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My name is GoldenRatioMan and I've been playing Minecraft for the last 5 years. I started out by watching Paul Soares Jr.'s Survive and Thrive series after having read alot about Notch and how he developed Minecraft a few years earlier. I've been hooked ever since with the potential the game has to offer for a fun and challenging experience.

I have experience in many things including computer repair, troubleshooting, advertising, marketing, coding, engineering and MineCraft :) and I love to use all of my skills to help others as much as I can.

When I started out, I played alot of survival at home but when I got online to servers I got into Factions and played that for a long time. I was leader of a huge team and we won some maps on a few servers but over time I felt like I needed something more, to create my own server. So about a year ago I took the plunge and started creating my own server called MeleeCraft. It's been a fun endeavour learning all kinds of new things in order to create a more unique experience for players. We recently released Survival Multiplayer and are looking for staff in order to expand to more realms.

My goal in life is to have some fun while creating things that also allow others to have fun...


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