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    I am currently recruiting builders and terraformers for a modded survival map. The ONLY mod that will be in the final version is the mod Decimation, but will contain several map building mods:

    - Dynmap

    - WorldEdit
    - JourneyMap

    - WorldBorder

    - Starting Inventory

    Some of these mods will only be used in testing, and will not be used in the final version.


    • Coordinate with team members on building
    • Team Heads must be listed to, and all their requests/plans honored
    • No trolling, hate speech, or general disruptions
    • Do not abuse World Edit Powers OR beg for OP. Only trusted members are getting these powers.

    Please note that all positions are voluntary, and all skill levels are accepted.

    To join please add fluffinator09#2319 on Discord, AND post here.

    Thanks for your time!

    - fluffinator09

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    Quote from TidalRyan»

    Mind directing me to the correct forum/thread then? :P

    Correction: I do not think you are allowed to advertise paid services or products on this site. however I could be wrong.
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    I do not think you are allowed to advertise paid services and products on this forum.

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    I am excited for this mod but can't check it out since there is no 1.7.10 version and my custom modpack can't be updated, but when it can, I will definitely add it to it!

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    A team is gathering to make a server centered around modern warfare and diplomacy in Europe. When war began, countries chose to form their own alliances, each fighting for their alliance. The full list of countries (and of what countries they are comprised of) is as follows:

    United Kingdom - England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

    France - France

    Germany - Germany, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein

    Spain - Spain, Andorra, and Portugal

    The Nordic Alliance - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland

    Russia - Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Ukraine

    The Romantic States - Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro

    The Polish Republic - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Switzerland - Switzerland

    Italy - Italy and Malta

    The Netherlands - Netherlands and Belgium

    Iceland - Iceland

    Greece - Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus

    A world leader is the person that leads their country and controls main aspects of said country (i.e. President of U.S., Prime Minister of Great Britain, etc.) When a country has a leader, it will be scratched off the list above. If you wish to apply to be a world leader, click here.

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    Hey everyone, I am back! Sorry for the absentee but I went out of town, and school work has piled up.
    Anyway all apps to this post are accepted! Also look forward to a cool new update this weekend!
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    Quote from cowsralsom

    i will your server is bad great idea but terrible admins etc

    good day

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    Quote from IamGumbyy

    Minecraft Username: Gumbyy
    Age: 17
    Country (In game please!): Iran
    Postion: Head of State
    HoS has been taken, for now you are HoMA
    Quote from Fredgar

    OK, I have applied twice, and been ignored twice. The applications seem to be being ignored, or maybe you just rejected me and are too rude to say anything, but to be honest, this server isnt worth applying for a 3rd time.
    Accepted, I would quote your app but I can't find it. But I have read over it and your good.
    Quote from JorAdr

    Minecraft Username: JorAdr
    Country (In game please!):Russia
    Quote from Roguesteeler

    Can I please be whitelisted for the 80th time?
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    Quote from zachzman1

    (addition to Scenario)
    Refugees from many Countries, (Mainly France) have come together at Africa to form New Egypt, Forming the Deserter Alliance Between NE, Iran, Turkey, and France against those of Russia and all its supporters
    I like this! It encourages the RP part of diplomacy! There are conditions though, but they are simple ones. Name os Egypt not New Egypt and your capitol is Cairo.
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    Quote from iPRO_Xclusive

    No complete application? No accept
    Quote from qwerty5445168

    Minecraft Username: qwerty5445168
    Age: 17
    Postion: Military General or Intelligence Leader
    Quote from kingsmurf1017

    Minecraft Username: papasmurf1017
    Age: 14
    Country (In game please!): United States of America, but if theres too many people, Spain
    Accepted for Spain

    Quote from Hakuzar



    Great Britain.


    How Long Have You Played Minecraft?:
    Since around Alpha.

    Have You Ever Been Banned?:
    Not that I know of.

    If So, Why?:

    Can You Follow The Rules?:
    Indeed I can.

    Why Do You Want To Join? (One Paragraph AT LEAST):
    I was looking for a server to start spending a lot of time on and so it happens I wondered upon this. I looked further into and I loved the idea and seen a promising server that could last and so I decided this could be my characters new home and thus being the British citizen I am I also felt inclined to join my fellow chaps in the war effort against the threat to the crown!.

    I also enjoy greatly community's that are close and well knitted together with the aspect of unpredictability that comes with war and such. So when looking at all this, I can see this server would be a great place to spend my time in!.

    How Do You Think You Can Contribute To The Community:
    I can contribute to the community by being a extremely active and social member that's fairly easy to get along with. Ill bring both a talkative and friendly player to the community as well as a loyal and stalwart soldier on the British front, following his brothers into the front line without a doubt.

    Can You Use SpoutCraft?:
    Indeed I can.

    Also no bacon for you that is not included in your rations soldier!
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