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    Quote from Shiinchan

    that damn herobrine. hes vicious.

    Whee I see my name in the pic.

    Yeah whats the deal with the herobrine? I thought he was removed?
    Good slayings though,

    btw, shinnchan, as an Xray user, can you modify different materials to become invisible?
    such as iron?
    If you can make iron, dirt and gravel all invisible then you can really find all the grow ops...
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    Greif city. everythings in lava and cant spawn
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    Application for joining server:

    IGN: Gnarler
    How Old?: 27
    How long have you been playing minecraft?: I have an alpha login.
    Country currently in now(Best if its a S.E.A Country.): Japan
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    Hello, I'm Gnarler.

    IGN: Gnarler

    Do you have any experience of being a moderator? Yes, admin experience. about 3 months + or -. World saving, greif repairing, rollbacks.
    Which servers have you moderated/moderate? Many different game servers, but for minecraft - "new settlement town" "new settlement city" with about 50 players and 6 or so mods.

    What are the key things for a moderator to be? available, impartial, quick to respond but slow to anger. To hear both sides of the story. To care for new people more then the moderators current project or the old people.

    Why do YOU want to become a moderator? Because I miss moderating. After my baby was born i quit MC for a while. now old server changed and its completely different. I dont like it.

    Scenario (Choose one):
    1. You see someone griefing a house then use /home when a player attacked them. How would you solve the problem?

    Talk to the greifer, why did that happen, can you fix it? etc. if greifer wont respond then thats disrespecting an admin = insta ban. if greifer is complaining that the other person greifed their home and its just revenge greifing, possibly kick or jail or try to mediate the 2 players. If the person fixes the damages, then let him remain with a verbal warning and communicate to other admins to watch that guy, that if there is greifing going on hes #1 suspect.

    2. There is a fly hacker that got through the anti-cheat system, they are going way too fast for you to catch the name. What do you do?

    TP to each person on the server to find out who it is. Find the name, warn the player. if player wont comply, ban. if player apologizes and turns it off, tell him to use legit client only and a kick from the server.

    3. A PvP fight broke out and involved in one side being slaughtered. That whole side is whining and arguing. What would you do to break up the fight?

    Try to get at the reason the fight started in the first place. you never know who is to be blamed, but in a fight both parties are wrong. Try to judge who started it and warn them. if they dont respect, then kick or ban. If theres a jail, jail both parties and let em sweat it out. Basically stress the players to get their true emotions out. If players act mature then restore what was lost. if players whine and whine, maybe its best to let them ragequit. also, the agressors need to be understood as well. was it a raid? were they defending themselves? If they were raiding, why? why not just get what you needed on your own? Especially with locked chests, there cant be a good reason to mount a raid.

    Regardless, I dont mind swinging the banhammer but I will only do it if there is disrespect towards admins. Refusing to respond to admin is disrespect. Straight up killing or stealing I will usually talk em out of it.

    Timezone: Japan

    When can you play? (I need active moderators because I will only be able to play on weekends due to school, remove this text) about 4 or so hours each night (your mornings while your at school if your in the east coast) and on my off days I can spend more time.
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    posted a message on ~DRUG WARS~ ~ Reopen! ~
    Hello, Im Gnarler.

    What is your view of the server?: reminds me of a 3d version of a game I loved to play as a kid.
    Any friends on the server?: not yet
    Location?: Japan
    Reapplication?: no
    Will you read the rules and respect them?: Already done ;-)
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    A. Player Name - Gnarler
    B. Why do you want to join? - Minecraft needs a challenge. Ill try this one.
    C. Will you survive your first night? No one can predict the future, but I think I will.
    D. What's your least favorite way to die? Frozen, suffocating in the dark blackness of interstellar space, being spaghettified into a supermassive black hole and having my mass converted to energy to be shot out of the energetic jets. Oh wait, that's my favorite way to go.. it really dosnt matter how I go to tell the truth.
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