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    posted a message on Inconsiderate players harvesting all the trees?
    In multiplayer servers,
    there are always inconsiderate players who always harvest a lot of trees without replanting them, leaving none for other players.
    Ever had such an experience?
    Well, now you can rigged trees with TNTs to troll these pests.
    Below is a video tutorial on how to rigged a tree to kill such players
    This contraption is easy to build and requires little resources.

    I would gladly appreciate feed-backs and suggestions from you guys.
    You can support me by subscribing and sharing videos. Thanks
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    posted a message on Most Compact Jeb Door (Concealed 2x2 Piston Flush Door) [Updated]
    Hey guys. Any ideas on how i can further size down the standard Jeb door
    I was just wondering if it was possible to size it down to an even smaller size.

    EDITED (The wrong video was removed)
    Thanks to Goklayeh
    I created a newer more updated video
    The design is more compact and easier to build.

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    posted a message on Light sensor, AKA solar panel...
    I dont quite understand what you are saying, but do you mean this?
    This is somewhat an inverted circuit, activating the lamps only at night and turning it off in the day.
    You can call this a photocell? i think..........
    Well, it fits your description and it is inverted.
    It changes daylight sensor into night/darkness sensor.
    Is this what you wanted?
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    posted a message on Designs For A Realistic Lamppost? No torches needed!
    I recently created a video about how to create a realistic lamppost. From some feedback from other players, I realized that it didn't looked good.
    I hoped people who read this who use my tutorial as the base and then improve the design. Post your pictures below.
    Helps appreciated thanks!
    Here's the tutorial anyway
    You need
    1 Daylight sensor
    16 Cobblestone Walls
    4 Redstone Lamp
    1 Sticky Piston
    1 Redstone Block
    I also have videos about modern house designs. Check them out!
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    posted a message on Ever Wondered How An Ender Dragon Death Looked Like In Reversed?
    I created a video about it. Here you go.
    Remember to sub for more.
    Thanks For Watching
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    posted a message on Lava Hideout. Is it Feasible?
    This hideout took me 30 min to build
    Anymore feasible easy methods for a safe and secured secret hideout?
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