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    you clearly didn't read it merf. you just quoted it. If I was going to cancel or postpone promotion day you would know. Also I sent a mail in game, which you didnt read either. Please read before speaking, otherwise your ignorance will shine.
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    " Journal entry # 516.

    Today marks a bittersweet landmark as a Commander. One day previous, one of my trusted officers, Lytzhadow, had a mental breakdown. He murdered dozens of crewmembers before launching himself in escape pod #5 towards the black hole at the center of the galaxy. Funeral services were being held when a last transmission came in from his position. He apparently decided to turn back and apologize for what he did, however the gravity well had already taken a grasp on his little vessel and there was no hope. Now, some of the crew members claim to hear his voice floating in the hallways, ideas being given out, suggestions made. As a scientific man, I don't believe in ghosts, I just believe he placed bugs in the walls to transmit his insanity to others after his planned demise. We will begin microchip sweeps in a few hours and analyze his code, if that is indeed what he did. Being that today was also staff promotions, I proudly promote the following people.

    Martpiet, Meheal, E-101, Sherrif, TechnicalSupport, Jonah, HighFlyCS, Prussian (who is in the infirmary, and his cousin received the medal in his absence) 0die, Err00, Scarecrow, ToxicStephen, Nabazazu, Buzzurk, Sebbe and his bro apa.

    Promotions day is always a celebration, however this one was overshadowed by the real possibility that in deep space, insanity is a real possibility, and all efforts must be maintained to analyze the stess levels of all hands, and work together to minimize, what is called in Japanese, "GuduGuduPAH" or a mental snap.

    Another thing of note, a certain planet in sector Cnd-y 14 has shown signs of alien inhabitants. The orbital trajectory suggests that there has been some geo-engineering occuring within the past 10 cycles or so, and several research teams which have landed on the planet have failed to report back, except one. Transcript below."

    "T minus 1 hour to landing. All is green. Oxygen levels - nominal. Battery charge at 65% and estimated another 3 days before another charging cycle. Sensors are operational. Scanning probe reports a decent ambient oxygen level and a slight trace of sulphur. This has lead us to expect an active planetary core made out of possibly iron or other metal. Magnetic field is increasing and the ships path has automatically adjusted to compensate. .. Stand by for next report.

    T minus 20 minutes to landing. Planet comes into the viewport and we can report that it is indeed a barren, desolate world. No sign of surface water, roads, or anything that would lead us to believe civilization has organized here. The mountain formations are quite unique, almost as if water was once here and carved out the mountains and valleys, however nothing green or remotely biologic is visible to suggest the presence of the oxygen the probes reported back. Stand by for next report.

    T minus 5 minutes to landing. Autopilot is GO. Vivid re-entry flames confirm an atmosphere. The dark turf approaches quickly. Standby for next report.

    We have landed. The biologic team is currently extracting a sample of the ambient air to monitor presence of infectious diseases while the geologic team cores a small hole under the spaceship for turf analysis. I, however, sit here and keep touching my iThing while other people work. Stand by for next report.

    Interesting. The biologic team reports that the ambient air has a higher then usual amount of oxygen, along with other trace gasses, but the most important part is the spores. Under the microscope they behave strangely, however we will soon determine their nature. The mineral team reports that the surface of the planet appears to be covered in a strange mycelium type of superstructure, possibly denoting that the entire planet is coated with this massive mushroom. Note to self - Guinness book of world records - largest discovered organism by ME. An expedition is suiting up soon, and I must get ready. Stand by for next report.

    The expedition has left me in charge of the space ship while they go out exploring by my request. I saw enough of it from orbit to know its all the same boring terrain the whole way around. I'll just beat TempleRun5 again and again until they come back.

    Ok . I made a mistake. I'll admit it. After my iThing ran out of batteries I thought it would be a good idea to mess with the wires of the ship to induce a current into my device. I completely forgot that once the ship's AI is deactivated for a moment, it goes stupid. Now it thinks we are at earth preparing for the voyage. Currently, I am physically holding the door shut and typing with one finger. I can't put on the BioSuit and I need to wait for the team to return... but if they return... the door will open ...

