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    Played a relatively quick Galactic Civilizations 2 campaign on a medium sized map with a custom science-focused race called the Reptoids.

    The full write-up I did for the campaign:

    Played as a custom race called the Reptoids with bonuses to scientific research and the korath tech tree (slave labor n' stuff). I played a medium sized map and the other factions were the Terrans (stock faction, diplomatic), Drengin (stock faction, warlike), and the Bunzoids (custom race, cyborg rabbits that breed like, well, rabbits (thus high population)).

    My starting position was located in the middle of the other three factions, so I knew I'd be surrounded for the entire game. I wound up colonizing three additional planets (one with toxic atmosphere, the other radioactive).

    My first challenge came when the Terrans decided to seize some asteroid mining operations by destroying some influence starbases that kept them within the borders of my empire. The starbases along the border held them off for a time, but their superior numbers eventually prevailed, largely because my ships were slow-moving and I didn't want to pull them from the capital.

    The second danger came from the Bunzoids, whose immense population allowed them to basically control the voting in the Council of Planets (space UN). There was one vote to decide where to locate the headquarters of the CoP (and get a huge influence boost as a result) and of course the Bunzoids won after voting for themselves. That caused their borders to expand to envelop one of my planets and I got a message it was threatening to secede to join the Bunzoids. Knowing I couldn't hold onto the colony, I sold it to the Drengins for some cash and technology (it seceded from the Drengins to join the Bunzoids a few turns later).

    All the while my empire was short on cash due to running deficits due to interest payments on earlier ship/building purchases, which in turn was causing dissatisfaction among the populace. As a race with a scientific focus, however, I was able to sell off research to minor factions in return for liquidity. I also had an interest in providing some support for the minor factions, for there was a period where the Terrans and Bunzoids were focused on picking off the minor factions. By providing the minor factions with tech, they were better able to resist the other empires, slowing their expansions.

    But this era of small conflicts came to an end when the Terrans and Bunzoids went to war with each other, a war from which the Bunzoids emerged victorious. The Terrans capitulated and surrendered all their territory and assets to the Bunzoids, who now controlled roughly 3/4 of the map. Seeking to build alliances and wealth, I began establishing trade routes with the other factions (all while appeasing the Bunzoids with gifts).

    Needless to say, the Bunzoids had become a major threat, but an even greater threat emerged soon thereafter. The Dread Lords appeared and quickly cut through the northern parts of the Bunzoid empire with their super dreadnoughts, laying claim to a multitude of systems (among which were Earth (former Terran homeworld) and the planet I had sold off earlier). They then spread out throughout the galaxy, for no fleet could withstand them. They enforced their dominance of space by hunting and destroying every ship, fleet, trade route, and space station they could find, their fleets swarming the galaxy and filling it with death and destruction.

    On the plus side, the Reptoid's debts had been paid off by then so they were running a budget surplus. This enabled them to buy ships at will. At first I tried to maintain the trade routes, but it became apparent that they didn't last long and only served to attract the Dread Lord fleets. By this point I had committed to going for the science victory condition, all I had to do was hold on to my planets. I also had the good fortune of a random event doubling the quality of my capital, enabling me to build additional buildings (mostly labs).

    Then the Dread Lords set their sights on my capital planet, landing invasion forces which killed billions of Reptoids. After the first attempted invasion, the population on the capital was greatly depleted, forcing me to adopt a strategy of smuggling Reptoids from the radioactive planet colony to the capital, carefully evading the detection of patrolling Dread Lord ships. As it turns out, the plan was successful and while billions of reptoids perished in the final stand, they managed to research the victory technology, winning the game. Huzzah!

    The TLDR version:

    The Dread Lords appeared midway through the campaign and, through their merciless indiscriminate carnage and conquest, rendered space essentially off limits to all factions for no ship, fleet, or trade route could withstand them or long escape their malevolent notice. Isolated and vulnerable, the Reptoid homeworld soon found itself the subject of repeated Dread Lord invasions... while they were able to repel the Dread Lords, billions had lost their lives in the carnage and it was only a matter of time before they succumbed.

    Yet hope remained, for they were relatively close to researching the scientific victory technology, all they had to do was hold out a hundred more turns. Thus a bold plot was developed, to buy colony ships (at a colony with essentially no production capabilities) fitted with a bunch of thrusters for max speed and smuggle additional defenders to the homeworld between Dread Lord patrols, then scuttle the ship upon delivery (for ships attracted DL ships and I wanted to stay under the radar). Bolstered by their reinforcements, the Reptoid homeworld was able to withstand repeated invasions long enough to research the victory tech. Huzzah!


    While I'm thinking about it, let me share some of the custom ship designs I've made for my custom GC2 races:



    On a side note, here's another random AFF screenshot:

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    You want elitists? It's got elitists.

    You want bigots? It's got bigots of all kinds.

    You want tantrumers? It's got tantrumers.

    You want hackers? It's got hackers.

