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    posted a message on 0.7.2.Beta Release: Googlyarte's Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pocket (texture pack and custom map)powered by redstone alternat

    Hey sorry things came up and I forgot about this, I’m gonna see wats up with it and possibly update it and add new mechanics, the problem is the map was created using a glitched redstone method which was patched so I’m gonna have to redo all the mechanics, and update and add new textures the bones of the map is there so it should take forever, it’s the time I have to do it which is an issue but hope it’s still able to be played with the 0.7.2 version of mcpe, as for the android issue, if the files are the same maybe u gotta switch the files to execute on file permissions, I haven’t play minecraft in abit so I’m gonna check out the new stuff and try and update it if possible

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