    So I got tired. Sue me. Its not like that bloody airlock kept anything evil behind it. Its not like Gamma-5 where the Grues would come get you, even in the light. Theres nothing here! Besides. The ambient air smells sweet... The AI and I are playing mind games on each other. I'm trying to convince it is a cupcake. So far its working... stand by to stand by



    I Must Type On This Device In Order To Keep My Sanity. Must Keep Sanity... Ooo... a lollipop...

    Team No Come Back. Air Sweeter Outside. Dark Land now Bright Magenta Land. Strange Urge To STAY IN SHIP Is Silly. Go Explore, No Suit. No Need. Hungry. Native Cupcake Population Worships Me To Eat, To Merge. To Become One With The Land.... "

    As you can read, the planet classified as Cnd-y 14 , or CandyLand, should be kept a secret, eradicated, and any trace of the spores treated as a controlled substance. This worries me greatly. Commander out. "
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    Its all in your mind...

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Ok guys. Instead of making it appear as though I DON'T read the posts, what I'm going to do is show what REASON certain ones are denied and for what reason they are accepted. Ok? Lets begin.

    This first one isnt formatted well and is a wall of text, however the message inside is a shining star, AND the player has been recommended. AND I like the guy. Hits all the nails. Online time, Player priority, question answering, overall maturity, and experience.

    I am re-applying, just in case my application gets lost amidst all the forum things. It is the same application I have posted before.
    Staff Application:
    IGN: HiFlyCS
    Maturity level: I am not bothered by much, but I do get slightly mad at Rules Breaking and things that aren't allowed. I appreciate it when people play to have fun, not fight. I am great at settling arguments, as I have done so on this server at least a few times. I am also a great person to come to when you need help.
    Experience of staffing: Vanilla World (Former Moderator), WoCraft (Administrator), HaxirCraft (Trial Moderator), ExplodingPopTart's server (Co-Owner), and FlyCraftia (Server for friends) (Owner/console user)
    Why pick me: First of all, you should pick me because I am one who actually isn't just a banning machine, or bans every rule break, but I actually discuss the situation until the ban/kick/mute was actually necessary, and will not be regretted unless it should be appealed. Also I am exactly the person who handles plugins with care, and doesn't do 'What does this command do?' things without asking an experienced staff member. I also know that staffing is a responsibility, not a perk. I will intend to do my best for what suits the server to have one of the best gaming experiences. I feel that players are not to be toyed around with, thrown around using commands, and are meant to be treated with respect, so long as they behave. I also will not promote random players, and I will view these forums often, just like I normally do. Once again, I'm saying I will do my best, and try to exceed my own expectations of high quality staffing for myself, and also for the server. I am great at helping others also, not only enforcing rules. Got a problem? Ask me. I am good at keeping secrets, so if I have to keep one, it will be kept safe. I will be able to come on most of the time after 3:00 PM Pacific time, so that makes me available.

    Do I have Gnarler on Skype?: Yes, I already have added him
    Did I donate?: I have not.

    Thanks for investing your time on viewing this application for staff, and I wish all the best to the server if I do not get picked. Thank you in advance.

    PS. I am in the American Pacific TimeZone, and I am online during peak hours.

    The next one is Too Short. Atleast the maturity level isnt OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!... I'll talk to the person in skype.
    Staff Application
    IGN: Scarecrow281097
    Maturity level: I'm pretty mature when things get serious
    Past experience: I'm a mod on cubixcraft.net(This server is pretty much dead)
    Why do you want to be staff: I want to do everything in my power to keep this server alive and running
    Donator: no
    I have recently sent Gnarler a contact request

    This next one is again too short, plus by not remembering the name of the server you were staff on gives me the clue that you are absent minded. Being absent minded on this server = crashes...
    InGameName: CinnomanSteve
    Maturity Level: 8-9.5
    Experience being staff elsewhere: I have been a Mod on one server, but it shut down and I don't remember what it was called.
    Why do you wish to be staff?: Because I like to help people out and I think I would be good for this server.
    Donator?(y/n): I am afraid not.
    Do you have Gnarler in Skype yet?:No

    This next application admits to mod-whoring. Obviously the servers that accept him he will play on, and divide his attention thusly. I am not convinced by this application that he is dedicated.

