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    In short, a mod that lets you create any item with any name, icon, and tooltip. Does not need a way (in survival) to craft or be part of a crafting recipe. We already have MineTweaker for that. The item has no functionality except for interaction with mapping tools (NBT editors) and other mods such as Hardcore Questing Mode. Command Blocks should also be able to uniquely detect the McGuffin so that the Eye of Krisna and the Holy Ladle don't get confused with each other.
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    There's a dupe bug with Ars Magica 2. I posted an issue about it at https://github.com/Mithion/ArsMagica2/issues/396
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Industrial XP r1 - A brand new experience
    It seems that every industrial mod out there goes and creates their own energy network. That's great and all, but there's an energy network in Minecraft that hasn't been tapped yet. Experience. It's moderately easy to get enough to create better tools and weaponry upgrades from the enchanting table, but the enchanting table is random, and only works with tools and weaponry. Also, there's no automatic way of getting and storing experience.

    That's where this mod comes in. This mod plans to have tiers of experience-related crafting, which will be explained below.

    I can't think of a good name for it, but I do have a cheesy tagline: Experience Minecraft like you've never experienced it before. If you can think of a name, I'd be greatful.

    I'm also so far doing this alone. I suck at graphics, as you'll see in the images. If you want to help with graphics, get in contact with me somehow.

    Alright. Now for explaining the features of the mod.

    Main Ideas

    Experience is a magical substance found across the Minecraft world. This magic is extruded upon death (combat experience), the creation of items (crafting experience), and the collection of resources (mining experience). These various forms of experience are pooled uniquely from each other. There are no levels of experience.

    In the mundane world, experience flows around, but creatures ignore it because its too hard to earn and seemingly impossible to manipulate. In fact, the only way to manipulate it is to use lapis lupizi. Lapis shaped properly can reshape and infuse experience.

    Tier 0 - Vanilla play

    Unlocked via attaining lapis lupizi and

    Item: Experience Syringe. Unknown crafting recipe, other than using lapis lupizi. Used to make the crystalizer and vanilla enchanting table. I thought of it when I started this post, so no work has been done on it yet.

    Item: Experience Crystal. Physical storage of experience. Currently set to store 100 experience. Crafted by using the Crystalizer. A good currency too.

    Block: Enchanting Table. Already in the game. It's recipe will be replaced to involve experience syringes, to draw experience from you, and inject it into tools. But there's little control of the effects. Only, it seems that bookcases make the effect of injected experience stronger. I've yet to figure out the lore for why that is. Can no longer give silk touch, which is only available from tier 1 up.

    Block: Crystalizer. Currently crafted with 8 obsidian surrounding a lapiz lupizi block. In the future, it'll involve an experience syringe or two. There's an interface with a button 'give xp' that takes enough experience to create a crystal, or all of your experience, whichever is less. Once it has 100 experience, it'll give an experience crystal. Right now, the middle arrow does not update properly, but no experience is destroyed unless you break the block.

    Tier 1 - Liquid Assets

    Unlocked via the Crystalizer, the crystals are used in these recipes.

    Block: Liquidizer. Made to turn experience crystals into liquids. Liquids can be moved around however you wish, but they can't be placed in the world. So be careful putting them in buckets.

    Item: Lapiz Gear. Requires buildcraft. Used for experience engines.

    Block: Experience engine. Takes liquid experience, and translates it into MJ. Requires Buildcraft

    Block: Weapon Enchantment Table. A table focused entirely on enchanting weapons. Gives slightly better enchantments than the basic enchantment table. Does not rely on luck.

    Block: Tool Enchantment Table. A table focused on enchanting tools. Gives slightly better enchantments than the basic enchantment table. Does not rely on luck.

    Block: Experience Transposer. Like RedPower transposers, but for experience orbs.

    And more. Stuff about enchanting your crafting table will even exist!

    Tier 2 - Increasing Margins

    Unlocked via unknown means. Probably some means of mixing experience and collecting a lot of the mixed experience to power a block. Sort of like the thermionic fabricator in Forestry.

    I've not thought out this far ahead yet, but at this tier, you'll no longer have to rely on the outside world to provide you with experience, as machines for generating experience will exist.

