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    My friend is trying to run a server for us to play on, but he can't add any more RAM to it. He has 8 GBs, and is adding it, but it keeps crashing and he can't go over 2GBs. Help? Let me know if you need to know more...

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    Quote from Silent7

    there is nothing here...
    My bad, my first post. I have the right download link now. Again, sorry about that!
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    • This is my very first map! It didn't take me very long to build.... Don't you just love MCEdit/WorldEdit? Haha, please let me know if you enjoy the map by leaving feedback on this page. Thank you all!
    • Map Link: http://www.mediafire...a2ffk/world.zip
    1. Play on easy+
    2. Do not use Creative.
    3. Stand near the button when buying items.
    4. No mods, cheats, etc.
    Enjoy the map! And let the angel, Gabriel, lead you to Herobrine's defeat!

    Notes: 1:This is not going to be the best map you have ever played, but me and my friend enjoy it.
    2: If I get enough people to say this map is good, I might make a sequel! #Spoiler

    DONUTCAPTAIN STOLE THIS FROM ME... He's my friend.... Wanted to make some changes, but I'm like NAHH L8S!!!!

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