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    Quote from p1xies»

    Hi there my name is felix and my ign is FelixDabz3Dx , I was wondering if your realm would allow me to apply , ive generally been playing on and off for the past 5 years (xbox 360 edition), I am 16 and I personally love building in everyway although I would love to learn redstone , I wish to join and make alot of new friends and build with the community , hopefully .

    I believe you could add me to the community as I could contribute alot of builds to the server


    Kind regards( have a nice day)


    Quote from kazumichicken»



    when i was 9? Like.... version 0.10?

    I love doing redstone stuffs and making automated systems, i like making them look really really good....

    i want to join because i really want to play an SMP or a survival multiplayer with players that are mature enough to play naturally, and can be friends with.

    i do

    my discord is KazumiChicken#1666

    you should invite me because, I believe that I can make this realm really great, I want to connect and interact with other in a survival world and help them do stuff XD

    PLEASEEEE Invite me into this XD just that hehe Thank Youu

    Quote from meteroreie»

    My username is Meter Oreie

    I am 17

    I have been playing for about 4-ish years, starting on the original crappy mobile and then got into mine craft on PC and Xbox.

    I love messing around with redstone but I mostly play as a builder. (i can send some screenshots of recent projects if interested)

    I want to join because I really want to be a part of a serious smp community and just have fun, play with other people, and hopefully improve my building skills.

    "I do" (i will be a community member)

    My discord is Arkangel ID # 7035

    You should invite me to the realm because I have enough free time to really get a good start on the server while it is still new and I am always up for helping out others and mediating conflicts. I just like to be helpful.

    Have a nice day :)

    Quote from GNARNANA»

    ING: Vegas_Dog

    Age: 17.9 (Almost 18)

    I started playing 6 years ago (i think it was 1.7.2)

    I am a more technical player. I am good at Redstone and I built a lot of farms for multiplayer servers (lots of drops without much lag...)

    I wish to join a survival multiplayer server where I can play with other people my favorite game (minecraft). I want to be active in the community, help others in the things I know and ask them for help where I need them...

    I Do!

    Discord: XDMANMAN#8950

    I think you should invite me because I am very active and i will help in every community build (mostly in Redstone... not a great builder...).

    Have A Nice Day! (:

    All of you are accepted! I sent a friend request on discord, reply to it and I will send you a discord invite. See you on the server!

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    Hah I can relate on so many levels! Currently our community is very small with only a small handful of players, and the world hasn’t been opened yet. But the plan is to make a community of players who are close knit and friendly. If you’ve seen hermitcraft, we’re shooting for a similar community as that (if not, watch it on YouTube, it’s amazing). I’ll be brutally honest, I don’t know if there’ll be too much role play, though there is to an extent (guilds for instance are a part of the server). Hopefully though, when enough players with good build skills (relatively good anyways) join, especially those with a sense of community, we’ll build up the shopping district a lot, so it’ll be a bit more homely.

    If you have a discord, reply it (or dm if you’d prefer). Most server details are on there. If you don’t, I highly recommend you get one, though it’s not necessary; I can relay details to you as needed via email instead, if you’d prefer.

    But we’d love to have you on the server. Ciao.

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    Sorry but I did not get the email... it’s [email protected] , but if that’s what you did then try my spam email: [email protected]

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    Email: [email protected]; Xbox: HapticHamst3r (I’m doing this correctly, right?)

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    Sounds like a plan Stan

    1. HapticHamst3r

    2. 18

    3. I’ve been playing for ages now (since 1.5) and haven’t been on a very serious server... I’m hoping to find a server with experience players to play with, at least a few anyways.

    4. Windows 10 and PE

    5. Sorry, I do not.

    6. Ugh. Ok I’ll admit I got kicked once because I used to hack (JUST ON JAVA EDITION) but before you deny me IT WAS LIKE 5 YEARS AGO and I was stupid and young and immature... I can promise I won’t be like that now. Those were dark times...

    7. Nope. I didn’t hack that much lol

    Have a wonderful day.

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    Well, not sure how to sign up or anything, but my ign is HapticHamst3r and my discord is sdcolson#3146 (if there is a discord)

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    Sounds like a plan Stan

    1. LegacyOfHeroes42 (yes ik its cringy but I was like 8 when I came up with it)

    2. sdcolson#3146

    3. Well I’ve been a fan of Minecraft for a while, however, nobody on any smp I’ve been on has been serious about Minecraft nor experienced, so I’m looking for a server with at least a few experienced people.

    4. I’ve played for a long time, since 1.5. I stopped playing for a couple years so I could focus on school, but I’ve had more free time recently and got back into it.

    5. Relatively active. I work 8 hours a day (weekdays) and sleep 8 or 9 hours, and I do make food for myself and family and friends a lot so... probably 16 hours a week? Maybe more maybe less.

    6. 18

    7. If you legit don’t feel I’m a good choice, just say no. I’d rather not play than play because someone pitied me. Just saying.

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    (Sorry if this is a second post, but it didn't seem like my first went though)

    IGN: LegacyOfHeroes42

    Name: Seth or Legacy, though many have called me Leg in the past and I don't mind.

    Age: 18

    Discord: sdcolson#3146

    Country/Timezone: US, Central Daylight Time

    In-game skills: Well, I'm not exactly amazing at anything in particular. I'm decent at building, overall surviving, redstone (I like to think anyways, its a vast category), and PvE (not PvP at all). I'm fairly knowledgeable about how Minecraft works and such, and I feel like my 8 or so years of playing gives me some credit.

    Previous participation in a closed MC community: honestly, none, considering I just learned about them a few days ago. I'd love to give it a try though.

    About me: Well, I'm a perfectionist, an idealist, a musician, a social recluse (due to awkwardness and social anxiety), I'm very good at following rules, so good it often irritates my friends. I'm very morally straight, and while I'm not super outgoing and friendly, I'm still kind and very polite (I like to think, anyways). I am fairly imaginative, as long as there is structure and organization to the imagination. I love small groups of people;; crowds, as well as large servers, kind of shut me off.

    Thanks for the consideration,


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    I’m pretty casual though I love survival worlds. Creative is... meh. Not my jazz. Neither is role play.

    And I guess, I follow rules strictly, so well that people can get annoyed lol.

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