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    posted a message on Do you drink coffee?

    I never liked coffee. Just never was my thing.

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    posted a message on Now that it's been five months since the forums could've closed, are these forums still declining?

    The final nail in the coffin was when the forum decided to do the twitch integration. The forum had been declining drastically since when I was on one of my other accounts, that is now defunct. However I noticed that over the years I spent here before the old fanbase completely left and left this place open to newer users, and now it has declined. I am not sure if there is anything we could do to remedy this, as it seems it's just the cycle of how things are going.

    The one thing that discord lacks is a good sense of moderation. I've been to so many servers run by corrupt and toxic people. Discord is a breeding ground for those sorts of things and good servers are rare to find, at least in my personal experiences. The one thing forums have over discord for me is that they are much more chill and people are much more appealing to be around.

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