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    This definitely needs to be addressed. Before I got the PS3 version I had played the Xbox version at my cousins house. When I got the PS3 version I thought that, like most games on both, R1 and L1 on the PS3 would do the same thing as RT and LT on Xbox. The R2 and L2 buttons don't respond quickly enough for the kind of things players do in Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Soul Sand Beneath A Note Block Creates Choir Sounds

    It's always bugged me that note blocks can only play short notes. In the long run, I hope they overhaul the note block system so you can play different length notes by using comparators.

    However I'd take short choir sounds over none at all. Minecraft composers would just make do, the same way they do what they can with short notes from other instruments.

    Or what if note length depended on pulse length? I know that would mess up a lot of note block stuff now, but people will figure it out.

    Or what if note length could be controlled from the note block itself, that'd be the best option.
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    posted a message on Looking for small server for a friend and myself. Details inside.
    EDIT: I forgot to mention, both of us are in the US in Central Time, or whatever GMT that is right now.

    EDIT: By small I mean no more than 30 slots max.

    My IRL friend and I are looking for a SMALL, preferably whitelisted, server to play vanilla survival on. Details:

    My details:

    IGN: foxjcon

    Skype: PM me if you need to know before you add me.

    Minecraft Experience: About a year and a half playing. And 3 years watching videos before that.

    MC Strength: Technical stuff like game mechanics.

    More?: For anyone that cares I don't have a YouTube channel right now but want to start one if you'll help me out. I'll stream once Twitch integration is in a release, not just snapshots.

    If you want to know anything else PM me!

    My Friend's details:

    IGN: Dr_Queef

    Skype: PM me I'll tell you

    YouTube: VoodooMagic7 He hasn't posted any Minecraft videos yet, but he said he wants to start.

    Minecraft Experience: Same as mine up above

    MC Strength: PVP but he can build pretty well.
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    posted a message on Minecraft PS3 Suggestion!
    Quote from SteveCraftwood

    If the PS3 edition ever has exclusive mobs it'll be after the PC edition, Pocket Edition and '360 Edition get them most likely. I like the ideas, and they'd be great in all the versions, but please no exclusives.

    Now hold on, maybe not mobs that aren't drastically different from what we currently have. What if they had exclusive mobs that were based off of characters from console exclusive games? Say mobs based off of Ratchet and Clank for PS3, and mobs based off of Halo for Xbox, just as an example. But they shouldn't touch the PC version like that, keep it pure. And they would probably have to be DLC anyway.

    Also, they said that from now on the Xbox and PS3/4 versions would be developed together, so neither would get anything sooner than the other. And when have we known Pocket Edition to get anything before Xbox Edition?
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    One: Shouldn't this section be titled Minecraft: Playstation Edition as it was confirmed for multiple Playstation platforms.

    Two: As more comes out about this edition, say it's the same as XBMC, would the two sections be merged into one umbrella Console Section?

    Three: Thanks for reading this.
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    posted a message on Draton Egg As More Than a Trophy
    Right now the tricky to obtain Dragon Egg only serves as a trophy for beating the Ender Dragon. Along with the difficulty of getting it after it spawns, its uslessness is cause for many to avoid moving or trying to obtain it, but if it were to serve a purpose, wouldn't more people try to get it? In my opinion, probably, but I'm just one guy. My personal idea for a purpose it could serve would be to unlock another dimension. It could be a dimension only accessible from the Nether. The Nether is stylized like Hell/purgatory, so why not make a Heaven dimension that is only accessible after proving your worth fighting a dragon.

    SUMMARY: My main point is the prize of he Ender Dragon fight should have a use. The Wither was added after the Ender Dragon, but the Nether Star has a use! Why dosen't the Dragon Egg?
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    posted a message on building a city
    If you're doing it by hand you'll definitely want help.
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    posted a message on Command Block VS Rename
    It might be possible but I don't think the specific name of the item would be controllable, e.g. if the item was a renamed diamond the name wouldn't matter, just that it is a renamed diamond.
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    posted a message on Popularity of Ideas in the Minecraft Community
    I'd like to start by telling you that this post will be mostly theorhetical and examinatory.

    Now for the theories! We all know that Minecraft is an extremely popular game and that some concepts in Minecraft are more popular than other. As with music, in Minecraft there are almost infinite possibilities, but the things the users find popular tend to revolve around similar concepts or styles. In Minecraft these can be maps, individual builds, and video series just to name a few.

    As most things go, individual people have their own preferences for certain types of what I'll call product. This product (the maps, builds, and things I mentioned earlier) owes its successes to popularity, but will we ever run out of ideas close enough to the most popular ideas to succeed?

    Any thoughts on any of this?

    P.S. This whole thing was inspired by an old VSauce video on YouTube about popular music and if we would ever run out of new music.
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    posted a message on Wanting to make a parkour map, but need some advice.
    Hey, I saw your post and that nobody had replied yet, so I wanted to help! I have a few basic suggestions to help get an understanding of parkour maps.

    1. This may seem obvious, sorry if it is, start out your map with less difficult parkour and gradually get harder.

    2. Definitely add checkpoints! You don't want to add too many checkpoints but too few and no one will want to finish the map!

    3. Mix it up! No one wants to play a map that has the same 30 obstacles in a row then switches, so mix it up and add some variation, some series of the same jump are okay, but I would suggest as a general rule don't put more than 5 in a row.

    4. If you use pistons and redstone, which I suggest, make sure there's a way to skip it or toggle it on and off.

    Hope that helps get you off to a good start!
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    posted a message on Command block modifiers
    When you use a command block command targeted at @a[...] where the ... Is a coordinate range it looks for all players but if you were to use something like tp @p[...] where ... Is one block would it target the nearest player to that block? I'm wondering because I want to make a 3 block wide door way that teleports players through, because it has to do other things too, and I only want players trying to go through to be teleported. Would this work? Do you think it should work? Any feedback is appreciated. I can do it another way, but this way the syntax would be shorter.
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    Wouldn't it be cool if someone made an operating system that its only functionality was to play minecraft. I'm thinking of like a secondary operating system that can be edited from a pc's primary operating system. By edited I mean adding texture packs, mods, or plugins, from the primary operating system. Similar to ChromeOS in its limited functionality but focused on minecraft. I think that would be great, booting up my computer going straight to minecraft in a few seconds.
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