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    posted a message on forum rules popup reminder on accurate rule break detection
    Quote from webrosc»

    Warning are not handed out automagically, but by moderators.

    If you feel a warning was issued incorrectly click the appeal button and explain why and an Admin will look further into it.

    On a side note, if you make a post then realise right away its say a necro post, you could report the post yourself and explain that you just realised and would like the post removed due to it being bad.

    It has been suggested before about an auto pop up to remind someone the thread is old, but if your post is continuing the discussion in a meaningful way and not just reviving the thread for no reason then its not against the rules, so a warning pop up on an old thread may not work, but thats down to Curse to the higher ups to decide

    I think it was issued correctly, but my point is, it would be unnecessary to even issue the warning if I had been told the thread was necroed at the very moment I click on reply or quote. I didnt even see the date of the last post on my hastiness.

    Also, it is not intended to help who is trying to add important information to the thread, they will determine if what they have to say is important enough or not to revive it. It is intended to help ppl that didnt realise it was necroed...

    Also, I wonder if the post removal would also put the thread back away from the newest 1st threads page, I believe it wouldnt work but only you that code it can say that :)

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    posted a message on Epic Siege Mod - Extremely deadly mob AI for hardcore players [1.7.10, 1.10.2]
    Quote from Funwayguy»

    I got everything suggested done except for target priority. To get that to work I'd need to undo some optimizations and I don't really feel like doing that right now because I have no alternative for the optimization yet. I'm also testing a new retaliation AI similar to pigmen except with increased range and not type specific so that should be fun.

    It would probably would make you fear the day on an ESM Hardcore Day too :steve_lol:

    new release? must try!

    btw, I was thinking... what about a protection shrine?

    it could be crafted with expensive items and also using experience points as energy, the more energy the more it lasts, could be used as a camp protection, and could be activated to deposit experience points (and even withdraw).

    On the last few days it could make monster sounds, and also explode and spawn many monsters from it when expired.

    Could be placed but not removed (the shrine block would not be mineable).

    EDIT: could be used as a monster mayhem timed bomb hehe; EDIT: the shrine, when expired, could fake it is not and wait someone get near before exploding.

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    posted a message on items loan system, with interest and gangsters

    The mod could be like this:

      1. craft a loan radio and storage box to request, retrieve and another special box to deposit items. Transactions happen on after player wakeup from next sleep.
      2. any item can be acquired (could have a black list also), but it must be paid back in twice (or more depending on the item). So if you get one bucket you must give 2 buckets back to the loan system.
      3. loans takes 1 to 3 days to arrive (they are placed on the box)
      4. Gangsters:
        • when? after the first 2 weeks, once a week, at random week day,
        • how? 3 gangsters are sent to ambush the player (just after waking up) and steal you, every hit they do on player will have 10% chance of droping one random player item (that has high value) from inventory, they must have a ranged attack too. Also 1% to drop wielded weapon. If player has no valuable items, they will wield a sword and hit hard, but will stop at 1 heart left. Will also look for items near the player like in chests.
        • their goal? After each gangster get one item they will flee using speed and damage resistance potions. They are also well (but not heavily) armored, so can be killed. But they do not hit hard, their goal is to steal the player. Stolen items will not pay player debt, are just a warning.
      5. one month without any payment prevent new loans

    Reasoning: I play survival mode and do not want to cheat; but I got that "cool mod" and want to use its items straight away (not for tests, but in normal hard gameplay). So, I am using myself a loan system where I store a copy of the cheated item on a chest and have to craft it twice later and throw both on the ocean... but it is still too easy...

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    posted a message on EnviroMine (DISCONTINUED) - A little bit of realism New physics, Temperature, Hydration and more!

    (sorry but the "search this thread" filters wont work)

    so, I would like to ask if you have plans for sleeping mechanics? like:

    - increase hunger, but slower than while awake (btw I use hunger overhaul too, may be I should ask there?)

    - increase thirsty, but slower than while awake

    - lower body temperature a bit, wakeup colder; could require a blanket made of wool at inventory quick slot before going sleep to not wakeup freezing!

    - improve sanity depending on how near your are from bedrock, if too near (like < 5 blocks) would decrease sanity

    - EDIT: sleepiness, could decrease sanity, and make us weaker (mine slower, hit weaker), and even drop the item on hand, in worst stages

    also, to test, I set sanity to 50 and go sleep and when wakeup nothing changed, may be some other mod conflicted? I have like 2 other mods that disabled sleeping and I had to re-enable it on them.

    PS.: oh I would like to add these food mod suggestions: Lots of Food, stillhungry, Pam's HarvestCraft; helps on playing vegetarianism :), you could add a vegetarian achievement or challenge :). And also the seed "Misery" creates a challenging world :)

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    posted a message on Gany's Surface - Miscellaneous overworld themed additions!

