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    Quote from DangersClose

    Player Report: AldronAran

    Hello Convicted.

    Today at 10:00am AEST AldronAran abused and muted my account AJKING77. I was having a argument over teamspeak with Redrum_face about him scamming me 50k. Aldron then banned me from teamspeak for 2 hours and then continued to mute my Minecraft account for 2 hours for no reason. I had not been arguing in Minecraft and only over teamspeak, in fact i was not even talking on Minecraft for a solid 5 minutes.

    I then confronted him on my alt account and asked him why i was muted for something i had said over teamspeak, he replied with "I can and i did". I find this kind of behavior from a Moderator of the server to be appalling and in result makes Convicted look bad.

    Screenshot of Abuse.

    Aldron multiple times has been caught abusing not only by me but by other players of Convicted. The other day i found out something quite disturbing that Aldron had said to another player and that player has now quit the server as he can no longer feel as if he is a part of our community.

    What he had said to the player is "It is all your fault that your parents are divorcing". He not only said it multiple times to him but encouraged the other players to join in, he even changed one of the teamspeak channel names to "Its all your fault". I think this is disgusting behavior not only from a Moderator that is supposed to look after and be kind to other players but as a human being.

    After everything Aldron has done he has not been punished or warned. The Wardens are aware of these situations and continuing to do nothing about it. And not only Aldron but a few other Alphas (witch i will not name here) have been abusing there powers and acting as if they are above the rules of this server witch has also been looked over.

    In this post i am not only pushing for Aldron to be punished but for the Wardens to start taking action againsed the Alpha guards that get away with what they want. I think that there should be tighter rules around the Alphas and the "Favorites" of the server.

    Thanks for reading.


    dude, calm down. You just got TEMPORARILY banned for arguing.
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    Quote from Fizzydog

    ikentron killed me for no reason. I was simply walking through the courtyard when he appeared near me and killed me. Hell, I didn't even have my sword out. I want all my items back. Which was a lot of stuff.

    It's a pvp server, get over it
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    It would suck
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    I saw a username called "Moesuckra445679087"
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    username: filll777
    I've played the server for several months
    I've read all the rules, and agree to them
    I've played many prison servers
    my time zone is US EST
    I should be a guard because I have been in many pvp severs and have been a guard on another prison server.I also have broken up player fights on other servers. I can also be on every day for at least 1 hour. I also have gotten to the B block, and the PvP is insane. There's too much of it, especially on the c-block. I hope to try and lower the amount of PvP on this server, and help out the newbies who don't know how to play that well.
    I understand that nagging wardens will instantly decline this message.
    I am currently on B, and close to A. I hope never to retire.
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    1. My Minecaft name is filll777 (duh!)
    2. I am 13 years old.
    3. I've been playing for 1 week
    4. Yes, I he read the rules.
    5. My favorite type of server is prison.
    6. I live in US East
    7. I am a good choice for guard because I have noticed some guards slacking off, ignoring big fights, and ignoring people camping outside of PvP. I want to stop this, and make the game more enjoyable. I will hunt down the people like noakii, and stop them once and for all!
    8. I am currently at Block C, and I do understand that I can be demoted or banned if I abuse my powers.
    Note: I am not very active on the forums, so yeah...
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    I found an awesome seed! it is 28942007.It spawns right next to a NPC village on exposed stone.There also are a lot of animals.Try it out!
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