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    posted a message on Help With Tropicraft?
    If anyone can help me figure out why tropicraft does not work although I have installed all of the correct mods on magiclauncher, please respond! I've spent over an hour trying to work this out but nothing has prevailed!!!(Yes, I have installed forge and all of the mods in a clean environment.)The only other mod I am using is optifine.PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN!!!
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    posted a message on Sudden Bad Login error? [Tekkit][Hexxit][FTB]
    :steve_tearful: Indeed, I have had the same problem on hexxit and I have tried relogging with my mojang account, original acount, and even on a friend's account, but they all have the same problem, Error:Bad Login.
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    posted a message on Wondering Where Minecon 2013 Will Be?
    Ooh, how convenient, I live in PCB! I wish I could go, but no time!
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    posted a message on Modded items not showing up
    Quote from rubix1080

    Im not sure if im doing something wrong or if its a minecraft bug but none of my modded items are showing up in creative, when i craft them, in survival or with tmi. they just arent showing up does anyone have a fix for this. yes i reloaded my minecraft. yes i deleted the META file yes i installed modloader and modloadermp before any mods and no none of my mods require forge. is anyone else having the problem and do they or is there a fix for this

    Ive got the same prob. no idea to fix yet
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    posted a message on Tekkit Masters Server
    I love this server!
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    posted a message on Fun Whitelisted Tekkit Server
    ign: gordonlewis

    played minecraft since 1.8.1
    started technic/tekkit in january I am very good with many of the mods in technic since nearby got me into it and have watched many (truly like 100) episodes of technic and things like technic
    I Am 10 years old and build underground with cool houses

    I love playing with other people but not good with building aboveground
    Quote from licataboys

    Is equivalent exchange part of tekkit?

    Yes It was and Is
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    posted a message on [BUKKIT] SOLAR APOCALYPSE
    Can anyone help me? I cant put any class files in my minecraft.jar and im not allowed to get any zip file openers if anyone can help me that would be great.
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