    Tier 3 - Superpowers

    This is a tier when those enchantments are no longer on your items, but also on you yourself. Want to be faster? Well, absorb enough experience, and you'll be awesomely fast! Want to be immune to explosions? Well, soon you'll be able to be.

    Where I'm At

    Alas, I've but started on tier 0. I have finished crystals and the crystalizer. Next up is separating experience into the three kinds and then building the liquidizer and experience syringe.

    As mentioned above, the experience crystalizer is build by putting obsidian in a circle around a lapis lupizi block. There are two bugs with it right now. One of them is merely a graphical bug where the arrow in the center of the screen doesn't show up properly. The other one is, is that anything inside of the crystalizer (xp and crystals) will be destroyed when the block is destroyed. So be careful when moving it around to make sure you've cleared it of what is in it.


    Crafting it

    The button text and location is temporary. There'll be three here total.


    This mod requires Forge. This was built using the 4.1 release, but should be fine with any 4.0 build.

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    posted a message on [1.4.5][Forge] Container-Based Gui Tutorial
    Just a note on the container. If you are only storing one ItemStack, you don't have to box it in an array.

    private ItemStack[] inventory;


    private ItemStack inventory;

    And when accessing it, you drop the [0].

    Of course, if you have more than one inventory, this doesn't apply.
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    posted a message on Generic Mod Tutorial Set

    Want to jump into modding Minecraft and make your own mod? Want to understand why you are doing things the way you are and not just cargo-culting? Tired of trying to figure out what's going on when code is dumped on you?

    My tutorials offer more explanation than code. There are digressions from building classes to explain what the types of classes are and why they are used. The tutorials are also clean, not keeping cruft from prior tutorials. While the Github hosted master source contains all of the code of the tutorials together.

    Why more tutorials?

    So, with all the forge tutorials already out there, why did I do this?

    I'm an avid reader of software tutorials, and not just Minecraft tutorials. So when I started reading some of the Minecraft tutorials, I was aghast at the subpar quality of the majority of the tutorials. Sure, the initial tutorial might be good, but then they drop into the usual pattern of giving entire classes and then explaining for a couple of lines, and then dumping another huge class on you.

    That's not a tutorial. That's a reference implementation with the word Tutorial thrown around everywhere. In fact, the amount of times you see TutorialBlock or yourBlock, all the tutorials start to meld together. So I did away with that.

    Where can I get help?

    You can find me in various IRC channels on Esper. You can also ask here.

    Why aren't the tutorials here too?

    The tutorials are large, and converting the wikicode to bbcode would be a hassle that's not worth it. I put it on the forge wiki, because I'm better with wikicode than bbcode.

    I want to help!

    If you like these tutorials, there's two ways you can help.
    1. I need a banner. Doesn't have to be fancy. Should be less than 350px wide. Don't include my name on it.
    2. If you want to write tutorials that follow the same general pattern, and you write them on the wiki, you'll be credited for the tutorial, and take some of the workload off of me. Just make sure to try to go over all relevant parts.
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    posted a message on Wiki Tutorials - Installation to Basic Items
    Hey Forge users and potential users. Did you know Forge has a wiki at http://minecraftforg.../wiki/Main_Page and that there are tutorials there too?

    Unfortunately, most of these tutorials became outdated with the update to Forge 4.0.0, and that leaves a vacuum for new Forge tutorials. I've decided to try building up a wiki again, but this time with an already created wiki.

    I try to explain everything that matters to the best of my ability, and don't just dump code on you. You'll understand how to do a particular task. You have to know Java and how to code to follow along, but that is true for most tutorials these days.

    The names of classes are going to be speakable. I avoided using the word tutorial, except in the package name. Instead, since these are generic tutorials, the mod being worked on in the tutorials is called "Generic". This allows the ore to be called GenericOre instead of TutorialOre. Doesn't that roll off the tongue better?

