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    Hello, i'm new to mod developing and just created a mod for the anime "Anohana" it's still currently alpha since it only has 9 blocks and 1 item. I hope you have fun with it if you do decide to download it though!

    It includes a texture pack that changes the splash text on the main screen and replaces the painting with anohana pictures!

    The download link is http://www.mediafire.com/file/zf6zzxj3o9thwgs/Anohana_Mod.zip/file

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    So I’m planning on a multi fandom anime server and I need builder! I plan on helping the builder(s) build the bases for all the anime titles. I currently have Anohana, erased, little busters, and clannad. I plan on making bases for them all. What I did is made a command block plate so if put wright on it teleports you to the respective base. I’m new here so message me if you feel like you’re up for it and I’ll send you the ip. This is supposed to be a chill server where everyone can relax and I plan on adding more anime soon.

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