:Wasteland>
    S:WATER <Bayou:Coral Reef:Hot Springs:Kelp Forest:Lush Swamp:Mangrove:Marsh:Oceanic Abyss:Polar:Shield:Shore:Swampland:Tropics:Tropics Mountain>
    i have a bunch of folders all of them have the exact same stuff in them do i really have to edit all of them :(
    bophell - biome o plenty shell?
    eupraxia <what?
    scl <???

    ok can some one explain how this new spawn control functions?
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    posted a message on Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.12.2) (1.7.1) (Updated 01/27/2020) - Mobs, Monsters, Monster Girls
    ok every one asking for an update really needs to start reading the forums before posting
    Quote from Silentine

    I will get to work on updating this mod as soon as possible. It seems I will have absolutely no free time after mid-September to update nor play this mod due to preperations for my thesis defence circa October. I guess that means it is now or never to start updating :unsure: .

    One of the main reasons why I have not updated yet is because I am afraid that I will become so focused on working on it I will forget about everything else I am suppose to do. Sadly I am not a multitasker.
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    posted a message on Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.12.2) (1.7.1) (Updated 01/27/2020) - Mobs, Monsters, Monster Girls
    Quote from crambold

    Just for my two cents on the issue, I like the peaceful merchant mobs and the cute girl mobs. I wouldn't mind if more of the peaceful merchant mobs also had hostile counterparts (make the maid into a Stronghold mob who attacks with a broom and summons haunted book familiars <3), but If you change them to be an add-on, I wish it wouldn't be just model replacements. I'd like to have normal slimes and slime girls. I'd be sad to see less cute girl mobs in GoG, but always glad to see more of other creatures.
    More bakemono to go with the Yuki-onna and such would be nice. It would also be cool to see stuff with varying mechanics that require different strategies to beat, like a ghost ship that does nothing but has a massive amount of hp and serves to summon droves of ghostly pirates to fend off while whittling away the ship's hp, mandragoras that spawn in packs and remain stationary and passive under the dirt with only leaves sticking out until collided with, and upon collision, would pop out and mob you like pigmen (or silverfish without block destruction.) But I don't know how open to suggestions you are, so perhaps I'm just spitting into the wind, haha. In the case that you are not, disregard me, lol.

    maids don't use brooms in combat they use knifes
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    posted a message on Smart Moving
    Quote from crashrock2

    Are you gonna make this mod for 1.4.2 version?

    Quote from Kashlar15

    When will this be updated for 1.4?

    Quote from ForJagler

    1.4.2 is out so much excited for the new patch!

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    posted a message on I dislike u forge
    user error -.-"
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Quote from MCK1d

    Wow that was a pretty quick fix, the downloads seem to work now
    And once again the world is at peace...

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    posted a message on I would like to bring this to attention.
    Quote from xioxio729

    no error report just a complete black screen

    ... delete the meta file
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    posted a message on Is Minecraft "Dead"?
    i hate how every one hates on 1.8 despite it fixing that memory leak! did you like the memory leak?!

    and no minecraft not dead or alive wrong video game :)

    ok in all seriousness minecrafts not dead.
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    posted a message on funniest ban reasons
    i was banned for making a giant underground fissure city that had its buildings on the sides of walls and had bridges across a pit with a lava river at the bottom between the two haves of the city. the message said (go back to creative and stop wasting our resources)

    i mine all that out my self it took me 7 weeks to make it. BY MY SELF with my own resources.

    all i have to say about that is haters going to hate jealousy is an ugly thing.

    or maybe its because the admin did not know it was there and fell through the roof into the lava pit hmm... well i guess ill never know.
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    posted a message on Top 5 things you wish you could ADD to Minecraft
    Quote from Beechlgz

    1) Custom maps, much like flat map customisation in the snapshot, except also for default and large biomes. Difference is that unlike flat maps the terrain would still be rugged and uneven, but it would still be to your custom specifications. Not sure if it's doable or if it's only possible in flat maps.
    2) Custom biomes - build your own trees that you want to see generated, add your own sprites, fiddle with sliders and the game generates it all for you. An unrealistic wish, but it would be cool. Minecraft ain't enough of a sandbox for me yet.

    I'll add more later. Have to go.

    there a mod for that called map painter.
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