    I read bats de-spawn when we go too far, do your mod prevent that?

    btw this mod is very cool! :D

    so by now I have to remember recapturing and storing them before traveling :>

    I couldnt find a bat breeding mod either.

    EDIT: oh btw, as others said, long time I dont see any chiken eggs too; I saw that hungeroverhaul increases the egg drop delay by 4; but even then, nothing is happening; and... I am almost sure I saw a chiken poop heh; I dont know how to test if eggs are working, any idea someone?

    EDIT: one chiken just laid an egg! but it took a lot of time! may be the TimeSpeed mod I also use at 12 (20m*12=240m=4h, so a day/night lasts 4h, 2h real time of sun light) have something to do with it too. cool!

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    posted a message on forum rules popup reminder on accurate rule break detection


    I just bumped a very old thread,

    I only saw it was old one minute after posting...

    so, I did NOT do it intentionally, I did by mistake.

    So, what about create a popup that would show on an accurate rule break detection like that one?

    Or if someone click reply and have some improper words, show the popup describing the problem, if he/she wants to continue, then it is intentional or a bug in the detection system (what would be ok).

    And so on...

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    posted a message on [1.7.2|256x|128x|64x|32x|16x] Ravand's Realistic - Meta|Random|Repeated|Connected Textures Specialized
    Quote from TiTAN_STORM»
    The adfuc.us link for this texture pack is broken. Please use a non-malware advertising site.

    I have been trying to download this pack for the last couple of days now and continue to get "Cannot connect" error on attempt. Can you please just make a mediafire or adfly link instead of what you use now for those of us that seem unable to get it to download from there. Otherwise you are cutting out a group of people that would love to use and advocate your pack, but just are unable to.

    Quote from bence0307»
    Yeah umm I would actually love to use this resource pack but I can't download it D: could you please do something with the link? It tells me It can't connect T_T

    Quote from Anaklysmos»

    Am I allowed to use your Resource Pack (Ravand's Realistic) for a Remix which I could share (as download on mediafire (maybe, maybe adfly))?
    If you want more Information, contact me!
    Thanks in advance!


    Quote from CryogenicNinja»
    Adfocus downloaded setup.exe


    Quote from Kellin»
    Could someone give me a link to a mirror, please? The link at the start is broken.

    Quote from pakos2835»

    + links broke :(

    Here it downloaded a "zip" that was not a zip and was very small 700kb, I think adfoc.us is (or is with) some serious problem. Mywot showed a very bad score for that site.

    Find the mirror like:

    At the top of the OP there is an image written "Ravand.org" click on it.

    At the top right of his site, there is "resource packs" click on it.

    Go on the "read more" of the realistic one, there is the mirror links.

    Ravand, your pack looks awesome thanks! btw, the 128x mirror seems to download a too small file also, could you check please?


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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Iguana Tweaks
    Quote from Mustang351c»

    The Error:

    at iguanaman.iguanatweaks.config.IguanaWeightsConfig.getWeight(IguanaWeightsConfig.java:46)

    at iguanaman.iguanatweaks.util.StackSizeTweaks.init(StackSizeTweaks.java:47)
    at iguanaman.iguanatweaks.IguanaTweaks.postInit(IguanaTweaks.java:102)

    (at least to me) seems to be related to blocks with no weight listed for them (IguanaWeightsConfig.getWeight). In my case Nether Ores and Thermal Foundation were causing the crash. The only fix I can think of that might work is to add the blocks and items from these mods, in my case ore blocks, to the IguanaTweaks\weights config file. Speaking of which, can anyone give me an example of how to add blocks and items to the weights config file.

    Edit: I replaced the current version available on curseforge (Iguana Tweaks 2A) with the latest snapshot (IguanaTweaks-1.7.10-2B-snapshot-3.jar) and it seems to have fixed the crash. Is there any chance you could include the snapshot versions on curseforge? This would make the mod easier to download and it would allow modpack creators to include the snapshot versions in their modpacks in the curse voice launcher.


    I am using the snapshot-4 (found at OP link) and crashes are gone!

    I had this crash: at iguanaman.iguanatweaks.config.IguanaWeightsConfig.getWeight(IguanaWeightsConfig.java:46)

    that happened when this other mod was enabled: ThermalFoundation-[1.7.10]1.0.0-81.jar

    Thanks @Parker8283, your mod is very cool!

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    posted a message on Floocraft - Teleport like Harry Potter (Last update 11/7/18. Fireplace fix and sources! Latest version 1.9.2)

    floo torches, when placed at the fireplace, could provide a chance of recovering the floo powder by 1%, so if you get like 10 floo torches it would be 10% to recover the thrown floo powder!

