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    posted a message on Spiders kill each other?
    Killing each other? I've never heard of that. The only way spiders kill themselves if they climbed up more than 3 blocks high, fall and kill themselves. If that is what happening, place either fences, iron bars or glass panes on the bottom 2 blocks of the walls of the room.


    :IPANTS: = iron bars/fences/glass panes
    :Logs: = the blocks you used to make the exp grinder.
    :: = air

    bottom few blocks:
    :: :: :: :Logs:
    :: :: :: :Logs:
    :: :: :: :IPANTS:
    :: :Spider: :Spider: :IPANTS:
    :Logs: :Logs: :Logs: :Logs:
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    posted a message on What do you think should be the main focus of 1.3?
    Personally, I think that jeb, for one whole update, focus on fixing bugs. We have so many bugs (see wiki) that sometimes, it just gets annoying.
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    posted a message on ͏͏ Fully Automatic XP Farm ͏͏
    Quote from haschischtasche

    Standing there and holding a button is not really what I'd call fully automatic.

    Well, you could always put a weight on mouse2 (At least I can)
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    posted a message on Do you thin Jeb may add thirst to the game?
    Thirst? You serious? At least when they added hunger, the trade off was that your health will regenerate if the hunger bar is 18/20 points and above. What kind of trade off will thirst bring IF (note: I said IF) it comes?
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    posted a message on The Mob Farming Debate
    You know, it's not just about hostile mob farms and iron golem farms, it's about the way people obtain items in Minecraft.

    Would you believe someone complained about me building a giant building for fast sheep farming for wool collecting just because I'm getting wool faster than he is? Yeah.
    That building took me god-knows-how-long time to build. In the same amount of time, I could have just make a fenced off area with sheep inside it to collect more wool than spending all the time messing around with redstone, pistons and water movements.

    So, what would be the problem most people see in mob farms? "it is an exploit". It is an exploit till the developer says that "It is part of the game", then it isn't. Do you guys remember when there was the piston glitch where you can make infinite items? That was unintended and people are 'exploiting' it. For mobs, however, they were intended to move around like that, intended to drop what they are dropping and for us players to collect it. We are just making a huge building just to do one thing: Making it easier for us to collect those items. In the time one person takes to make a hostile mob farm, he/she could have just gone outside, kill some mobs and come back with probably more items. Iron golems are intended to drop iron when they die (obviously) and it is because the way they spawn and the way they move allow us to farm them. Is it an exploit? No. So if jeb and jon decides to nerf it, we don't really care all that much; we can just readjust the farm. Same with hostile mobs; when notch and jeb decided to change the way hostile mobs move and spawns, we just change our farms. Simple as that. It takes work to make and change a farm, so it is a totally valid way of obtaining items.
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    posted a message on Maybe Iron golems could drop Mossy and cracked stone bricks?
    Wow people, all he suggested was that the golem should drop different stuff, but all of you were like:

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    posted a message on Minecraft jokes!
    Quote from Henky95

    Look at your minecraft. Now back to me. Now back at your minecraft. In my hand there are two stacks of that thing you like. Look again, the two stacks are now diamonds. I'm... (ssssssSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssSssSSSssSssSsSSss BOOM!)

    Look at your house, now back to mine, now back to your house, now back to mine. Sadly, your house isn't my house, but if you stop building dirt houses and started mining, my house could be yours. Look down, now up. Where are you? You are at the 256 block height limit on a recreation of the Eiffel Tower. What's in your hand? Now back at me. I have it, it's a Efficiency V, Unbreaking III & Fortune III Diamond pick. Look again, the pick is now Diamond blocks! Anything is possible in Minecraft.

    I'm on a pig.
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    posted a message on Is climbable vines a good idea?
    Well, let me add some things (which most posters would have already said): Vines can be removed with water. Ladders hold back water.

    A full stack of vines lets you climb up to 64 blocks high. A full stack of wood can be converted into 73 ladders at max.


    If you have a huge vine farm, it is much easier to collect a huge number of climbable material rather than a huge tree farm (just try)

    Vines can also be used for decoration, in which ladders are hardly ever used for.

    So, you know what? So what if one is better than the other: just use both, damn it. Be happy.
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    posted a message on Hey you!
    I speak too fast. I have to repeat myself a couple of times because my friends didn't catch what I was saying.
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