    You want smurfs? It's got smurfs.

    You want tantruming elitist bigots hacking on their smurf accounts? It's got 'em by the bushel.

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    Nice! Looks like you had a laser doctrine while your enemy used missiles?

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    Aye, there were some Nazi holdouts for a few months after Germany's surrender, scattered partisans calling themselves werewolves.

    One interesting topic regarding WWII that is often overlooked is the Nazi infatuation with the occult and how they incorporated it and eugenics into their propaganda to create the Aryan master race myth. Himmler, head of the SS, was particularly interested in the occult and dispatched a number of expeditions to gather artifacts and study the body structures of various races (such expeditions were the inspiration for the Indiana Jones films). One book I happen to recall on the subject was "Himmler's Crusade", about a Nazi-sponsored expedition into Tibet to trace the origins of the "master race".

    Fun little tidbit, "Iran" means "land of the Aryans".


    Speaking of post-ceasefire battles:

    -Some of the bloodiest battles of WWI took place after armistice was signed as nations made last moment attacks to ensure enemy positions were weakened in the event hostilities resumed

    -One of the most famous battles of the War of 1812 took place about a week after a cease fire was signed, the battle for New Orleans. Obviously messages took awhile to reach generals in the early 19th century so neither the Americans nor the British commanders knew that a cease fire had been signed. As it happened the Americans (backed by some hired privateers) successfully defended New Orleans and the American general, Andrew Jackson, became a national hero.


    Speaking of Andrew Jackson, for those unfamiliar with him...

    -After the battle of New Orleans he was tasked with leading a campaign against the Seminoles and in the process seized Florida from Spain, increasing his national gravitas further.

    -He is considered the first populist president, espousing a political philosophy championing the common man.

    -During his inauguration, everyone was welcome to celebrate in the white house. The inauguration party wound up becoming a raucous affair with Jackson's supporters trashing the place (Jackson left through a window to escape the shenanigans).

    -As president signed a compromise with South Carolina to stem a secession effort (issue was over tariffs and states' rights).

    -Resettled some native American tribes (which caused many casualties)


    Speaking of political stand offs, ever hear of the Pig and Potato War?

    There was a sparsely populated island northwest of the United States, situated between the US and (British-held) Canada (between Seattle and Vancouver) whose ownership had not been determined by the mid 19th century. However, both Americans and British farmers had begun to settle on the island and this relatively insignificant island became the center point of a political crisis that almost embroiled the US and Great Britain in another war when a pig ate a potato.

    An American farmer found a pig eating his potatoes, so he shot the pig. The pig's owner, an Irishman, demanded compensation but the American contended that the pig had been trespassing on his territory. The Irishman brought in British authorities to arrest the American and try him in British courts, but the American settlers in turn requested protection from an American infantry division. Fearing the Americans meant to seize the disputed island, the British deployed some warships to counter the infantry division, leading to a standoff. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and no shots were fired, granting the leaders of both nations time to learn of the incident and agree to a joint occupation until the matter was settled in arbitration by Kaiser Wilheim of Germany.

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    Quote from ZeBlueDevil»

    Here we go...

    First up is the final battle of the War for Allied Independence. When the Allied Democratic Front, which shall be referred to as the ADF, first came onto the galactic stage it had two other neighbors. One of which they bested in a small war and another which they befriended. The one that they waged war upon was then destroyed by the forces of the Core of Light. A hyper advanced civilization bent on the destruction of all sentient life in the galaxy, the Core of Light soon vassalized the nation which the ADF had befriended. Seeing the technology and naval power of the Core, the ADF soon realized the only way to survive would be to become subservient to them.

    They became a vassal and quickly adopted all technologies they could get a hold of from the Core. Over many years, a prosperous relationship took place and the Core became naught but a small thought in ADF politics. That is, until the other vassal of the Core was assimilated into their empire and all their planets promptly purged. Seeing their future in the plight of their fellow xenos, the ADF built up its navy in preparation fo the day they would break free of the Core.

    That day soon came and the ADF Fleet warped into Core territory. Their first objective was to destroy all military stations in Core territory and destroyed multiple Core fleets in doing so. But they still had to take out the home system of the Core. The Battle of the Core of Light was then fought. The Core fleets were decisively defeated by the ADF fleet as they had similar weapons and the ADF numerical superiority through dividing and conquering the Core fleets.

    After the defeat of the Core, the planet was blockaded and unconditional surrender was given by the Core, whose sole home planet was then brought into the ADF.


    I'm short on time right now. Tomorrow I might post another.

    Ooh, shiny lasers! Well, now you've got a population of genocidal folks in your empire, I'm sure they won't turn out to be horribly unruly subjects! :P

    As for TLOspyrogirl's shots, second one looks like Julia Roberts from hell and the guy in the third shot should be dubbed "Turtle Guy".

    Decided to play some Angels Fall First earlier and got a few nifty screenshots. The context of the first two shots was both sides' battleships were engaged in a close range slug fest, so I hopped in a bomber to apply additional damage while dodging enemy fighter escorts and point defense guns.