    InGameName: mineer101
    Maturity level: I'm going to be honest here and say... 6.5 out of 10
    Experience being staff elsewhere: Nerp. But I do await my acceptance for being a mod on multiple other servers.
    Why do you wish to be staff?: Because the server is AMAZING!!! And I want to do anything I can to help out and make it better!
    Donator? (y/n): no. (but i plan on doing so at some point)
    Do you have Gnarler in skype yet?: No.

    This next one had enough thought put into it, and even a little story. Plus, I like him in game, Ive seen him around, and he was referred. Accepted.

    InGameName: Hit_Manx
    Maturity level: I am fairly mature and if someone behaves really immature I will deal with them! but I also know how to have and take a joke.
    Experience being staff elsewhere: I was previously a mod on veagence craft before it shut down, I got staff when we then owner decided he needed new staff members he did a little challenge by seeing who helps people the most and who invited people.
    Why do you wish to be staff?: I like giving people what they deserve when they misbehave but also like helping others and giving advice and help to those who need/require it.
    Donator? (y/n): No I am not donator
    Do you have Gnarler in skype yet?: No I do have Gnarler on skype but he could add me, Gnarler could mail me asking for it, I would show it on here but I don't want any old person adding me, trying to troll/annoy me :)

    I hope you will atleast consider me for staff because I would really like to be staff and would really appreciate it.

    The next one is a terrible unban appeal. Says nothing about what you did, and how you promise to not do it again. However, earlier in the post, he did. Next time , combine messages please :P
    PhilipBlock, on 29 May 2013 - 06:27 PM, said:

    Could I be unbanned?

    The next application, on its own, would be ignored. Its too simple. However, In game I promised to promote him, and he went through the steps. I just wish he put more effort into it.

    Staff application


    Maturity level 9.5
    Experiance being staff elsewhere: i hace not been staff before but i have gained experiance on how to be staff from watching other staff operate
    Why do you wish to be staff: I want to help people have fun and enjoy the server, also i like the server alot and want to help it grow
    donator: no
    Do you have gnarler in skype yet: no i do not have skype

    The next application was denied because his power level was OVER NINE THOUSAND!! ... Guys, I am not looking for numbers for the maturity field! a number tells me nothing! Give me a story, an event, something that proved your mettle or that you were good staff! Even though he donated, it does not guarantee staf-ness, but it helps. I have not seen this person online, no one has recommended him. I'm sorry but if I believe if I added this person, I would get trolling.

    InGameName: pengpeng8000
    Maturity level: 9.999999995 out of 10
    Experience being staff elsewhere: I was staff (admin) on my friend's server, which was a large server and was on the forums, until it got deleted.
    Why do you wish to be staff?: I would really like to see the server at it's best, and I know many commands. I am also very mature.
    Donator? (y/n): Yes
    Do you have Gnarler in skype yet?: No, mainly because I do not have Skype. (I know, I'm a loner.)
    :steve_lol: :P

    The next thing is an apology, which shows improvement. maybe not current maturity, but the will to improve, which is very important. I didnt see what happened, but since the guy is willing to admit he was wrong and promise to improve himself, that is a very good thing.

    I have something to say. Yesterday, while on a server, I said some inappropriate words. Not extremely horrible, but they were still inexcusable. I hope for the server's forgiveness, and I withdraw on my staff request. I don't think I'm mature enough yet. I won't hate anyone on the server if I am never allowed back in. I just want to help the server, but not in a staff position, until I've matured. Please forgive my terrible actions, and accept my sincerest apologies. Thank you.

    This next one is really difficult. Its hard to say whats the best course of action. The person hasn't stood out in my mind yet, the application is pretty grey, yet they try try again, which shows dedication. If I got a reccomendation for this person I would accept it, but as it is now, I'm going to deny it, not because its bad, but because I don't feel the NEED to have this person as staff. We always need helpful people though, so please help people, and I will hear about it. I hope offense isnt taken, I'm not saying hes a bad guy.

