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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack (UPDATED 1 MAR 2021)
    ahh thx god you dislike DOF, I do too (well I hate it..)
    btw, finally I am being able to run 256x tex packs now with my new machine,
    I wonder you may have high quality original textures that you just adjust to be 64x?
    I see that enlarging 64x to 256x will just get me a low quality blurred result.. no magic gimp can do... (calm, personal use only :))
    so it would be cool to have them in 256x too! (with bump maps xD)
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)

    I have visual problems with DOF, it makes me nervous, I look too much to the sides of screen and not the middle, so I get very nervous like I am blinded or something :(

    I edited the file: final.fsh
    from the alternate shader path: bumps-shadows-optifine_required


    #version 120

    // More realistic depth-of-field by Azraeil.
    // This is a modification of Daxnitro's depth-of-field shader.

    // If you want a higher quality blur, remove the forward slashes from the following line:

    // if DOF does make you crazly nervous and paranoid, comment below
    //#define USE_DOF

    uniform sampler2D gcolor;
    uniform sampler2D gdepth;
    uniform sampler2D gnormal;
    uniform sampler2D composite;

    varying vec4 texcoord;

    uniform float aspectRatio;
    uniform float near;
    uniform float far;

    // HYPERFOCAL = (Focal Distance ^ 2)/(Circle of Confusion * F Stop) + Focal Distance
    const float HYPERFOCAL = 3.132;
    const float PICONSTANT = 3.14159;

    float getDepth(vec2 coord);
    vec4 getBlurredColor();
    vec4 getSample(vec2 coord, vec2 aspectCorrection);
    vec4 getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2 offset);

    float samples = 0.0;
    vec2 space;

    void main() {
    vec4 baseColor = texture2D(composite, texcoord.st);

    float depth = getDepth(texcoord.st);

    float cursorDepth = getDepth(vec2(0.5, 0.5));

    // foreground blur = 1/2 background blur. Blur should follow exponential pattern until cursor = hyperfocal -- Cursor before hyperfocal
    // Blur should go from 0 to 1/2 hyperfocal then clear to infinity -- Cursor @ hyperfocal.
    // hyperfocal to inifity is clear though dof extends from 1/2 hyper to hyper -- Cursor beyond hyperfocal

    float mixAmount = 0.0;

    #ifdef USE_DOF
    if (depth < cursorDepth) {
    mixAmount = clamp(2.0 * ((clamp(cursorDepth, 0.0, HYPERFOCAL) - depth) / (clamp(cursorDepth, 0.0, HYPERFOCAL))), 0.0, 1.0);
    } else if (cursorDepth == HYPERFOCAL) {
    mixAmount = 0.0;
    } else {
    mixAmount = 1.0 - clamp((((cursorDepth * HYPERFOCAL) / (HYPERFOCAL - cursorDepth)) - (depth - cursorDepth)) / ((cursorDepth * HYPERFOCAL) / (HYPERFOCAL - cursorDepth)), 0.0, 1.0);

    if (mixAmount != 0.0) {
    gl_FragColor = mix(baseColor, getBlurredColor(), mixAmount);
    } else {
    gl_FragColor = baseColor;

    float getDepth(vec2 coord) {
    return 2.0 * near * far / (far + near - (2.0 * texture2D(gdepth, coord).x - 1.0) * (far - near));

    vec4 getBlurredColor() {
    vec4 blurredColor = vec4(0.0);
    float depth = getDepth(texcoord.xy);
    vec2 aspectCorrection = vec2(1.0, aspectRatio) * 0.005;

    vec2 ac0_4 = 0.4 * aspectCorrection; // 0.4
    vec2 ac0_4x0_4 = 0.4 * ac0_4; // 0.16
    vec2 ac0_4x0_7 = 0.7 * ac0_4; // 0.28

    vec2 ac0_29 = 0.29 * aspectCorrection; // 0.29
    vec2 ac0_29x0_7 = 0.7 * ac0_29; // 0.203
    vec2 ac0_29x0_4 = 0.4 * ac0_29; // 0.116

