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    posted a message on [1.8.1]Tale Of Kingdoms Ver 1.0.5
    this looks excellent. going to backgrade to be able to check it out. thats really cool mo creatures works with it to. can have a stable, and defend against the ogres and such. =)
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    posted a message on For all the Whiners and Complainers...
    Apparently the satanists are on the prowl again with their ritualistic demon summoning.

    Would someone please drive a stake through the original posters heart?
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Id like to see a way to laso/rope an animal or drag it someplace/herd it to its pen/whatever.
    Other than using numerous fishing poles a *lot* i cant think of any way of taking a cow for instance all the way back to your house you built, if none are close by.
    Chickens we got eggs i guess.. but what about the pigs, etc.
    I think i saw a mod for a laso or rope once.

    maybe make 'baby' animals easier to push? shrugs. still. wouldnt help for getting one up a mountainside or tree-home.

    EDIT: apparently holding wheat in your hand can get a critter to follow you? have to test this.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    someone mentioned fireflys for the swamp.
    good idea.
    and then why not use them for lanterns or glowing jar?

    possibly a potion bottle+firefly?
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    had a second idea.
    a wooden bucket thats useful for water?

    iron is fine for lava. but buckets were always made out of wood for fetching water in the first place.
    just sometimes when im trying to plant wheat early in the game from killing grass, would be nice to be able to get a bucket of water handy without having to mine for a day or two to get some iron. also making a iron bucket isnt the first priority with iron usually too.
    besides. half the time where i start my home their isnt water close by. (mountaintops, grasslands, etc)
    could be used for milk too, but primarily id want a water bucket.
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    posted a message on Famous people who play MC
    Quote from HappyHitman

    I heard Obama, played it.

    did he ruin the player economy?

    *drum and cymbal*
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    posted a message on [1.8.1 / 1.9-pre5] TitleRemover - add patch mods
    i guess i never notice the text anymore ive played so long.
    but true enough most games dont have an annoying text sitting in the corner i guess.
    from that perspective i guess this mod would be cool. actually surprised somethign like this hasnt been made before.

    also i dont understand. cracked versions show something else or something? shrugs.
    well if it conflicts with reiminimap i cant use it anyways.

    certainly one thing for sure. some ppl complain an awful lot about silly stuff.
    this meaning.. a lot of the mod threads ive seen have ppl with blistering or scathing responses like they have nothing better to do.
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    posted a message on Why is everyone dissapointed with 1.8?
    Quote from Elite6809

    Only because people like you were crying like babies for the update to be released half-assed and weeks early.

    released half assed and weeks early.
    if you look back it wasnt released early if anything it was delayed, and over half of what was to be isnt here.
    seems you agree on the quality of the update, but place the blame on the users? hmm ok.

    some look at the glass half empty some half full.

    if its 'half ass', to put it in your phrase, then you might want to rethink who is to blame. not the community.

    about 25% (based on the pollings) of disgruntled folks who do not approve of some or a lot of this update.

    while that is not the majority obviously i think thats a rather high amount considering.
    to me calling a quarter of the community trolls or idiots/bitchers/complainers/ seems more than mildly unjustified.

    but for people to say its gone over well or their isnt complaints are somehow turning a blind eye and are ignoring a lot of the complaints that factually *do* exsist.

    calling people cry babys or other comments is just trolling. their is just as many if not more 'fanbois' in a thinly disguised trolls helmet. (punkins!)

    for me... ive liked every update except the one that made the boat elevaters toast, and never once complained before that.
    this update i have had several complaints about.
    its not like i personally complained every time sometings come out, and ive had the game for almost a year.

    its my personaly thought, that toggles for most of these things, like hunger, the fog at low altitude levels/bedrock, endermen or whatever could make everyone happy. just like how they added a toggle for villages.
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    posted a message on Endermen Don't Pick Up Blocks Mod
    love this. was just what i was looking for. now to find the other couple i need.
    good work!

    ignore the haters!
    its as if someones putting a gun to their head and forcing them to use a mod.
    why are they even in the mod forums.. just to troll?

    how bout they leave those of us who want these things alone. to much to ask i guess.
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    posted a message on About 1.8 oceans.
    My only fear of the oceans is the crappy little boats we have.
    Playing in a survival mode without flying, if i run into a squid id be screwed.

    Today when i was playing i ran into a chicken that was out in the water and it blew my boat into tiny pieces.

    Seriously hate the new squishy/break when you look at it boats. but anyways.

    Id like to see ships. Wouldn't that rock? Yea i know it wont happen.
    I heard Notch on the livestream mention that maybe a larger boat might come later, but probably not any large ships. That it was problematic or something and glitchy. Well.. long as the bigger boats dont sink when hitting a chicken....

    NOW.. imagine sailing for days... across a huge ocean... then hitting the island.. and your tiny crapola-twinkie boat smashes like it always does now when it gently touches anything/shore, and you have no seeds or wood... and their are no trees on the island.. lmao.
    better hope you can scavenge it all up out of the water without your scuba suit and trained dolphin... otherwise say hello to Gilligan.
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