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    HD this please?
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    Maturity Level:good (very high) 1-10 scale 9

    Name: nick creel
    Age: 27
    Backstory:I am 3 years older than my brother, ralf creel, we have been through everything together. we own a inn and later we are hoping to make a chain of them
    Physical Appearance:black hair, white, checkered shirt
    Personality: fallout would put it word are my form of a fight, i use psychological feelings instead of my hands
    Mental/Physical Defects: add
    Character Skills: (EX: Mine, Write, Read, etc.):
    strength: 6
    perception: 5
    endurance: 5
    charisma: 6
    intelligence: 7
    acrobatics: 5
    luck: 5

    Picture of Skin:(It can be a PNG, or a screenshot) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/136167-fallout-minecraft-skins-closed-atm/
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    posted a message on [Hardcore Survival] The Wastelands - Can You Survive? [1.8] [Staff Recruitment]
    Why do you want to join? I need a challenge.
    What is your user name? EmeralShadow
    Are you afraid? A bit
    How do you think you will end up? A great empire lets hope
    Would you care to vote? Yes.
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    Nice, Looks good, I might post my own soon.
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    The last minecart all the way.
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    sorry for the terrible quality and editing but i made this when i had really low editing software. but regardless i am starting to make more Minecraft videos I already have some under away and wil be posting soon. I am also making a second channel for video game videos only and suggestions for the anme of the channel?
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    Perhaps you could place a present means of transportation on the back of a giant tortoise (or normal), such as a boat, which creates the "caravan" feel you were talking about, where you can sit in the boat placed on its back. This would allow you to look around freely, without having to build an entire house on its back or creating walls so you don't fall out. From here, you can direct the tortoise with a carrot or flower pole. You could also always craft an item specifically for the back of a tortoise, that would be similar to the boat, but with flowers or something attatched to the sides so that smaller tortoises follow, and change the texture too.
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    hey so when is this gonna be done around? :Notch:
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