    vec2 ac0_15 = 0.15 * aspectCorrection; // 0.15
    vec2 ac0_37 = 0.37 * aspectCorrection; // 0.37
    vec2 ac0_15x0_9 = 0.9 * ac0_15; // 0.135
    vec2 ac0_37x0_9 = 0.37 * ac0_37; // 0.1369

    vec2 lowSpace = texcoord.st;
    vec2 highSpace = 1.0 - lowSpace;
    space = vec2(min(lowSpace.s, highSpace.s), min(lowSpace.t, highSpace.t));

    if (space.s >= ac0_4.s && space.t >= ac0_4.t) {

    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(0.0, ac0_4.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_4.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(0.0, -ac0_4.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_4.s, 0.0));

    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_4x0_7.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(0.0, -ac0_4x0_7.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_4x0_7.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(0.0, ac0_4x0_7.t));

    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_4x0_4.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(0.0, -ac0_4x0_4.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_4x0_4.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(0.0, ac0_4x0_4.t));

    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_29.s, -ac0_29.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_29.s, ac0_29.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_29.s, ac0_29.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_29.s, -ac0_29.t));

    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_29x0_7.s, ac0_29x0_7.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_29x0_7.s, -ac0_29x0_7.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_29x0_7.s, ac0_29x0_7.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_29x0_7.s, -ac0_29x0_7.t));

    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_29x0_4.s, ac0_29x0_4.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_29x0_4.s, -ac0_29x0_4.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_29x0_4.s, ac0_29x0_4.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_29x0_4.s, -ac0_29x0_4.t));

    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_15.s, ac0_37.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_37.s, ac0_15.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_37.s, -ac0_15.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_15.s, -ac0_37.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_15.s, ac0_37.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_37.s, ac0_15.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_37.s, -ac0_15.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_15.s, -ac0_37.t));

    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_15x0_9.s, ac0_37x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_37x0_9.s, ac0_15x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_37x0_9.s, -ac0_15x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_15x0_9.s, -ac0_37x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_15x0_9.s, ac0_37x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_37x0_9.s, ac0_15x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(-ac0_37x0_9.s, -ac0_15x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += texture2D(composite, texcoord.st + vec2(ac0_15x0_9.s, -ac0_37x0_9.t));

    blurredColor /= 41.0;
    blurredColor /= 16.0;

    } else {

    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(0.0, ac0_4.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_4.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(0.0, -ac0_4.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_4.s, 0.0));

    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_4x0_7.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(0.0, -ac0_4x0_7.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_4x0_7.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(0.0, ac0_4x0_7.t));

    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_4x0_4.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(0.0, -ac0_4x0_4.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_4x0_4.s, 0.0));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(0.0, ac0_4x0_4.t));

    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_29.s, -ac0_29.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_29.s, ac0_29.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_29.s, ac0_29.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_29.s, -ac0_29.t));

    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_29x0_7.s, ac0_29x0_7.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_29x0_7.s, -ac0_29x0_7.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_29x0_7.s, ac0_29x0_7.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_29x0_7.s, -ac0_29x0_7.t));

    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_29x0_4.s, ac0_29x0_4.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_29x0_4.s, -ac0_29x0_4.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_29x0_4.s, ac0_29x0_4.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_29x0_4.s, -ac0_29x0_4.t));

    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_15.s, ac0_37.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_37.s, ac0_15.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_37.s, -ac0_15.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_15.s, -ac0_37.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_15.s, ac0_37.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_37.s, ac0_15.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_37.s, -ac0_15.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_15.s, -ac0_37.t));

    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_15x0_9.s, ac0_37x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_37x0_9.s, ac0_15x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_37x0_9.s, -ac0_15x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_15x0_9.s, -ac0_37x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_15x0_9.s, ac0_37x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_37x0_9.s, ac0_15x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(-ac0_37x0_9.s, -ac0_15x0_9.t));
    blurredColor += getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2(ac0_15x0_9.s, -ac0_37x0_9.t));

    blurredColor /= samples;


    return blurredColor;

    vec4 getSampleWithBoundsCheck(vec2 offset) {
    vec2 coord = texcoord.st + offset;
    if (coord.s <= 1.0 && coord.s >= 0.0 && coord.t <= 1.0 && coord.t >= 0.0) {
    samples += 1.0;
    return texture2D(composite, coord);
    } else {
    return vec4(0.0);

    The support is very simple, I created USE_DOF, that if commented will prevent mixAmount variable becoming different of 0.0 :D

    What I mean is, if the other shaders alternates are different from this one (shadows + bump) so you cant copy it there, or if a new version of this file is released, anyone can use the same approach to provide such support :D

    its very simple, use WinMerge and compare the original with this one you will see!

