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    New Nether looks great. I like complexity and would very much like to explore new biomes and build cobblestone paths with nice views. But unfortunately difficulty level is increased to far too high level. It is not fun anymore if you have to fight 15 minutes against swarms of ghasts and battalion of skeletons for every 1 minutes for exploring. Only way to proceed is to dig tunnels, trenches and bunkers but then I loose the most of aesthetic experience.

    Maybe current level is OK for young player with healthy wrists, unlimited free time and aggressive playstyle but for me 1/4 spawning probability (especially ghasts) would be suitable challenge. Or maybe for example netherite armors and weapons could be much more effective. Now they seem to be rare stuff for swanking in multiplayer games and not worth of work as real upgrade from diamond equipment (based to numbers, not experience).

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