    (all are required.)
    InGameName: taybama
    Maturity level: Well, I always try my best to use proper grammar, I'm not a proper grammar nazi cause I don't always show it but it's a pet peeve of mine... I try to entertain players but I try to be mature at the same time. If you want me to be perfectly mature I will be. But if you want my to be silly and spontaneous (or whatever) I can be.
    Experience being staff elsewhere: I, can't say I was technically staff anywhere but I know what to do and I wish for this could be my first place. :D
    Why do you wish to be staff?: Because this is a great server and it's hard to find a better one, I want to help make it impossible to find a better one.
    Donator? (y/n): No, I'm sorry I really would if I could but I don't have enough money.
    Do you have Gnarler in skype yet?: No, sadly I don't have skype but I stay in contact with PM-ing and I'm a pretty fast responder. (And I love PMS it's like opening a gift! :D )
    That's it, I hope I get accepted next sunday.

    So I take what I see on the forums, Take what mail comes in to me (usually over 50 messages....) and talk to my staff to see who needs to be staff.

    The general concensious is that aLOT of the staff members DON'T help people. So, I'm going to put a message out that in the future, non helpful staff may be demoted by higher up staff for refusing to help.
    Lets look at the title of ChatModerator. A Chat Moderator moderates using the chat! Its that simple! I don't care if swaheely or spanish is spoken in the chat, or of caps, or of reasonable spam. No, what I care about is verbal help to the people who almost always have questions. Thats why I need recommendations, proof that people are doing their job!

    The full list of promotions:
    mart? <-- Hmm I take terrible notes.
    Plus a few more.
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    Sunday promotions time!

    PrussianKingdom, PacerTheDog, TheCody117, and Mkeebelz, apa24, and Sebbe have all been promoted or accepted as staff.

    Technical Support and DaBeagle now have access to the console and are full on admins.

    I disabled TNT blasting as it was causing console spam and was fighting with another plugin. Its not the item drops that are lagging the server, its a plugin conflict. We are slowly working on finding the solution, but until then, no tnt :( sry.

    A quick note on staff applications. Put some effort into it! Its usually my first time to see you on your application, so make the first impression great!

    Heres an example of a BAD staff application

    Username : XxDerpTroll420xX (immature name)
    Maturity level : 10/10 (I am not looking for numbers. you are not a statistic.)
    Why do you want to be staff? : Because I wanna. Becazz I halp ppl somehow. I <3 teh sarver. (put an honest reason.)
    Staff experience? : I waz mod on mah frienz server until it went down becaz admin was crap (so, basically, next to nothing, right?)
    Do you have gnarler on skype? : Naaah. (I need to communicate to you easier then minecraft chat.)
    Donator? : My maam wont let me uz her kard! (Donating is important but not neccicary. It gives you favor)

    Why was that application bad? It was immature, and the person writing it basically didnt care enough to put effort into the application.

    Heres some HINTS on filling out a good staff application for this server.

    Name : Needs to be something that commands respect, nothing like trollhax69 or Spammah920. I cant have an admin with a griefers name, obviously.
    Maturity level : I am going to leave this up to you to learn what needs to go here. Basically, I am not looking for a 10/10 or any numbers. I want to know how mature you are. what you have experienced, What bothers you, what your good at.
    Why do you want to be staff? : Everyones answer is the same, but basically I want confidence from you that you know you would make an important addition to the team.
    Staff Experience : Its ok to not have any experience. I expect it, but basically I need to know what you know. What can you do, what can't you do. If you have OWNED and STARTED a server before, then that is alot better then just wearing a mod tag on a derpy 5 person server.
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    Sunday Promotions!
    Congrats to:
    Kanokarab - Chatmod
    Kingchris3347- Chatmod
    0die - Chatmod
    PrussianKingdom - Chatmod
    Sheriff - Chatmod
    Corvus1Noctis - Mod
    Magica - Mod

    ​Spaceenforcer was temporarily demoted due to a complaint. I havnt heard the story out yet so I am open to giving rank back.

    Craftmaster lost her rank because apparently she went crazy.

