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    Apparently Notch is nerfing enderman in 1.9, which just makes me want this mod more, since that feels like a step in the opposite direction.

    Anyone else with suggestions, feel free to post them.
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    I think the enemies are a little... lacking, in the default game. Just making them stronger won't solve anything. They should actually be a challenge.

    So I was thinking of a mod that actually alters the behaviors and abilities of mods to give you a bit more of a run for your money. Each enemy should have a separate download link, since some of them could cause huge problems for players, while they might want features from one of the other mobs. Most of these will mess your creations up. This is intended. If you want to stay safe in survival, you have to SURVIVE.

    • Multiple variants (Normal, Bow, Soldier)
    • Spawn in nether
    • Alert other nearby enemies of your location when they see you, with a rattling sound.
    • Normal skeletons are brittle, weak, and easy to kill, but spawn often. Attacks deal more damage when on fire. Only drop bones.
    • Bow Skeletons are the normal ones currently in the game. Wear a leather helm, and have slightly more health then currently. Drops bones and arrows.
    • Bow Skeletons will sometimes spawn in trees
    • Soldier Skeletons wield stone swords, and have a chainmail helm, with more health then bow skeletons. Drops Bones and chain links. Chain links can be used to FINALLY CRAFT CHAINMAIL ARMOR IN A WAY THAT MAKES SOME DEGREE OF SENSE. (Seriously, Notch? Fire?)

    • Can detect player location through walls if the player is injured at all.
    • Can destroy wood, planks, wooden doors, glass, dirt, sand, and gravel to reach a player, will pathfind around other blocks.
    • Their strike does normal damage, and also drains your hunger faster (same as eating their flesh).
    • Spawn in groups of 4 or 5 and attack together (if one sees you, they all chase you)
    • Will attack passive mobs (pigs, chicken, cows, etc) if they see them and are not already attackin you. Killing one heals them.

    • Explodes if lit on fire
    • Explodes if caught in another creepers explosion (chain reaction)
    • Can spawn on top of leaf blocks

    • Will not walk over water unless enraged, and will teleport if able
    • Water no longer damages them (just scares them a little)
    • Does not burn in daylight
    • Will pick up player placed blocks
    • Will only move blocks up to 5 spaces away
    • Will set down blocks more often (basically, they will slowly tear your house apart, but you would still have all the resources)
    • If an enraged enderman is visible on-screen it will only teleport to an area nearby onscreen (as it is now in-game)
    • If an enraged enderman is NOT visible on-screen, they can teleport further, and can teleport to areas not on-screen.
    • No longer glow in fog, or have glowing eyes
    • Use the creepers current 'ambush' tactic, where they will wait near areas players frequently pass by.

    • Will spawn in trees
    • Spawn during the day (still non-aggressive during the day)
    • Will create cobwebs in an area they are idle in
    • Become aggressive against anything in a cobweb, even during the day
    • If a skeleton is caught in a cobweb, instead of becoming aggressive, the skeleton will mount the spider and become a spider jockey
    • Not slowed down by soulsand or cobwebs
    • Don't take fall damage

    Any ideas are welcomed. I would prefer to just make the current mobs more aggressive rather then add new ones, to prevent the problems of something like More Creeps and Weirdos, where after a certain point, it just gets too silly.
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    Well, guess I'll take a stab at making a texture pack.

    Now, at this point most texture pack makers would tell you their life story, and how they picked their themes, etc. I'm just gonna show you some pretty pictures, and move on.




    Change Log:
    v.8- Initial release.

    Future Changes:
    -Tweak redstone so it doesn't look so bad.
    -Better armor, because lets face it, the current ones suck
    -Animate liquids
    -Mod support
    --Nandonalts mods
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    Quote from machornbeck »
    Another excellent idea. I would've replied sooner but I was at Palm Beach (The land of no internet acess). Anyway, my idea was that once books are in a bookshelf nobody but the owner can take them. If you click them, you just read the book. Then people can read the books but not steal/greif them. It's like a library where you can't rent them out! Anyway, if you're gonna do the art of music, PM me because I've got heaps of ideas.

    That would be a nightmare to code into the game, and is the main reason we don't have Safe's to store items in, because including block ownership would require the most basic of coding for the blocks themselves to be rewritten, along with pretty much most of the game.

    THAT SAID, if books are included, they would already have a new way of being read by the game, in order to display the text, so adding a small value to it on a book by book basis, instead of a bookcase basis would be extremely easy. Or at least, easier then everything else in this suggestion.

    I would suggest having two 'done' buttons. Draft and Publish. Clicking Draft will create the written copy of the book, and anyone can add to or delete from it. Clicking Publish will also create it (maybe with a different sprite to show its been published?) and then only the creator of the book can edit it.
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    Quote from themohawkninja »
    I just hate it when a skeleton is in the middle of a lake, because it won't catch on fire... aside from that the sunlight is fine as is.

    Yeah. I think sunlight should do direct damage, instead of just lighting them on fire, so that they still die in water, but other then that, I think its just fine the way it is.
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    I have a few suggestions (more will probably come to me later)

    First, if you right click on a scroll that has been placed, you should get a pop up that tells you what was written on it. Seems a much easier way to make a public notice or something, without players having to break it just to read it.

