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    posted a message on I need a district 12 the seam seed
    I need a the seam seed for my minecraft world... anyone got one?
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    posted a message on [Builders Needed] Hunger Games Role Play Server
    I can help you build! I wanna be a normal girl in a district, but I'll help build too. I love building! I'll build anything! :D
    First Name: Sarah
    In game name: Prim
    What you have built in the past (pics or links would be nice): I have pics, but I'm such a computer noob idk how to post them.
    Have you read the books?: Yes
    Will u play on the finished server?: Of course! :D
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    posted a message on Hunger Games Roleplay Survival Server MUST READ
    Minecraft username: sarjorgar123
    Skype if you have one: Don't have one :c
    Email: [email protected]
    How you found this: searching for a hunger games roleplay game
    Character name: Prim
    Charector Gender:Girl
    District: 12 like my age! :D
    Background story: (At least one paragragh)

    Admin and mod applications

    Minecraft username: sarjorgar123
    Skype: (Required) I don't have one!!!!! :c
    Email:[email protected]
    Experience?:I have built hunger games maps before.
    Mod or Admin?: Idc, I just wanna build stuff, anything you want me to.
    How often can you be online per day?: Usually 4:00-7:00, sometimes I'll have homework. On weekends I'm free. I think by the time I start building it'll already be summer, so I'll be totally free, usually 12:00-6:00 :D
    Anything else that shows me your fit for the job: I LOVE to build, I'll build anything you tell me to. I can build the district houses, I am very organized, and I've built houses and the Capitol before.
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    posted a message on The far lands?
    OMG dude!! kay so today my teacher showed us this EEEEEEPPPPPIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCC thing, and it was.................MINDBLOWING!!!!! Here's the link: htwins.net/scale2
    Okay so it was FREAKIN AWESOME!! And guess what?!??!?!?!?!
    It had freakin' MINECRAFT WORLD next to NEPTUNE!
    Minecraft worlds a-a-are...
    Okay you might think I'm freakin' crazy but....
    NEPTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was shocked! So I did some research and yes, the far lands ARE real. Here's some facts:
    -a Minecraft world has approximately 130 quadrillion blocks
    -a minecraft world spans a total length of 64,000 kilometers
    I was just mindblown...
    plus that link also has other SUPER interesting stuff like DNA and it is the coolest link I ever clicked!
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