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    posted a message on [WIP] Roshar Mod- Surgebinding, Shardblades, Spren (Help needed!)

    I love the idea looking foreward too it!!

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    posted a message on Looking for texture artists!

    Hello I am currently in need of some nice people to maybe help me out with some texture needs! info: I am an advanced modder currently making a mod for Minecraft that when done will add over 1k blocks to Minecraft! crazy right? if you would like to check it out or maybe talk to me about texturing for it you can find the discord server for the mod here ->https://discord.gg/gnBZ2ta

    some other useful info -> mod version 1.16.2

    ETA early 2021

    last note if you are good at texturing and have nothing to do and maybe would like to help join the discord above or talk to me here -> fluffy#9911 on discord! Thanks in advance

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