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    Hello Everyone! ValorousMC is now hiring for the position of staff! What is ValorousMC? ValorusMC is a Minecraft server with tons of potential, we have a growing team of dedicated builders and developers who are constantly striving to improve the server. At the moment we are lacking a staff team, a group of people are necessary for a server. We have decided to hire a team of people to help improve ValorousMC.


    -Be 15 years old or older

    -Have a Discord account

    -Have the ability to communicate through voice chat

    If you want to apply please fill out the form below and join the discord:



    Regards: The ValorousMC Team

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    Hi! my name is DesignSpace, the Owner of Valorous MC and I need a developer that is well versed in bungee servers.

    As part of your interview you will be given a common problem with bungee server (a case of wrong setup) and you will be expected to fix it.

    Add me on discord: DesignSpace#2783

    Many thanks and I look forward to working with you!

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    Hi! I'm just looking for a player that can join my a server and try to play, and then give me feedback on the simplicity of the server.

    Just reply to this thread with your Discord username and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Many thanks!

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