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    Well, I suppose I'll attempt to write an acceptable application for [Tentative Clan Name].

    There's not really anything in particular that I'm good at. I'm an adequate builder, an adequate fighter, and I'm not afraid of a little PvP here 'n there, so if you're looking for someone who isn't a 'Carebear', I'm your man, but don't expect any great works of art or battle out of me.

    Also, I know where periods and apostrophes go, and can spell. Not sure whether that makes a difference, but if it does, good.

    That's all I got. In addition, I think the clan should be named The Official Cult of Walrus, because I saw Walruses' username, and I have always wanted to be in a group with walrus in the name. Yep.

    (If it makes a difference, I should probalby tell you my mic is broken, and therefore I cannot use the Ventrilo server that is provided for Nagurian (Made that up, but I think it works well, no?) use. I can type pretty fast though, so it shouldn't be a problem)

    Well, that is that, finally. Don't be afraid to refuse me, I won't be crushed and cry myself to sleep or anything. Pick who you think is right for the clan :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on The World of Nagura - PvP - [NO WHITELIST] - 24/7 - Ventrilo
    Oh god, here we goooooo
    IGN: Firetigerchs
    Age: 15
    State / Country: Illinois, US
    First & Secondary Language?: English is my first language, I'm learning spanish, but I'm pretty bad at it...
    Why are you interested in joining this server?: Too many servers with four hundred million players, and tons upon tons of pointless rules. This is a fledgling server with rules to allow the sort of scavenging and war I wanted to see in SMP. I like the way you break the mold.
    Do you consider yourself mature?: Yes, but would anyone say 'No' to this question?
    Do you have access to Ventrilo?: I could get it, I haven't had any reason to so far, though
    Have you read the Rules & Regulations?: No. Why would I do that? (Tasty Chunks)
    Is there anything else you'd like me to know?: Nope
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    posted a message on Fire's Private Server [Vanilla] [Whitelist] [Brackets!]
    @Garfeild14: I like your application for some reason. You're on the whitelist!
    @Vanner: Whoa. That's incredible. You're on the whitelist!
    @Donuts22: I like that shrine. And that's not only because it's dedicated to me. Well, maybe it is. Either way, you're on the whitelist!

    Alright, all three of you are on the whitelist, and I'll be PMing the IP address to you guys.
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    posted a message on Fire's Private Server [Vanilla] [Whitelist] [Brackets!]
    Oof. So after a few days (minutes) of work, I've managed to set up a server and get it running with hMod. I'm sure the majority of you, at this point, are angered, and thinking something along the lines of "What the hell, this isn't a vanilla server!". It may as well be, because no commands are available to players that make much of a difference. The mod is really only there to make administrating simpler.

    Anyway, time to get to business. The server should be up pretty much 25/8, unless there's some sort of problem. The server has a whitelist, and a player cap of 20.

    Now, I don't have a particularly large amount of time on my hands, definitely not enough to manage a particularly large server. So, for this reason I'm going to add, at this time, no more than 25 names to the whitelist (Not like that many people will want to join, but whatever). If you want to get on said whitelist, please fill out this application (I love applications!).

    Application for Fire's Private Server:
    Age (I'd rather not have 4 year-olds on the server):
    Why I Should Accept you (No word min/max, but don't over/under do it):
    Proof of some sort of capability (I'm **** at minecraft myself, so I'm not going to be harsh or anything, but if I'd like to see what you think the best thing you've built is, whether in picture or video form. If you're not capable of taking a picture or video, I don't think I'd accept you anyway :tongue.gif:):

    Yeah, fill that out, please.

    Current names on whitelist (3/25):

    Ok, that's that, I think. Oh wait, one more thing:

    I love me some banners. That one's pretty ****, but if you can make a better one, post it!

    Ok, that's really it. Feel free to post applications, discussion about the server, questions, troubleshooting (If you can't connect), or ban appeals, if you manage to get yourself banned.

    HASTY EDIT's edit: Server is UP. Also, if you're wondering where the IP is, it's not here. If you make it onto the Whitelist, I'll PM it to you.
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    posted a message on Artemis Fowl
    Quote from Koskenkorva »
    Hey. Is there anybody else reading the Artemis Fowl series? I just totally love them. I've read them all, except the last one, both in English and Swedish. I actually read most of them when I was 10 years old, and at the moment, I am 15. And I didnt only read them once, but three times each book.

    I read the first few when I was younger. It was pretty awesome.

    Not really sure why I stopped reading them, maybe I'll go check some from the library...
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    posted a message on S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series.
    I suck so badly at these games, I pass the "it's not even funny", and get into "it's pretty ****ing hilarious".

    But it's a good series of games nonetheless.
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    posted a message on The future of Minecraft [image]
    I have to say, I agree completely with this. When Notch first talked about making servers able to have custom textures, I thought it was a great idea. After reading this, not so much. I hope Notch sees this thread. Or responds to you on Twitter.
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    posted a message on Zuriki's Private Server - Invite Only!
    Quote from gilbbbr »
    Quote from RealG »
    We should have designated meet up times where we can hang out and reminisce.


    There used to be some great people on, but SMP ruined all that! Plus, I fail at SMP with my crappy internet connection failing regularly.

    I would enjoy this too, but I'm spending most of my Minecraft time on the SMP server.
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    posted a message on Log Flume Ride
    That was awesome. I need to go get some water and wood and do this.
    Did I win?:
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    posted a message on delete this
    Well, ****.
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    posted a message on Anti Counter fitting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
    Quote from Wikipedia »
    On 10 March 2010, the European Parliament adopted a resolution[53] criticizing the ACTA with 663 in favor and 13 against, arguing that "in order to respect fundamental rights, such as the right to freedom of expression and the right to privacy" certain changes in the ACTA content and the process should be made.[54]

    It doesn't look like ACTA is going through anytime soon.
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    posted a message on Why the 3DS won't fail.
    Quote from Cliff_Racer »
    3DS has me sold with Animal Crossing and Paper Mario.

    Had me sold with 3.

    Edit: I feel like people won't get the joke. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, and I really like the 3-d, but the great lineup of games certainly helps.
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    posted a message on Cliff's Kobold Kamp (Masonry!!)
    Quote from Racheter »
    Well, know I fell like a dirty *****. Like, an insanely dirty. Like, you buried me in a well used dumpsters, then peed on me, then shut the lid and left me out in the summer sun for months, then that dumpster in a landfill, after setting it on fire. Then you put it out with a dumptruck full of manure. Yeah, that dirty.

    Why did that description need to be so... descriptive?
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    posted a message on Games that aren't fun
    Pretty much everything I've ever played is in the Child's Play or Blood-lust Driven categories. I'm sure I've played some Story Driven games though, too. I have a shitty memory unfortunately, so it'll take me a while to come up with one.

    Also, shouldn't Puzzle/Skill Games be a category?
    Edit: Portal, how the hell did I miss that. It's both a puzzle game and it has one damn good story.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Camera Kit [Updated: 9/25/2010]
    Quote from RealG »
    This is awesome!

    Honestly, what else could be said?
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