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    posted a message on What is the one thing you dislike the most in 1.7?
    I am disappointed in the oceans. I liked them the way they were before. People are just too whiney and lazy. It's not like there were oceans everywhere on a map.

    Also the horizon darkening is hideous! All I see is a black sky when I look out of my penthouse windows from the middle of the room. It looks horrible. I can't see the sky unless I stand right next to the windows :(
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    posted a message on Supreme Court just ruled DOMA unconstitutional.
    Sorry for my wordwalls, the post got messed up when I tried to edit it and took out the paragraphs I made.

    Quote from WERTYUL
    Lol, you guys are forgetting what marriage was about in the first place. All religion aside, it was used to cement a family together, so there would be a father and a mother to care for children. Having both a father and a mother proves psychologically and socialogically beneficial to the child. That's what marriage is. In an almost exclusively anti-christianity---organized religion group such as gays... why exactly would they want a tradition like marriage that is rooted in religion when they condemn other religious... well, anything? Seriously, they say stuff like'F God, hur-hur-hur', and then they demand to be married. By a pastor. In a church. In fact, the government is trying to pass a law that says anti-gay churches have to do gay marriages. Heck, even in the case of straight marriages, no church is legally obligated to do it. That's the problem I have with it. Have all of the gay so-called 'marriages' that you want-- but you when you start forcing people to do things that are against their religion, in their house of worship-- that's infringing on people's religious rights. Having all of this gay sex ed at school is also infringing on people's rights. Nobody where I live wants that crap in schools. We shouldn't have to have it. But it'll probably be gov't-mandated soon.So, this is how religious freedom dies- with thunderous applause. :/Well, I'mma keep on fighting. Have fun.

    I thought marriage was originally contracts between 2 people as more of an economical thing than about love. I'm not sure if that is true but that is what I learned.Also, I've never met an openly gay person who called themselves an atheist. Every homosexual I've ever been friends with has identified themselves as a Christian. I know there are gay atheists out there, but I disagree with what you said about them being almost exclusively anti-Christian.I don't know if this is true, but I have heard civil unions (marriages done by the state) do not grant the same rights as an actual marriage does. I'm sure many gays would be willing to have a civil union instead of a religious marriage if they could have the same marriage rights as a couple married in a church. It's not fair that a couple can have more rights than another just because they are allowed to marry in a church and the other isn't.

    Quote from WERTYUL

    I wouldn't want two platonic friends living communally for economic reasons raising a child for the same reason I wouldn't want gay people raising a child-- a growing child needs a father figure and a mother figure-- not two mothers or two fathers. They need to learn about the gender that they are from roles. Father, if male, Mother, if female. Otherwise, when a boy would be raised by a lesbian couple, he would have strong female impulses and personal characteristics, and a girl raised by a gay male couple would be-- umm, actually, gay men don't really have masculine characteristics, from what I've seen, so... she would act like, um... a girl? O.O Wait, so homosexuality.... breeds a feminine population? Now THAT'S unhealthy.

    I never had a father figure in my life and I think I turned out alright. If anything I feel more open minded than SOME people. There is no proof that a boy raised by a lesbian couple will have strong feminine impulses. I'm sure the other female can easily fill a man's place. They don't "need" to learn about the gender roles either. That is not necessary information that will make them survive any longer, and will not make them any less successful in the future.You're extremely ignorant to say homosexuality breeds a feminine population. That would be like me saying Christianity breeds the most ignorant scum on earth, just because a good portion of Christians are ignorant. There are masculine homosexuals, just as there are smart Christians.Also it isn't unhealthy to breed a feminine population. It might or might not be wholly beneficial, but I see nothing hazardous to the health of the population- physically or mentally- even if it did breed a feminine population (which is not the case)I would see how it can breed a more open-minded population. I guess open-mindedness is associated with feminism. Some world we live in today.

    Quote from Dullstar

    I come presenting: SINGLE MOTHERS! (Single fathers exist, too, but for the sake of example...)

    Are you saying that single mothers shouldn't be allowed to raise their male children? Since single mothers aren't a problem, I don't see what harm two mothers instead of one would do. (For the context of two fathers, just swap instances of male children with female children and mothers with fathers).

    I serve as an example of a male child of a single mother :)

    Quote from WERTYUL

    OK, genius; how is being gay not a choice? There are people who've gone from straight to gay, and vice versa. And how about bi, huh? How does that work? Give me something that gives any credence to the claim that being gay or bi is 'natural' and not a mental illness or disorder. It's just like pedophilia. Or bestiality.

    And yes, the Gov't IS going to try to force churches to, at the least, rent out their facilties for gay marriages: (And I don't want to hear any of that whiny liberal B.S. about it being FOX. The only reason you hate it is because it's one of the few conservative medias; all of the others are liberally biased. So shut up)

    Oh, and, from what I've seen you guys discriminate against an entire kind of people-- namely conservatives and Christians. So don't be hypocrites, es.

