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    So here is my issue, I want to start making a big city in minecraft creative mode. (Win10 edition btw)

    Ive already started doing it a bit to see how it would go, creating a flat world and so on... but the problem is the level is too low here and also theres no terrain only flat.

    So I was wondering if there are some maps that I can download online for my future city that would be better suited?

    Im looking for a fairly flat terrain with some forrest and some mountains aswell albeit not too much and also sea on one side of the city so I can make ports ships etc.... so basically a good city map.

    I would also prefer (alltho I realize this might be difficult) if the map was lower than your usual ground level of around 60? I would prefer if it would be like 20 or so, since I want to make as tall as possible buildings and yet still enough blocks down to have enough space in the sea, not just 2 or 3 blocks u would get creating a flat world for example.

    Is it possible to find something what im looking for?

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