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    posted a message on Meteorite strikes Russia
    In soviet russia, space explores you!

    In all seriousness, that is both awesome and terrifying at the same time.
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    posted a message on Deindividuation

    I found this to be quite an intriguing read. Though what is said seems obvious to many of us who surf the internet, it's still interesting to note the different scenarios(lack of a better word) of the same thing.

    A wikipedia article on the subject: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deindividuation

    Topic of discussion? Well, I just thought that this might be a good read to share.
    Maybe we can share our own experiences of it (or lack thereof).
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    posted a message on What Internet meme is the most annoying?
    Boy, this thread derailed quickly.

    OT: I don't normally hate memes, but what I do hate is people jumping on bandwagons. For example, Gangnam Style. I found that song to be quite cheesy at first, but when EVERYONE STARTED MAKING GANGNAM SPIN-OFFS, it got really, really, really overdone to the point that I'm sick of that song.

    Just like when r/adviceanimals had a bunch of people randomly confessing their sins using confession bear. Like really? Confessing is a bandwagon now?
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    posted a message on Do you think minecraft is getting worse?
    No, I don't think it's getting worse and I don't have to give an explanation. Do you know why I don't have to give an explanation? It's because this is probably one the many times I've seen this thread popping out for

    (or at least since beta 1.8)

    I do think that Mojang, more specifically Notch(before he let Jeb and Dinnerbone continue updating the game), Jeb and Dinnerbone, do make some questionable decisions. But they do it with the Minecraft community in mind; with their game in mind.
    No developer in their right mind would make their game worse, that must be the most absurd thing I've ever heard (there's WarZ, but that's a different story). However, developers are still human after all. So if you REALLY do think that they are making some bad decisions that could possibly reduce the quality of their game, at least tell them nicely instead of being lamenting how the game is getting worse and Jeb and Dinnerbone are not doing their job.
    They are humans, not emotionless robots. Show them some respect and love. Really. That being said, I respect you guys (Jeb and Dinnerbone) for giving us some awesome updates (even bug fixes, which are probably the most boring task for a developer) for free even after the game is done. Thumbs up for you guys.
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    posted a message on Modding API
    Seriously? Another one of these threads? People really need to be patient. Rushing Mojang with it will not make it any better.
    Even if you are just wondering about the progress on the Modding API, that's not how you ask; you sound quite demanding.
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    posted a message on Minecraft dies?
    Quote from LegoShokwave123

    If it ever becomes that the only way minecraft updates is through mods then, though it is not dead, it has still perished.

    You seem very negative about this. It's like you dislike mods or something.

    Quote from Quanni123X
    Not really. With the most game changing modpacks it still feels like Minecraft, only sucks less. Did I ever mention how much I hate Minecraft? Especially unmodded? Flame shield up!

    Same with eyebow: why? Like and hate are subjective, but it is best that you back up what you say.
    I know how it's like some people bought skyrim for the mods knowing that the base game is actually pretty bad. However, they do have good reasons to explain to others why the base game sucks e.g. you cannot fail in skyrim, other than dying VS the earlier series, where you can fail quests, which gives the game some depth.
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    posted a message on Info for 1.5 from MineCon
    >Complains about how many annoying redstone bugs there are and wants them fixed.
    >when they(Mojang) are going to be fix them, complains how BUD switches and the like will be removed.

    Seriously people, what do you want then? You do know that by making redstone more consistent and predictable (AKA fixing bugs), BUD switches and the like will be gone (because BUD switches rely on redstone being inconsistent.)
    I know how useful such tricks are; I use BUD switches for making auto-harvest farms and rely on the fact that dispensers react to redstone updates to make multi-item dispensers. But honestly, if repairing annoying bugs will remove such features(BUD switches), I am all for it.
    If anything, Jeb or Dinnerbone will add something that can replace current BUD switches. How I know? They (Jeb and Dinnerbone) aren't that stupid; they know how many useful creations has spawned out of the BUD switch, so there will be a replacement.
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    posted a message on Something new to spend exp on
    Quote from Rofang

    Repairing eats an item each time. You put in two and get one back. It's always worked that way and will with the new system. It's just that now you can pay a hefty XP cost for the luxury of scraping the enchantments off the two input items and putting them into the one you get out.

    Really? If it works that way then I'm fine with it.

    Quote from Rofang

    See image:

    How does it decide what enchantments to keep? Or is it random as well?
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    posted a message on Something new to spend exp on
    I'm not sure if this has been addressed, but I'll ask anyway:

    If you can repair enchanted items and keep the enchantments, then what would be the point of getting more ores/minerals?
    Sure, iron and gold is still useful (pistons and gold tracks), leather is still used for books and for fancy coloured armor, but what about diamonds?
    Because it seems to me that once you get enough diamonds for 2 sets of good armor and 2 sets of good tools, you don't need any more diamonds; you just need EXP to repair them.
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    posted a message on Possible new latch / flip-flop block!
    I'm going to be 'that guy' and say that jeb, if at all possible, should try to make something that could have multiple uses(e.g. the piston) rather than a memory cell.
    But then again, what do I know? Maybe there might be some people who could make new stuff from a one block memory cell.
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