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    posted a message on Mod Popularity meter/list

    IN SHORT: a popularity system/LIST based on votes and downloads ratio, per week, month, season, year, and "all the time".

    ok, finding most popular mods is the point.
    I know, they will usually get a post and be bumped in the mods sub-forum...
    but that is not sufficient, in truth that is somewhat messy, and disappointing...

    let me use as reference a very good system used in another site (http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/), may be you can contact them for consultancy on how to do that here, I have no idea if doing this is a good idea anyway...

    ok, to the point:
    1) each mod has one or more download links.
    such links could be tracked to dethermine if its destination contains a zip or jar file.
    each registered user click would add to the mod downloads count, but only one click of each user would count (for each link); but if there is several links, all of them would require to be clicked to count as one download (or "one full mod download").
    2) each mod could have a vote value (from -5 to +5), would require a full mod download and a few hours before voting (about 5 hours I guess), to make it sure it is not an "over excited noob" vote
    being negative value would count like a thumbs down
    an average value could result from this on the ranks
    we should be able to change the vote later if the mod fixes bugs and also based on improvements
    3) at last, all these statistics should be displayed in ranks for the most/best downloads/votes in a per: week, month, year and "all the time", linking the mod to the thread

    I think it would be amazingly usefull, as it already is to me at fallout new vegas nexus site.


    PS.: couldnt find anything like this suggested here, if you do, pop it out, thx :)
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    posted a message on Mod Requests Anyone?
    I have an idea! I have an idea! 8D
    ok, as I read you are the coder kind, not the artist; so I think you may be looking for a coding challenge.
    I expect also you are considering using the forge for less restrictions when coding etc..
    There is something I really miss on minecraft right now.
    There is a mod named TerraFirmaCraft, it made the mining more challenging, and very reallistic.
    There is also another mod that makes our moves more reallistic, the SmartMoving as I remember.

    But, I cant seem to find a mod that makes our necessities a challenge...
    We NEVER HAVE TO go sleep. no-sense.
    We have to eat, but that is so simple, we dont have to care for nutrition values..., also I am vegetarian and have to eat meat.. thats no-sense to me :P
    We dont have to drink water (there is a thirst mod, it is good, but for a reallistic necessities mod it should cope with nutrition).

    To really understand what I am talking about, you should play FallOut New Vegas, and install the Imp More Complex Needs mod.
    We have a few stats that we must keep at good rates, so giving us strength, intelligence, perception etc bonuses or debuffs if too low.
    Basically it is callories/fat (that keeps your hunger away), nutrients (that makes you smarter and more attentive), proteins (that makes you stronger and healthier and some other stuff..)

    dude, if you are not going to do this, one day I may (hahaha, I didnt say "I will", I mean it..)
    anyway thats what I am looking for: immersion.


    Quote from creeperking31

    i got an idea since i cant find anything like this >.>

    the ability to become a werewolf
    kinda like skyrims werewolf power
    would be awsome

    and what about become a vampire, being able to infect the farmers? something made me think on that, not sure what ;D

    Quote from Adamizer9

    A mod that boots up minecraft exactly 1280 by 720 pixels. Would be great for people like myself who make videos (which a lot of people do)

    I have a thread about it on this forum, that I made a few hours ago. More info there.


    try SPC, I think the name of the command is resize
    then create a macro (at spc config path at mods path) named like: startup.txt
    then at minecraft type:
    startup macro startup
    the 1st startup is a command, the macro will look for and execute the file startup.txt
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    EDIT: (removed stuff I said about textures issue I missed installing the texture pack file...)