    Yes, and being a white person is a choice too. Plenty of black people have decided they were sick of being black and decided to become white. Even some famous people! I'm sick of being white because reverse discrimination puts me on the ­ end of the stick! I don't get special scholarships for being a great student of a racial minority! I hereby declare myself African American because being white is just a choice.

    Honestly, if being gay was a choice, almost everyone would be straight. Nobody in the right mind would intentionally put themself in a position where they get a lot of discrimination.

    BTW, Pedophilia and Beastiality are NOT mental disorders. Sure, they are immoral and gross in our opinions, but that does not qualify them as mental disorders. Maybe in the 1960's they were when we thought we could put gays in mental hospitals and "humanely rehabilitate" them into heterosexuals, but we've come a long way from that- some of us at least. It is true that many pedophiles have something wrong with them that could be a mental disorder, but it is not necessarily that pedophilia is a mental disorder in itself.

    Quote from roadhouse699

    Religion isn't the whole reason why I'm against gay marriage. I guess I just have to say this, shoving your **** up another man's anus is just not normal and creepy.

    Please explain.

    Shoving your opinions down another human's throat is just not normal and it is creepy.

    It's funny how anti-gays care more about what gay people do in their bedroom than gay people themselves. If anything is creepy, it's that! Why do you care so much about what 2 people do in their own privacy? I find it creepy that you are THAT concerned!

    The bottom line is that sex between two people of the same gender is no less normal or creepy than between two persons of opposite genders.

    I can't see how anal sex becomes automatically abnormal and creepy just because two people share the same reproductive organs.

    Quote from roadhouse699

    Since when is it a right to marry things you weren't meant to marry?

    I'm having trouble finding a way to reply to such blatant ignorance.
    Marriage wasn't "meant to be" in the first place. It is a man made concept. Who do you extremist Christians think you are to come along and dictate what others do? Especially since Christians didn't even invent marriage!

    Please provide evidence of what things are meant to be married and what things aren't. Preferably not the Bible since that is a biased source, and since marriage wasn't started by Christianity. I'd like a source from the people who started marriage. Is there some sort of rule book they wrote about marriage or is this some sort of arbitrary factoid ?
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    posted a message on Creeper Bay, a Thriving Nation of Minecraft *New banner :)*
    No need to post here, unfortunately I lost the world in December because my hard drive was messing up :/ On the bright side I got a fresh start on a new city.

    Hello, heres a new thread for my city, because the old one was cluttered and confusing and was also dead.

    I made a new thread to start from a clean slate :)

    I often refer to Creeper Bay, the entire nation, as Fapshire, because that is what it was originally called. Now, Fapshire is a city, which is the capital city of Creeper Bay.
    I intended on this being one city but I got so into the project that it's becoming a small state.

    I started August 4th, 2011, and it just turned a year old on August 4th 2012 :)
    This map is a few months older than Creative Mode, so before creative mode I used INVedit to spawn in item for a little bit, then Single Play commands, which is the most life-saving mod :)

    The city needs tons of images to show the whole thing, and recording a video of the entire city would take 30 minutes just to fly around fast and get everything :S
    I tried to group up a bunch of the best images into a few collages to show what I did in the past year. I hope they came out well. ^_^

    Day and night map: (not as detailed as the actual maps I had made, but they show 99.9% of the whole settled area)

    I don't have a download yet, I wanna finish a few buildings first that I've been meaning to get to.

    I'll be making a banner hopefully soon

    As you can see, the city area is lowered using MCEdit than the surrounding areas, and I am aware it is ugly. I've taken the initiative to make it look pretty by adding Natural looking waterfalls *in one area :P * and also some natural looking cliffs.
    You can see that I only did that in one small area because it is tedious to make the cliffs look nice, and also I am going to be lowering even more terrain once I run out of space. Hopefully this doesn't bug you all as much as it bugs me D:. The terrain is also mismatched, because some of it was rendedered after 1.8, while the inner city was loaded around 1.5 or 1.6 (I didn't start building the city until 1.7, but the map sat empty for a few months before I made use of it.
    I'll hopefully fix this with a mod such as worldPainter or Voxelbox.
    I won't leave it looking like crap :D

    I'd like to thank my Friend, OctoWorm for being awesome and building
    some cool things that inspired me (and I also used his marketplace structure in the city :) )

    New banner!
    Please excuse me while I bash my brains out because I had it working then my browser messed up and it took me another 30 minutes to get it working again!

    Wait a minute.. I'm not done now I need to figure out how to make it so everyone can copy the code so the banner works for them >.<


    Please excuse me while I jump off a bridge Q_Q

    I think I'm really going to now...

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I refuse to use a banner maker I am determined to get this.
    I can't believe its this much harder just to make a banner copyable for people than to actually make the banner itself!

    I can't believe all this work and I find out you can just copy the actual image itself to your signature and it still works as a banner!
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    posted a message on 5 Reasons why saddles NEED a crafting recipe!
    Why do the morons who don't want content have to ruin it for us who want it? If you don't want craftable saddles, YOU DON'T HAVE TO CRAFT THEM!!! You're not required to craft them if you feel it makes the game too easy. Don't ruin it for those of us who actually want to craft saddles.
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    posted a message on Do you think minecraft is getting worse?
    I think the community is getting worse, however the game seems to be getting better, sometimes.

