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    Hello! I am currently leading a small team of people creating a minecraft map called "The Heist", progress is coming along well and soon we will be ready to open up our Insider / Pre-Alpha Playtesting client and so we need some playtesters, if you are interested then please join the discord server: https://discord.gg/X4sChS (The link will expire in 24 hours so let me know if you need it and it has expired) Or reply to this thread with any questions you have! The discord server is very new so we are still developing it (pretty much done) and so it only has a few members as we are only just opening it up. Even if you do not want to playtest it would great to have your support and being a member of the discord server will give you exclusive acess to Development, News, and much more. We will also be emailing (when it is done) a selection of big YouTubers in aid to get some promotion. Any questions feel free to ask :) Thanks!

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