    Happened to be recording at the time so I actually posted a clip of that bombing run on YT.

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    Quote from ZeBlueDevil»

    Wow, spiffy. Maybe I'll post about my Stellaris fleet battles O.O

    Please do!
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    After several years (turns) of constant warfare in the Indrus system, the United Empire at last managed to clear out the Shendryn fleets stationed there and commenced orbital bombardment of the local planets. By this point, however, the United Empire had lost many ships (including its repair vessels), depleted its dust stores, and its remaining ships were damaged... the Shendryn had demonstrated the superiority of their cruisers and the UE had only emerged victorious at Indrus due to its superior numbers, so when I spotted a new, fully combat-ready Shendryn fleet descending on Indrus, I sued for peace. The Shendryn were inclined to accept, as the technologically-advanced Horatio faction had also decided to declare war on them. As part of the peace terms, I demanded and received the mineral-rich Indrus systems so I therefore claim victory! Now it's time to rest and recover and prepare for the next conflict.

    Having seen the score screen upon leaving the game, it seems the three factions in my current campaign each have a distinctive advantage. The Shendryn have the most powerful military, the Horatio are by far the most technologically advanced, and the United Empire has the most territory and people.

    EDIT: Seems the Horatio have lost their war and the Shendryn gain many of their systems, and in doing so cut the Horatio off from resources they had been trading to the United Empire.

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    Noticed the Shendryn massing fleets along the United Empire's (my faction) border. Fearing they meant to liberate the planets I had taken from them in a previous campaign, I gathered my fleets and launched an invasion. Of course their main fleet consists of a bunch of cruisers so it's been a tough war with numerous casualties on both sides (and it's only on its second turn).

    (Endless Space)

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    I hate it when developers make stupid game decisions to appease SJWs, such as Tekken 7 omitting a kangaroo character for fear of offending PETA or the upcoming Call of Duty WWII eschewing history to include women soldiers* in multiplayer battles so as not to trigger the radical feminists.

    *To be clear, we're not talking about resistance fighters or nurses, but rather uniformed front line soldiers.

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    Spotted this cool screenshot I took of Angels Fall First (taken before the UI update).

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    Yeesh, how many times has Darkfall been rebooted by now?

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    Aye, most 3d Sonic final bosses have two stages and thus two themes. First you have the epic final battle theme, then the refrain of the main theme for stage 2.

    The entire Sonic 2006 soundtrack was great, too bad the game itself was very buggy and unpolished, it could've and should've been a great game but was obviously pushed out the door before it was ready.


    AC4's final battle theme was cool, but I must say I prefer AC Zero and 5's respective final boss themes.

    Some other really neat boss themes off the top of my head.

    One of the boss themes from the first Witcher game.

    From Freedom Planet

    From Sonic 2 (Game Gear), think it may have been the first boss theme I ever heard (also, that first boss in Sonic 2 GG is rage-inducingly unfair, lol)

    Here's another Robotnik boss theme, this one from my favorite 2d Sonic game

    Baldur's Gate 2 expansion final boss

    Skies of Arcadia had some really enjoyable boss themes that would change verse based on how well the player was doing.

    But IMO, one of the most iconic boss themes is Bowser's theme from Mario 64.

    (of course I recommend checking out this awesome cover of Bowser's theme)

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    So lately I've been playing two indie multiplayer FPSes with rather small playerbases. I've found that my experience with such communities differs from that of popular games with large communities in that while I cannot always find a match without bots filling some slots, I wind up playing against the same players time and time again and folks generally recognize each other and are more chatty and cordial. On the flip side, with popular games it's much easier to find active servers, even if they are filled with quiet strangers.

    So, what's your preference?

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    I happened to notice that Saints Row 2 is available for free (and keep forever) for a limited time on Steam. No idea when the offer ends. SR2 was by far the best in the series, improving on the original in many ways while sticking to its gangland theme. It's my understanding that the PC port had some bugs (I played the 360 version), but for the price of free one can't complain.

    EDIT: I saw someone mention that GOG also has SR2 available for free for 2 days.

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    Quote from nametooshort»

    TF2 just happens to be the most familiar example.

    It's *not* exactly always TF2 you know.

    Anyway, metaknowledge.

    Ever played an RPG, made a build around using a certain type of weapon but find out that the setting pretty much only use that one other type?

    Yeah, that. Also how many points you need to spend on certain skills unless you want to waste them.

    Why would you spend 130 points on lockpick when the highest lock in the game is only goes to 120?

    But nooooo, you'd need to know the highest lock in the game only goes to 120 in the first place to not waste points like that.

    That sort of stuff.

    IKR!? Back when I was still playing World of Warcraft during the Wrath of the Litch King expansion, I was playing a character I envisioned as a 2-handed sword wielder, but every single upgrade I found at endgame was an axe. -_-
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