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    The Anatta Pack is aimed to show off the beautiful nature of FTB, such as AppleMilkTea, Alternate Terrain Generator, Agricraft, Butterfly Mania and more. In the midst of all the Landscape in nature is the endless adventure provided by Deep Sea Diving, Ganys Mod, Rogue Like Dungeons, and Ruins. Join the vast world of Minecraft in the Anatta Pack and unlock your spirits with this enlightening pack.
    Adventure Backpack - JavierDarkona

    AgriCraft - InfinityRaider

    Antique Atlas - Hunternif

    AppleMilkTea2 - RazzleberryFox, defeatedcrow

    Alternate Terrain Generator - TTFTCUTS

    BattleGear 2 - Mine_and_Blad_Admin

    Better Foliage - OctarineNoise

    BiblioCraft - Nuchaz

    Butterfly Mania - TyronX

    ChickenChunks - Chickenbones

    CodeChickenCore - Chickenbones

    Deep Sea Diving - QWERTYpounds *NOT LISTED IN MOD DATABASE*

    Dynamic Sword Skills - coolAlias *NOT LISTED IN MOD DATABASE*

    EnderStorage - chicken_bones

    ExtraBiomesXL - Allaryin, ScottKillen

    Fastcraft - Player

    Ganys End - ganymedes01

    Ganys Nether - ganymedes01

    Ganys Surface - ganymedes01

    Gods' Weapons - NuclearHex

    HeartDrop - Konlii *NOT LISTED IN MOD DATABASE*

    IvToolkit - Ivorius

    Mantle - mDiyo, progwml6

    Minecraft Comes Alive - WildBamaBoy

    Minepainter - hypercross *NOT LISTED IN MOD DATABASE*

    Natura - mDiyo

    NEI Addons - bdew

    NEI Intergration - Tonius

    NotEnoughCodecs - Mikeemoo

    NotEnoughItems - chicken_bones

    NotEnoughKeys - dmodoomsirius

    Pam's Get all the Seeds - MatrexsVigil

    Pam's HarvestCraft - MatrexsVigil

    Pam's Temperate Plants - MatrexsVigil

    Pam's WeeeFlowers - MatrexsVigil

    RadixCore - WildBamaBoy

    RecurrentComplex - Ivorforce

    RogueLike Dungeons - Greymerk

    Rope Exploration Pack - HyagoSanter

    Ruins - AtomicStryker

    Runecraft - callumhutchy *NOT LISTED IN MOD DATABASE*

    TConstruct, mDiyo

    Thaumcraft - azanor

    TheErebus - Dylan4ever,chylex,ganymedes01,Vadis365,TripleHeadedSheep

    TravellersGear - BlueSunrize

    TreeCapitator - bspkrs

    Waila - ProfMobius

    XPTeleporters - Latvian Modder

    Zelda Sword Skills+ - coolAlias

    Version 2.0.0
    Switched from Technic Launcher to FTB
    Revamped and optimized the pack
    Added 95% new mods (See in "Mods" spoiler)

    Here is where i'll put showcases of peoples builds and videos in the pack
    Will be changed next update - J2WW8ZOQSG

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