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    posted a message on 1.8 stuff in 1.7.10

    check Gany mod, has 1.8 stuff (I dont know if has it all tho)

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    posted a message on Epic Siege Mod - Extremely deadly mob AI for hardcore players [1.7.10, 1.10.2]
    Quote from BBBayranoxes»

    I guess I don't know what you're talking about then because 20 would make it worse and more of that stuff xD. Internet communication needs improvements :P.

    xD we need a reallife telepathy mod to comunicate thoughts as 3d videos xD

    if the idea sounds interesting, if needed, I can draw it xD

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    posted a message on Epic Siege Mod - Extremely deadly mob AI for hardcore players [1.7.10, 1.10.2]
    Quote from BBBayranoxes»

    If that happened I think the zombie would just be on a weird trail. I you're saying what I think you're saying, then the player would just walk in circles and the zombie would do the same thing, which would just make a bunch of zombies look stupid and not really attack you until you're standing still.

    10 steps was an example, I dont know what is the best ammount to code, make it 20, would be harder to do such circles right? :)

    also there could have some check that removes old track spots that are farer than newer ones that are nearer; but again, I cant make so much guesses because I dont know how it was coded; may be it already use tracking spots! I just.. like to throw in ideas :)

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    posted a message on Epic Siege Mod - Extremely deadly mob AI for hardcore players [1.7.10, 1.10.2]

    I was having really bad lag, I felt bad having to disable the mod, as it was so cool, to be able to play, so I want to turn it back on and found these:

    Quote from Funwayguy»

    Pathing cap is the amount of enemies that can attack each target and awareness
    radius is how far the mobs can see. Pathing cap is there to limit how
    many mobs are path finding to their targets because when awareness is
    high the paths get VERY long and complex to calculate.

    "Pathing cap is the amount of enemies that can attack each target"

    cool, I just set it to 1 then, I like snipers and trackers a lot, so I want at least one

    Quote from Funwayguy»

    I'll see if I can implement some ways to reduce TPS lag but for now I
    suggest reducing the awareness radius and adjusting the pathing cap.
    Turning on quick pathing should also help a little.

    having cap 1 I kept the slow pathing and 64 awareness radius,

    still have to test but I think will do the trick!

    btw, whenever you manage to thread the AI, please announce it in big letters, will be a major improvement I am sure! :)

    EDIT: I just thought.. may be, in your algorithm, you could implement some kind of tracking, so each time a player walks like 10 steps away from where he was, that place would be marked as a track step; the mob could do easier calculations to reach these tracking steps instead of a big one to reach the player. Not sure if it is really implementable tho.

    EDIT: also in the algorithm, instead of fully calculating the path to reach the player, calculate just a bit of it per frame, but when it gets threaded this may not be so useful anymore (if it is even possible at all).

    EDIT: if I am not wrong, the limited cap will also release the AI for other mods that deal with it, so I can have both installed! I just wonder if at least yours will take priority when mob is near! I wish I had more idea about what I am talking also hehe..

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    posted a message on Epic Siege Mod - Extremely deadly mob AI for hardcore players [1.7.10, 1.10.2]
    Quote from Funwayguy»

    Set Endermen 'Mode' to 'Normal' and that should remove all the debuff side effects.

    You have a strange idea of funny considering that's a walking mini-nuke.

    I use enviromine and hungeroverhaul, slender would be unnecessarily difficult to me too I guess :) (unless it could not affect hunger as he said)

    What about create a dynamic rarity mode? like decrease spawn rarity of mobs as we carry more powerful items/armor etc. Reset on player death. The player could have a score based on that to control rarity. Call it something like "Mob Magnet Level".

    For awhile: I just begin a new world and opted to set all rarity to 100 (I searched the code at github, it seems to be 100/rarity integer, so rarity of 90 would equal to rarity of 50 that would be spawn chance of 2, may be we players could control it better if it was spawn chance instead of rarity, so we would set from 0 to 100.

    So, the default rarity of 9 gives a spawn chance of 11, I still wonder why you did not put rarity 10, but now this is just blabering :)

    NoobHelper: also, I was searching what each option do and the help info seems scatered on your posts on this thread, may be someone could gather it all and improve the config file or add tool tips in-game?

    Zombie AI: btw, I am using zombie awareness mod and I wonder if it will conflict with your AI implementation? I like both, may be not all zombies could use (would skip them randomly) it so both mods could work! :) (I think I have to as this there too :) )

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    posted a message on EnviroMine (DISCONTINUED) - A little bit of realism New physics, Temperature, Hydration and more!

    I got an earthquake that never ends shaking the screen and making the sound,

    I found no command to stop it (just disable at config file), and I saw no earquake actually happening (not that it didnt happen, I just saw anything)

    could be related to this timespeed mod?

    I have its ts set to 12 (a day takes 12x longer to pass)

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