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    posted a message on Should Mojang start work on Minecraft 2?
    Why do they need Minecraft 2? Minecraft is an unlimited potential. Minecraft receives updates. They would probably lose the player base they have now too. Why bother to make a sequel?

    Nothing has unlimited potential, and this is all the more true if it is made with Java. Notch has said he would make Minecraft 2 at some point anyway (though he also said we would finish Scrolls first).
    And why would the player base go away? The player base for CoD hasn't gone away, nor the player base for Madden.
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    posted a message on How valuable do you think each ore type is compared with other types?
    For fun I decided to spent a bit of time making my own subjective math to decide how much the ore is worth. To calculate it I used both the rarity of each kind of blog and how deep it spawns:

    Amount of ores per chunk by average:

    Coal: 142
    Iron: 77
    Restone: 25
    Gold: 8
    Lapis: 3.5
    Diamond: 3
    Emerald 1

    Pre-depth Ore value:

    Coal: 1$
    Iron: 2$
    Redstone: 6$
    Gold: 18$
    Lapis: 40$
    Diamond: 43$
    Emerald: 142$

    Layer price affect beneath certain depths:

    48: 25%
    36: 50%
    24: 75%
    12: 100%

    Post-depth Ore value:

    Coal: 1$
    Iron: 3$
    Redstone: 12$
    Gold: 27$
    Lapis: 80$
    Diamond: 86$
    Emerald: 248$

    What do you think, do you think this makes sense?
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    posted a message on Playing on peaceful is more fun?
    I have invested lots of time in Minecraft, but one thing I always hated was how you are spending like half of the game inside a mine or your home simply because its almost impossible to stay outside during night. After finally getting too sick of staying inside my mine/house for yet another night even thought I did not really want to I finally decided to turn peaceful on to see how that played out.....and I am having a considerably greater amount of fun.

    Granted that not having any monsters to worry about sort of diminishes the need to be careful and build defenses, but most defenses were sort of useless anyways and its easily still 10x more fun to be able to just do as you please without having to constantly worry about suddenly being blown up by 3 creepers the moment you leave your house/mine and its also nice not having to wait out a whole night inside a mine simply because you can't go outside.

    Am I the only one who just doesn't find it that fun playing with the mobs on?

    Its not that I hate the mobs, Its just that I don't think it should be so utterly impossible to stay outside during night as it currently is.

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