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    posted a message on Yes, the bugs will be fixed.
    In short: Keep calm, report bugs, don't ***** and carry on.
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    posted a message on Discrimination towards Christianity
    It's not Christians, it's idiots. There are idiots in every religion and atheism too. They are the ones who make religion and atheism look bad.
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    posted a message on This is what I get for being vegetarian
    Quote from stuntdude

    I rarely eat meat myself, because most of it tastes horrible, looks and feels disgusting (I could never be a surgeon), it's morally wrong on so many levels (unless you're hunting your own game, then it's only wrong on just a few), and it is, in fact, unhealthy in anything but small quantities.

    In what way is eating meat morally wrong? Enlighten me.
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    posted a message on Cheese or bananas?

    Cheese is great, but I don't particularly like it.
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    posted a message on what you NEVER want to see in minecraft
    1) mobs that are in every game in the entire world (zombies, skeletons and spiders on the other hand, have been in MC for the longest time so they are fine) e.g. ogres. trolls, elves, dwarves, wizards etc. Why? If I have to play games about such mobs I'll play a generic fantasy game about elves and dwarves.

    2) Advanced Technology. Cannons and sailboats are fine, but not tanks and warships. Before you talk to me about redstone, Notch didn't add these with Digital Electronics in mind; it is the players who made them so.

    3) Devils in the nether. Don't go there, seriously; Ghast, blazes, zombie pigman and magma cubes are fine. If Jeb adds devils to the nether, I would rage so bad.

    4) Another completely pointless world AKA The End. Other than for enderpearls and xp farming, it is a very pointless place to be in. The nether is less so, but it is still for potion ingredient farming (blaze rods, ghast tears, gold nuggets etc), which isn't that good as well.

    5) Another completely boring boss AKA the Enderdragon. If only the Hardcore Enderdragon Mod was added into the game, then it would be so much fun. If another boss has to be added, make it difficult to fight.

    On another thing, I think Magic would be fine to add to Minecraft. But I would wonder how they would add skills though.
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    posted a message on Zombies:What Would You Do If The Day Came
    Unfortunately, I'm in a country where guns are banned. So, I'm ****ed.

    On the plus side, I own a really huge truck where I can store tons of things and ram zombies into with. That might help.
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    posted a message on How do I get my school to notice that I am smart and respect me?
    Quote from Siknote

    Ah yes, but I don't think he does get the point. I'm a little worried, to be honest.

    Don't worry. He is someone you don't exactly know too well over the internet. So the best you can do is to give some advice and hope for the best,
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    posted a message on Who are the worst Youtubers in your opinion?
    Worst? Every Youtuber has their ups and downs, but the yogscast are pretty boring to listen to these days.
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    posted a message on Have you gotten in trouble in school?
    Quote from TheRacker

    You went to their school. Don't want religion? Go to a public school. Have no choice? Shut up and except it.

    So, we cannot question religion, when they question our 'beliefs' too? seems legit.
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    posted a message on Im just Wondering when they will make minecraft free?

    You don't really know how making money works, don't you?
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