    Realms_ has been unbanned,

    Sambowler was demoted and unbanned, along with matty12k10uk due to the fact his troll friend also logs in under his account, and is disrespectful to staff and players. It is impossible to tell whos who all the time. The person who mainly plays behind sambowler's account has not misbehaved apparently, but I judge the accounts for their actions.

    if you still cant connect, post your full playername and IP just in case.

    You may post more then 1 staff application or request for promotion. If you didn't get accepted the first time, make another , better one.
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    Congratulations to the following people!

    E_101 - Chatmod
    Logicfox13 - Chatmod
    IM_A_FRICKIN_TACO - Chatmod
    TheDoctor - Chatmod
    SpaceEnforcer - Chatmod

    Sebbe29 - JrMod
    APA24 - JrMod
    Corvus1Noctis - JrMod

    StarletteRose - Mod
    Sambowler - Mod
    TechnicalSupport - Mod

    No Senior mods or New Admins. DaBeagle might be up next round for admin.

    We have installed or modified the following plugins :

    Fixed Bookshelf
    Sonic Screwdriver (no blaster)
    Lottery (might be a bad idea)
    WhoRegeneration (Dr and Timelord only)
    Vortex Manipulator
    Factions is Busted. IDK. If an admin feels like fixing it, they can, but I'm tired of factions.

    I cant find the tardis backdoor permission. If someone can find it and tell it to me, Please do so. Also, if someone knows how to fix factions - tell an admin, please!
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    Ok guys I've updated ALL 50 PLUGINS to 1.5.2 ... or atleast the ones that were updated.

    Join in the fun!

    Also I unbanned GAK. Mods, next time use tempban... ok?
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    lytz would you like console infos?
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    Congrats to the new promotees!

    Chatmods: Drearcross 4
    Jrmods: _Glader_. , HuskyPup, Mushyninja, Onematty
    Mods : Ninjataco
    SrMods : DaDominator
    JrAdmin : DuncanCook
    Admin : 135ac

    Let me know if the staff does well or if they misbehave! Thanks!
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    All tardis issues have been fixed. :D
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    The following people have been promoted to chatmod...


    The following people have been promoted to JrMod

    Lytzshadow has been re-promoted to Mod

    The following people have been promoted to SrMod;

    The Following people have been promoted to Jr Admin
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    Ok, Since tardis is being a tard, I'm MOST LIKELY going to have to do a complete- fresh reinstall of the plugin eventually. We need to see if NEW PLAYERS who join FRESH are able to make tardis. If they can't get it working properly, then we will reinstall it completely using a format where all tardis worlds are in one world.

    One note of caution in this, is you must build your tardis FAR FROM SPAWN if you want to have space to grow rooms. Otherwise, you will be crowded near people who built the tardis machine near spawn.

    The problem is basically there is a mismatch between the database and the worlds loaded, AND the plugin no longer issues multiverse commands properly. Not sure what is causing that, but a fresh reinstall should fix it.

    The focus here is on new players. If they can't get it working, then basically its only going to work for the old players, and that would be unfair.

    The /tardisadmin delete command apparently only works on people who have a completely working tardis, and if it works, why remove.

    So this is pretty much fair warning, that MOST LIKELY we will totally wipe all tardis information and start from scratch using a KNOWN GOOD method.

    I apologize for this, however my hand is forced in the matter. Its either ...
    1. Get this working as it is, somehow, magically...
    2. uninstall TARDIS...
    3. Fresh Install TARDIS.

    Ive tried number1 for about 3 days now. Running out of options.
    Number 2 is annoying as it removes "fun"
    and number 3 is annoying as it is a "rollback".

    Tell me your ideas, if you can. Thanks for putting up with this.
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    Ok Guys its up, but there is a bug.

    Apparently some people get this problem where they
    1. Don't have a tardis world and
    2. Can't make one because it says that they already have one.

    I am looking into this problem for now.
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    posted a message on ☞☞ ₪₪ Cosmic ¤ Adventure! ₪₪ |Spaceworlds|Freebuild|Jetpacks|TARDIS|1.7.2|
    Its coming up shortly. I apologize for the delay.
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