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    lol sry if there is anything like this or if I am doing something wrong in any way shape or form but I got the game to work playing offline and I was playing a mod since I wanted to try it out. The mod was the KamachiDamachi or somehting like that and it worked but my comp couldn't handle it. So I wanted to get rid of it of course so I oculd get back to normal game play. I had saw and heard that if you simply deleted all the folders in the .minecraft thing it would simply redownload and fix it up lik eyou had just started. SO i di that I deleted everything and removed them from my recycle binsince I thought well if they will come back I dont need to have themm take room or just sit there. However when I ran the minecraft again it says you haven't downloaded where it should say play offline. Plz some one help I need the origanal files again or something I am pretty new and just wanted to play and I messed it up after I got it to work.
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