    Second is mass producing books. It would be a shapeless recipe, and would be 1 blank book, 1 written in book, and 1 ink well. The recipe would leave the written book and the inkwell (giving the inkwell some damage) and would consume the blank book, to produce an exact copy of the one you have written. This can be helpful when mass producing books to give out, like guides, or rules of the server. Same might also apply to other forms of art, like scrolls, paintings, or...

    Maps! Instead of only using an inkwell on a scroll, you can choose to use a palette and make a map. This would be the exact same as a custom painting, but on a portable medium you can open up anywhere. Obviously this won't be limited ONLY to making maps, but that would probably be the best use for it.

    Player capes have been requested ever since the staff ones were added. This seems like a good way to have them. Just have a 'cape' slot in the inventory, that you can equip it with. No affect stat-wise, but would look nice. The recipe for the cape would be:
    :Spider: [] :Spider:
    [] :White: []
    [] :White: []
    Editing a cape would be the same as a painting, requiring a palette.

    Last suggestion for now: Have an artists table. It could be be crafted as:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :|: [] :|:

    In order to edit a piece of art, you would have to right click the table, it will then have a blank menu pop up, with 2 empty spaces on top, one for the medium (scroll, canvas, or book), and one for the ink (Palette or ink well) . Depending on what you put in, it will change the bottom of the menu to whatever is needed to edit that piece of art. Putting in a book and an inkwell will let you write in the book. Putting in a scroll and a Palette will let you draw on the scroll, Putting a canvas and an inkwell... will bring up nothing. If this is done, then you can scrap the duplicate book idea, and just have a button on the Artists Table menu to make a copy of it. Also, if you are sticking to the 'need dyes in inventory to edit' idea, then there could be a built in area to the side of the menu to store ink (and only ink) in, and it will always draw from that pool of ink before pulling it out of your inventory.

    The writers table would consolidate everything, and would help slow down griefers, since they would have to take down the painting, bring it to their own table, edit it, and then place the painting back up (which, lets face it, a griefer would just steal the painting at this point). Although that does also ruin the entire point of maps, since you wouldn't be able to edit them as you are exploring.
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    2 things.

    First: The currency exchange rate is 100:1. This is pretty frustrating considering that they stack to 64 without other mods. They will stack to 100, but if you move them, or try to combine two stacks, it won't work. I really think that the exchange rate between Denier and Denier Or should be 64:1. This would also mean an entire stack of wood or cobble would be worth exactly 1 Denier Or.

    Second: If you build your own house in town, the the townsfolk will ignore it and try to build over it, tearing your house down in the process. Is there some way to have them avoid destroying Planks, Cobble, Stone, and 'constructed' blocks?
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    You included NandoProps in most of your mods, making them incompatible with each other. With your own mods. Why must you make me choose between Cheeseburgers, Pie, and Wolves?
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    Quote from GaryCXJk »

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    Either a secret block, or something not yet coded in.
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    Maps are easy enough. Just have it show any blocks you could see be darkened. So if its the side of a cliff, you could see the grass below the cliff, but will be much darker then the grass at your level.

    And you could have a 'scroll' feature, that will raise or lower the level of the map by 1 z-level, so you can show certain rooms and stuff.

    And as has been mentioned before, the map only adds stuff to it in places you explore while its equipped. This can be used to make a map of your house, with each floor only being showed one at a time, but still on one map.

    As for your replies to my suggestions:
    I meant player emblem being removed from the char.png. If a player wants to have one, they just add it directly.

    The ammo pouch was meant to have it SWITCH to a different ammo type when you run out. Or maybe switch between ammo types in the way you noted for dual wielding? Actually, that would also probably be a better way to handle it. Just have a second block on a toolbelt, that you can switch between quickly.
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    Quote from zomgguitarz1234 »
    I do not see why anyone on the face of the earth in their right minds would want the creeper pack.
    I mean, you basically squander your chance to go and get your items back (explosion would destroy them) and the enemy would probably despawn anyways.

    Also the majority of these ideas are extremely OP, although a few could do.

    Not everyone plays to just build all day every day. Me and a few of my friends have a server where we will all hop on, join a team, build a castle, and then try to destroy the other teams castle. That pack would be AWESOME for us.

    It would also be awesome for griefers, but not any worse then a flint and tinder, or bucket of lava is, and any server that bans those items could just as easily ban this one.
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    posted a message on A change to Creeper A.I and possible nerf.
    1. I like.
    2. That sounds like it would get kinda annoying.
    3. Nah. Makes them too easy to kill. However, maybe have the just 'pop' in water. They still disappear, and don't drop any loot, but won't do any damage.
    4. I would actually like this a lot as a option in the menu, with the default being off. 'Thats a nice everything you have there. Would be a... SHAME... if something happened to it.'
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    Updated with 4 new recipes.
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    posted a message on Stairscraft & Halfcrafts!

    Glowing halfblocks has ALL kinds of potential, and I'm sure that half soul blocks would create a really interesting effect.
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