    I don't really like the bonemeal nerfs, but it doesn't bother me that much, because I never waste bonemeal on crops.
    I L O V E quartz though. That will be my new favorite block.
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    posted a message on Attempt to use a "Pick up" line on above user.
    Hey hotmail, wanna come over to myspace and twitter with my yahoo until it googles all over your facebook?
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    posted a message on Terrain for 1.4.2 ain't so bad after all.
    People just coplain beause they like the sound of their voice, or in this case the font they use and their word choice. If you gave them a millon bucks they would still complain.

    Quote from luetzj

    When over 1800 people complain.

    And 1800 people aren't the majrity of the 7,854,433 and counting people who bought the game.
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    posted a message on 1.4.2 is the worst update so far.
    I'm from Alpha and I think the game is heading in a great direction.

    You all QQ too much!

    You're crying because you're getting more quality content!
    Why cry about more food? It adds variety to the game, but obviously you hate diversity.

    Seriously, how does CARROTS and POTATOS hurt you?
    They don't!


    I've been waiting for more crops for a while, and plant pots are nice decorations. Item frame are useful too for wall clocks :)

    This is one of my favorite updates.
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    posted a message on My rant on originality of servers.
    As you might have guessed, I am unsatisfied with originality nowadays. I don't mean to sound like a butthurt veteran, but 2 years ago, the servers were definitely more original. I remember the Endless Tunnel Project, which is pretty much self explanatory. Even a regular server back then, which wasn't vanilla, but didn't have 100 different plugins, seemed original, even if there were tons of server like it. Now everyone is trying to be the #1 server with the most plugins and the most amount of people. Back then it was about having a relaxed community to have fun. Now it seems everything is becoming commercialized - "Donate 5 dollars to be instantly whitelisted!" There was such a variety of things to do back then. Now everything is Factions, towny, tekkit, prison, Stuck up "serious rp", and "N U M B E R O N E S E R V E R W E A R E B E T T E R T H A N E V E R Y O T H E R S E R V E R W E A R E O B N O X I O U S L Y T R Y I N G T O G E T Y O U R A T T E N T I O N!!!!"

    I understand you gotta make some money to keep a server running, but I'm sure theres better ways to raise money. Also, there are so many prison servers! Another thing is the community. I can't believe how bad the community has became. I remember when you could go on a pvp server and not be spawnkilled by some snot nosed 12 year-old with diamond armor and a diamond sword. People seemed to get along better too. Now everyone is so concerned about killing the entire world. I know its pvp but theres no fun in being killed every three seconds. A fair fight is a lot to ask for since they care more about being an ass than allowing everyone to play nice and have fun.

    In addition to lacking originality, I think "serious rp" servers are the bane of good servers. Rules such as "metagaming, powergaming, no floating structures" just takes away minecraft's charm, to me. I think serious Rp is the bane of good roleplaying, too, since you barely have free will since you'er being dictated by nonsense rules half the time. I think good roleplaying needs free will more than some of the absurd rules I've seen.

    I try to go on vanilla servers but it's not the same, namely because of the community. Vanilla servers never really last more than a month or two anyhow.

    Sorry for my butthurtness. It's acquired over time.
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    posted a message on Why I, and others dislike the 'Witch'

    Sarcasm aside, real witched have similarities to human beings just as witches in MC have resemblence to villagers. Who cares if it is called a witch instead of a "archanist"? I'm sure "Achievment get" is bad grammar but nobody [important] complains about that, because it doesn't hurt anybody. In fact a lot of people like that "achievment get". The point I'm trying to make here is that a simple misnomer isn't going to hurt anybody

    So, in the last few months Minecraft has been beginning to venture downhill in terms of progress. The release update in my opinion was the last half-decent update that we were bestowed with. Since then there have been some genuinely good ideas brought up that weren't upheld or thought out well.

    You need to change your standards, because the game is heading in a great direction. If you expect more than what we're being given in these updates that says alot about you. Its easy to not update minecraft or to ignore most new features.

    Also carrots CAN be obtained through farming. I read the wiki and tried it myself with success. You're the second person I've seen to say that (either that or I saw your other post.)

    It just hit me that there are actually people out there who hate these new updates. Now that I think about that I can't understand why someone would hate something for silly reasons such as it's skin and name.


    if witches are redundant, than so are:
    and everything else I missed. They are there to kill and have something to do other than exploring and building. It;s nice getting new mobs. Try playing the same song nonstop for hundereds of days. Eventually you will get bored of it. The same can go for mobs, although its probably harder to get sick of them than it is a song. They get boring, easy and probably become more tedious than a challenge. Adding new mobs increases the variety.

    I hate how people can't get the pole out of their ass and relax for once. It's a game, enjoy it and don't cry about something you don't want. I would rather have lots of mobs than the game not being updated at all.
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