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    Am I accepted or denied?
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    Quote from Jimmydeansauce

    IGN -Idk what this is...
    Age -15
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly -an hour a day or so.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? -I don't have teamspeak, but I will get it if you want me to.
    What is the fifth Server Law? -No sharing of account information.
    Link to vote for us and have you voted? -wut?
    Link to the website? -www.thevaultrp.com

    Name -Sane
    Gender -Male
    Age -16
    RP example -
    Raider: Boy, give me yo money or I will pop a cap in yo ass.
    Sane: Get that gun away from my face before something bad happens.
    Raider: GIVE MEH YO MONEY!
    Sane: Your choice. *draws out a sword with lightning-fast speed and delicately flicks the raider's head off*
    Sane: Guess I warned him. *shivers*
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -
    Sometime after the nuclear war, a few rogue scientists banded together having made what they thought was the greatest discovery mankind had ever found. A meteor had crashed out in what used to be the rocky mountains. Said meteor emitted a strange glowing energy that the lead scientist, Dr. Fortinbras Tsiavinsky dubbed "the Lifestream" as it seemed to be composed of what science proved to be the very essence of a soul. Trying to harness this strange power, Fortinbras kidnapped many test subjects who would then be exposed to the Lifestream for prolonged periods of time. After each test, Fortinbras was hopeful; the subject would survive, but only for limited periods of time. During that time, muscle growth in the patient excelled and their mental capacity grew ten times in stature. But the subject would die only a few hours after the testing.
    Finally a boy of 12 years of age was kidnapped from a small community of hunters. His name was Sane, which is ironic considering the boy was born somewhat mentally-unstable. Despite this, his brain already processed far beyond normal levels, making him the perfect test subject. Fortinbras was pleased and strapped him full-blown to the meteorite. The lifestream coursed, glowing a bright purple, through his veins. After six hours of testing, Sane was set free. But unlike the other test subjects, he survived. Sane escaped the facility and came to lead a group of bandits under the name of the "Death Raiders." But no matter how smart he was, the bandits did not like the idea of being lead by a 16 year old, so they kicked him out and abandoned him to die on the Wasteland with nothing but his sword, a rare beauty he forged with steel and the lifestream itself, and a flask of water. And that is where Sane's story begins.

    What does this have to do with FO? Other then the raider references I don't think a person could figure out the timeline this takes place in. Sounds more like a plot for a manga than a RP Fallout server. I suggest you throw in some reoccurring factions or creatures in the story :smile.gif: But pretty sick story I gotta say.
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    IGN - hgreef
    Age - 14
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly -Couple hours aday.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - Bout to go get it
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account info
    Link to vote for us and have you voted? - Wait, how do I do that?
    Link to the website? - http://www.thevaultrp.com/

    Name - Lyon
    Gender - Male
    Age - 22
    RP example -

    Lyon - "500 caps on the shady kid with the 44. and hit me with some Sunset"
    Bartender - "Gotcha. Wait, you new here"
    Lyon - "What does it mean to you.."
    Bartender - "Boys! We got some fresh fish!"
    *Couple of raiders stoked up on Psycho come up to Lyon*
    Lyon - *Pulls out hidden ballistic fist* "Come get some"
    *Walks out the bar several minutes later with a catche of chems and a fist of blood*
    Lyon - "One step closer"

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - A lonesome follower of blood and the remnants of the old world. Scars covered his arms, a gruesome representative to his past. His name is Lyon, born into the BoS as the sole child of a Sentinel, he studied to be a Paladin, and his ultimate goal was Elder. His family, being very powerful, was despised by one of the more power hungry members. After being framed for money and info laundering and the murder of the 2 children of the Elder, the BoS decided to do something they hadn't done in a very long time. The public execution of his whole family was organized, he escaped alone, vowing revenge on the Brotherhood. After leaving Hidden Valley he left towards the east until he met a Legion slaver band. They immediately sought to enslave him, but armed with a power fist he slayed 37 well trained and armed Legion soldiers. Leaving only the Centurion, the Centurion was very impressed with his skills, and decided to take him into his own house. After 7 years of Legion training, he defected with Legion blessings (A rare sight) and became a hired hand. After joint bouts with the NCR, and a great effort to track down his families killer he now ends up in Utah, collecting bounties associated with the killer, one by one. Explaining his story to the Utah chapter of the BoS, he hopes they can also help him track down the Paladin that destroyed his life.

    Factions - Utah BoS(Neutral), Mojave BoS(Banished/Vilified), Legion (Defected/Idolized), NCR(Hated), Vault Dwellers(Shunned)
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