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    posted a message on Cosmic's End! [Space!, Drugs!, Factions!, Survival Games, CTP, Autocraft, Tetris, Skylands, Deathmatch, More!]

    Since 2011, I have been hosting a space server called Cosmic's End. Its dynamic nature had constantly evolved, rewarding the players who stuck it out with a vast experience from RPG, survival, and drug-wars.

    Now, I am hosting it again!

    I will change things, as usual, and what you have here is just a placeholder. The "server" and "mod" are both created and hosted by me, but now, the "mod" is intended for other people to take it and host their own servers. I just so happen to also host it :D and I would love to put your server's cosmicsend modpack IP in there as well!

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    posted a message on ₪₪ ♫ Ͼѻsmics Blend ♪ ₪₪
    CosmicsBlend.net is the sixth server in the cosmics series, hosted by Gnarler, based around the idea of creating a thriving community in deep space.
    We call it Cosmics Blend because it is a Blend of gamestyles (and the admin likes coffee)!
    What game styles can you enjoy in CosmicsBlend?

    • Survival / Exploration! With the "Exile" class!

    • PvP / Drugwars! With either the "Ironfist Peacekeepers" or "Paydirt Mafia"!

    • Mad Science! With the "Hephaestium Institute"! (they can MAKE Variable Triggers in-game!)

    • Leadership / Mod! With the "Justice Foundation" group!

    • Creative Building alongside Survival! With the rare "Ascended Beings" group!
    What can EVERY player expect?

    • Small, friendly community!

    • Incredible, deep, and on-going lore! Just type /help and go to the lore page! Audoibook link included!

    • Automatic regions around your /sethome, priority based on who was first to the area!

    • Six Unique worlds including Space (custom Gen never before seen!), The Moon (hyper-realistic craters), Candyland (bring your toothbrush) and MORE!

    • Unique player-based voting system to dole out rewards and punishments based on a 2/3 majority! Who needs admins when the playerbase can group up and ban hackers on their own!

    • EXTENSIVE /menu based system! Never have to remember commands again!

    • Player-managed shops! Paydirt group can CREATE as many shops as they need to in /spawn!

    • A Mature owner.
    and MORE!
    Head over to our webpage to keep informed on the ongoing progress and forum-games that are already happening! http://www.cosmicadventure.enjin.com/ . If you want the numerical IP, here it is.
    See you there!
    Great! I'm glad to see the whole [ /b ] problem still persists after a few years.
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    making a premade application is like wearing a "Lets Screw! :D " tshirt at a job interview for bra salesman..
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    IGN : Tomas_dal

    Age : 9

    Technical Skillset : PvP, PvE, Crafting, Raging, Combat Logging, Hacking (script kiddie), Mining. I know all the crafting recipes! I know world edit!

    Desired Position : Owner.

    Experience : I have played Minceraft every day since it came out 1 year ago.

    Hours you can provide per day : An average of around 2 hours a day

    Skype : If you want to contact me, msg me on Kik messenger. That is where my clan hangs out.

    Reason of interest in Galaxy Gaming Network: I will kill the noobs for you! Less noobs = less bother to admins!

    The above is a great example of a terrible application. anyone who posts something like this will be denied. Please don't do it.
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    posted a message on ☞☞ ₪₪ Cosmic ¤ Adventure! ₪₪ |Spaceworlds|Freebuild|Jetpacks|TARDIS|1.7.2|
    Cosmic Adventure v4!

    Special event!

    Special Event!

    Cosmic Adventure v4 is a...
    Drugwar / TARDIS / Survival / Exploration
    At Cosmicadventure.net, you can...
    - Explore and build in completely customized worlds!
    - Harvest natural resources for in game cash!
    - Grow a TARDIS
    - Protect your land with GriefPrevention
    - Build your Dream House in Amazing Biomes
    - Explore and Mine Space Asteroids!
    - Auction your goods!
    - Meet new friends!
    - Use Unique Weapons! (50+ and counting!)
    - Fly Jetpacks!

    When you first join, you will be in the Spawn Tutorial... Once you see the sights and learn about the server, you can then either Explore the world, Grow a profitable "drug" base to sell for cash and weapons, Exploit Space for its resource rich asteroids Grow your TARDIS, or do whatever you feel! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to this server!

    1. How do I make money?
    A. You make money automatically with playtime, McJobs, as well as selling crops to the DrugShop.

    2. How can I protect my chest?
    A. Your first chest is automatically protected, and you get more protection blocks the longer you play.

    3. Is PvP on?
    A. Yes, yes it is. We also have around 50+ guns to use, and when you are killed, you keep 50% of your inventory. Protected areas and protection plugins serve to protect your really valuable items. An enderchest is available at spawn, and you also start with one.

    4. How do I TARDIS?
    A. The chest to the left of /spawn takes you to your private TARDIS creation area. Make it there to insure proper spacing. Here is the site to go to for help with the TARDIS plugin. http://eccentricdevo...thub.io/TARDIS/

    5. Is there a Forum or Website?

    A. Yes! http://www.cosmicadventure.enjin.com/

    6. Do you have any more screenshots?
    A. Of Course!

    So what are you waiting for?

    Grow some crops, Grow some TARDIS rooms, Grow a friendship.

    Cosmic Adventure v4!
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    posted a message on ☞☞ ₪₪ Cosmic ¤ Adventure! ₪₪ |Spaceworlds|Freebuild|Jetpacks|TARDIS|1.7.2|
    Hello! After a VERY long time, I felt the need to start posting here again! So- I fixed the main page and information to better reflect the server in its current state!

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    posted a message on ☞☞ ₪₪ Cosmic ¤ Adventure! ₪₪ |Spaceworlds|Freebuild|Jetpacks|TARDIS|1.7.2|
    Ok Guys its up, but there is a bug.

    Apparently some people get this problem where they
    1. Don't have a tardis world and
    2. Can't make one because it says that they already have one.

    I am looking into this problem for now.
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    posted a message on ☞☞ ₪₪ Cosmic ¤ Adventure! ₪₪ |Spaceworlds|Freebuild|Jetpacks|TARDIS|1.7.2|
    Ok thanks for the referral. Next time I see him on I will let him know.
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    posted a message on ☞☞ ₪₪ Cosmic ¤ Adventure! ₪₪ |Spaceworlds|Freebuild|Jetpacks|TARDIS|1.7.2|
    The mob arena still needs a bit of balance but its working well now. A biit easy but its always fun to kill alot of stuff any way.
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