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    This is a cool idea. I think we can create unique content
    I read about finding Instagram followers in Minecraft. You can find your friends using a web map.

    Exactly, that's what I was doing as well, for the first times. I've discovered that some accounts simply buy followers for their accounts to get the highest positions in the search rankings. Do you know that? There are dozens of website that can allow you to do that, but this article of buying instagram followers in 2021 will give you the most detailed information about it.

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    Although I'm not a developer, but I simply think it's pretty cool idea to develop a Star Wars themed server. Atmosphere of this game would be amazing. It's really important for any game to have interface and art design, which will differ from other game, and even will show difference between different levels of one game. After playing some indie games lately, I could also find one of the developers of them, called iLogos, with their UI UX experience and portfolio. It seems like they cooperate with dozens of dev giants to improve their game projects, and bring some new ideas and solutions into gameplay.

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    oEtienne, welcome to you

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