    EDIT: omg seasons! could you add warmth sensation, requiring to be near a heat source (firepit, lava, torch, etc..) to not take damage from too much coldness?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.

    what about converting the wiki starting guide into an achievements instructions?

    EDIT: oh, and could you make torches require fuel (oil),
    last for some hours,
    and require igniter (flit+steel) to be lightened?
    When cooking we could have that garbage slot to be oil for fuel.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    hey!!! I think I had a great idea!! (for you to judge)
    could you please add a command that executes a macro in a configurable delay?
    /loop macroName delay
    /loop delay macroName
    I can foresee great stuff coming out from this!! (mods based solely on SPC)
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    posted a message on Thirst Mod 1.8.15. Updated to Minecraft 1.8 100k+ Downloads!
    I am using TerraFirmaCraft and all poison I receive from ThirstMod does no harm,
    it uses the forge,
    do you think some compatibility could be created?
    Also I havent checked what happens if our water level is empty.. I wonder if we still takes damage, but I think so because we regen if our water level is full..

    As an idea, what I miss is better health regeneration, we could regen til we get 3 water drops only.. but much slower, that would be cool also if same rule was applied to food bar, but normal regen should be slowed somewhat to cope with the longer regen idea.
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    posted a message on challenging mobs that use Flan mod weapons and other weapons

    can someone make a mod that
    create mobs that use Flan mods weapons?

    I cant find such a mod...

    also, these mobs could use any weapons, even thrown and archery..
    I mean they could use custom weapons we could configure on properties file may be?

    anyway I am looking for a more challenging mobs,
    that just to easly flee from them wont be an option,
    they must have at least your walk speed, and if you sprint,
    a few of them would sprint too..
    now that would be challenging and worth spending so much time crafting armor
    mostly at TerraFirmaCraft crafting way of life :)

    I would like good reason to create a fortress with hard to break walls and so on...
    instead of just run away as it would help in anything... well actually it does :(

    thx in advance!

    PS.: it must be forge compatible/basedOn.
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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF

    is there some mod that creates soldiers MOBs, even better, army bases to defend against us and other armies?
    so such soldiers/snipers/drivers AI MOBs could use your weapons mods,
    now that would be cool to bake armors for protection,
    I mean the current mobs are not a challenge...

    Obs.: Even better if such a mod could be forge compatible, as now I only use TerraFirmaCraft as my base mod.

    any tips?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    Quote from Selera

    I've noticed something with the texture packs on my mc.. they are greyed out.. and if I try to use them MC sorta semi crashes. Am I just activating them wrong or is there something else I have done wrong? I followed the directions on the dl site...

    try to use optifine, you will get high res textures working properly I think (I tried also mcpatcher but I had to move to optifine because of other mods I had installed, but you can try it too)

    EDIT: I use this one OptiFine_1.2.5_HD_MT_B1, for multicore.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    Quote from SOTMead

    You should totally do that. Done yet? What's the holdup?

    you are clearly not speaking what you really want to speak.. :)

    Anyway, what I mean is, may be he have a higher texture available and just converted it to 32x, so if we could have his 64x or even 128x, it would be cool; it is better than using gimp to up from 32x to 64x, what works nice but may require some extra work that I believe is probably done already.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    can we get TFC Faithful Textures in 64x?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    Quote from Selera

    I've been trying to install the beta 2 pre 16 version. I have no idea what I am doing wrong... so here is the error report can someone tell me what is causing the problem please? Or is it just because the new file set up is confusing me.

    @Selera try to make it sure TFCraft is working without any other mods. I would like to suggest using MagicLauncher to install the mods, as it will allow you to not have to open the jar file and all the trouble it is to keep track of what you installed...
    So, after it is working, add other mods one by one and test, until the game crashes so you can guess the culprit and try to workaround the problem. To do that, make it sure TFCraft and forge have highest priority, and the other mods you change the order until the crash dont happen; the problem is by doing that you may loose one or another functionality of other mods (like I have thirst mod but its poisoning do not damages thirst level, but it is better than nothing :))
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