    And while there is a listing of some tutorials at http://www.minecraft...orials/Beginner and http://www.minecraft...ls/Intermediate, it will help you better to have the full index here: And if you have used Forge in 1.2.5, there's a terse article on what's changed:

    Upgrading To Forge for 1.3.1

    The source code for the Generic mod is located on Github

    If you have any criticism of my tutorials, or want to ask questions based on them, ask me here or on IRC. I'm in various Minecraft channels.
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    posted a message on Modder Looking for Spriter
    Well, the problem is, is that I can't release the mod without any graphics whatsoever. That'd be silly. Unless you Breakfast and Dinner to be weirdly coloured squares...and since it is just those two items right now, I'm stuck for progress with this really simple mod, and am working on more complicated mods.
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    posted a message on Modder Looking for Spriter
    I can write mods, but I cannot draw. As such, I'm looking for a spriter who wants to draw two sprites, and maybe more in the future.

    The sprites I want drawn are "Breakfast" and "Dinner" at 16x16px each. Breakfast is crafted using milk, bread, and two eggs. Dinner is crafted using bread, one meat, and two veggies/fruits.

    It's a really really simple mod, and the only thing stopping me from releasing it is the lack of images.

    You can find me on IRC (irc://irc.mibbit.net/havvy or a couple of the Minecraft channels on Esper) or you can post here to contact me.
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    posted a message on Ice Tongs and Turf Harvester [with tiny pics!]
    The Ice carver could work, but I'd almost never craft it.

    The grass block tool makes absolutely no sense, since you are basically grabbing a lump of soil, and soil moves around. It would make for sense to me to be able to plant seeds in pure dirt to turn them into grass blocks. It'd give me a reason to care about seeds.
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    posted a message on New tables
    Why, it contains an ender shard, which combine to make ender crystals! But in reality, without a purpose, thanks for the fan art.
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    posted a message on Forge Extended Directories API(Ingot and Energy compat. between mods)
    A mod should move it soon enough. And yes, I am positive I'm mixing ingot usage. RedPower2 is the only copper/tin generating mod I have configured, and I macerate it into IndustrialCraft dusts which then get induction furnaced into IndustrialCraft version ores. I build everything (Forestry, IndustrialCraft, RedPower2) with these.

    The only conflict I know of is RedPower2 rubies and the Laser mod rubies, which I accept because one is natural and the other is crafted.

    As for the power generation, Thaumcraft has a vis->{RP2, IC2, BC} item called the thaumic enchanter and Forestry has a IC2->BC engine. The balance of each mod is different, otherwise the modders probably would have chosen to combine their energy networks. The fact they did not tells you that they did not shows they have a reason to do so. Anyways, these mods have APIs so other modders can make network connectors should they want to.
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    posted a message on Minecraft "Damnation" Mode
    There is only a limited amount of development time per developer. If a developer was focused on this, such developer could not add more universally useful features. Unlike hardcore mode, which was easy to implement given the way the game is structured, adding this "Go to Nether on death" mode would involve a deep restructuring of death code which would add many many bugs where we want as few as possible. It would be a maintenance nightmare for something which probably would not appeal to many people.

    It might make an interesting mod, but never an interesting vanilla feature.
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    posted a message on Forge Extended Directories API(Ingot and Energy compat. between mods)
    Right. That's minecraft modding. This is the suggestions forum for vanilla minecraft. On this website, the most appropriate forum would be http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/52-requests-ideas-for-mods/, but there is a bug tracker for Forge, so that is probably a better place. Or bring it up in the IRC channels, and see what people say.

    Also, I can indeed use redpower ingots to create industrialcraft machines and vice versa. I know this because I'm already doing it.
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    posted a message on A "Old-school" setting for veterans or the nostalgics out there.
    There's a tool out there called MCNostalgia (well, it was called that last I checked. It might have been renamed since then.) that already does this. There's zero reasons to make this an official feature of Minecraft, since the feature does that expand gameplay, but would still cause bugs. I do not recommend making a feature like this a part of any supported code base.
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    posted a message on Forge Extended Directories API(Ingot and Energy compat. between mods)
    This is for suggestions to Minecraft, not Minecraft modding. You're in the wrong forum. Anyways, the ingot problem can be fixed by only having one mod generating your copper and tin ingots.
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