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    Username: greekwarrior2002

    How long have you played MC? 2 years

    What previous experiences have you had at being staff? I am currently an mod on 3 servers(names:YoloCraft, JadeMc and Raiding Kingdom.

    How can you help the server? I can enforce rules. I can stop hackers and stop spamming if the chat and stop swearing so that the server is more family friendly.

    What's unique about you? I don't like hackers.

    How mature are you on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being really immature, 10 being very mature? 8

    Why should I choose you, and not that other person? Because I am helpful, nice, approachable and do not tolerate hackers.
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    IGN: greekwarrior2002
    Age: 13
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    Skype (you may PM this): greekwarrior2002
    What position are you looking for?: admin or mod
    Why do you want this position?: because i love helping and I am friendly and approachable.
    What previous experience have you had with creating servers?: I know how to make one on mac and PC but I have never made one with a host.
    Why should you be made part of the team?: Because I love helping out and love working as a team.
    Do you understand the basics of how plugins work?: yes I do but by that I mean there is a config and other files and that is all I know.

    Thank you for reading:D
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