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    posted a message on Is there a way for one to edit what blocks an Enderman can pick up?

    I've been wanting to make it so Enderman can pick up all blocks and I wanted to modify it myself but I was wondering if there was a code in the files that I could edit to customize what blocks they can pick up. If so, where would that code be so I could modify it?

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    posted a message on The Rediscovered Mod: Unused, Unimplemented, and Removed Features

    Do you think it might be possible to re-add the technical blocks that were removed in 1.8? The water, lava source blocks, fire, portal blocks, ones like that? All those blocks had so many uses, water source blocks to flood the Nether, fire to look cool in item frames, etc.

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    posted a message on The Rediscovered Mod: Unused, Unimplemented, and Removed Features

    I would love the Minecart with dispenser. So many possibilities! A cart zooms by and suddenly releases TNT,a cart revolves around you while shooting arrows, that would be amazing.

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    posted a message on To people who have a minecon cape: what happens when i go to the redeem link?
    When I go to the link to get my cape do I have to fill in any information or is it instantly redeemed? I just want to make sure I'm ready when I redeem it.
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    posted a message on 1.9, the Movin' and Brewin' Update
    (You know, Moving and Grooving, ha)

    Alright, 1.9 is being worked on and I think I have some very useful suggestions for it. Let's break it into the Movin' and Brewin' first of all:


    Boats, the very bane of water travel. They are useful, but I constantly see people build these grand builds and I wonder to myself, why can't it move? People have made great ships to pretend to travel the seas, well why can't they? But to do so we need something to propel the boat. Which is why I introduce The Oar:

    The Oar can be put on a ship and can be right clicked to move the boat in a specific direction, or can be activated by redstone to move many at a time. I imagined that this would make a ship look like an ancient Trireme: This allows to propel your ship, bigger ships requiring more oars on the ship. This would drastically change Minecraft, though the boat would still be valuable for small aquatic travel. Now what happens when you run into an enemy ship? You boat doesn't have room for a giant TNT cannon which is why you need The...

    Cannon, which you can open it's inventory to put in Cannon Balls (16 crafted from 8 iron ingots and 1 gunpowder). Activate the cannon to fire a cannonball in the direction it's facing (with redstone or right click)and the cannonball is affected by gravity and the cannonball has the unique feature of smashing through blocks. The farther a cannonball travels and the weaker the material the boat is made of for the enemy ship, the more blocks it can smash through. This allows for epic pirate battles. Finally, unrelated to pirates, is a Minecart update...

    Minecarts, I have played Minecraft and have on numerous occasions seen what Minecarts need. I propose two similar, but useful Minecarts: Minecart with Dispenser and Minecart with Cannon which do exactly what you think it would, upon hitting an activator rail, shoots what was in it's inventory. I can see it now, great adventure map battles with bosses that can shoot you anywhere with a Minecart with dispenser attacking the player numerous times and the player has to shoot the Minecart or something, it would be a great addition to Minecraft.

    Minecarts in Lava, just a small addition, Minecarts that fall in Lava work as boats in water, only slower. This would be really nice for exploring the Nether and Notch has wanted this added in the past.


    You are in the Desert or Deep Underground, just mining away, eating a porkchop now and then, but you realize you have a pain in your throat, it's because you are thirsty and need a nice beverage.

    Drinks and Thirst Bar! Yes, we have needed this for a while, inspired by a certain mod I have realized the need for it. Water bottles used to be useless, but not anymore. Now there is a thirst bar above your hunger bar that requires liquids to keep you hydrated. It obviously will need to be replenished much faster and more frequent than hunger. How do you replenish it? Well there are a variety of drinks to keep you hydrated. Use a bottle to get water from a source and you are ready to dri...Hold up, you aren't going to drink dirty water are you? Drinking dirty water could have a chance of causing Nausea or Vomiting which is never good. First boil the water in a furnace, that will leave behind clean water that can heal 2-4 Thirst points (I don't know the exact number it should be yet) and leaves behind the sediment that you nearly drank. Water from rivers leaves behind dirt or sand, water from snowy areas leaves behind snow, water from caverns leaves behinds stone (bleh) and water from oceans leaves behind salt which can be crafted with any meat to make 2 extra hunger points be given to you, but makes you Thirsty (a new potion effect) for a bit which is just like food poisoning. Make sure you stay hydrated though, dehydration is a horrible death. It usually starts with your FoV being off, then you feel a bit nauseous, then you may have a filter applied to your screen (super secret settings) of hallucinations, which is the final step until you collapse when your thirst runs out and you slowly take damage, unable to do anything until you DIE

    Canteens, don't fear though! You can easily stay hydrated! Bring a Canteen (crafted with 5 leather, 3 string, and a lever?) that you craft with bottles of liquid to create empty bottles and slowly fill up your canteen. Your canteen will then have a durability bar that is coloured to show your drink that you have and when it runs out, you keep your canteen but your canteen is empty. Also canteens are unlike foods where you can continuously drink until you run out and slowly fills up your thirst bar until you are done drinking. This can combat the horrible thirst that is increased when in a desert, Jungle, underground, and decreased when on an Ocean or in a forest.

    More Liquids, water isn't the only thing on the menu today so don't worry. You can craft a drink mixer to mix water with ingredients for new liquids.

    Apples can create Apple Juice, healing 4-6 thirst points (I have no idea the correct number, so this is just a guess)

    Cocoa Beans with a Milk Bottle (milk bucket plus bottle) creates Chocolate Milk, healing 3-5 thirst points (don't forget, like food certain drinks stay longer in your system, like chocolate might not be extremely useful)

    Ender Pearl can create Endrink which upon consumption heals 6-8 thirst points and randomly teleports you somewhere in the near vicinity.

    (leave more drink suggestions in the comments please, because that's all I got)

    Thirst and Hydrated are new potion effects. Potions made with Salt creates a potion of Thirst and adding a fermented spider eye causes a potion of Hydrated, which the former is like food poisoning and Hydrated is like regeneration but for your thirst bar. That's all I got for brewin' and please note that this wasn't trying to copy any mod, this was just a feature I felt was missing in Minecraft

    So how is it? Leave a response in the polls and comments below for suggestions or feedback. Thanks for your time!
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    posted a message on Is anyone else getting EXTREMLY slow Minecarts?
    Quote from alial_hamid
    Probaly another bug... i think they will fix it in the next one, untill then use another snapshot.

    I've noticed it too

    Ok cool, good to know I'm not alone.
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    posted a message on Is anyone else getting EXTREMLY slow Minecarts?
    My roller coasters and track as of 14w32a when I put a Minecart on it, any Minecart, it moves so slow that I had to get off my roller coaster because I could walk faster. Is anyone else's minecarts super slow now or is it just me?
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    posted a message on The Rediscovered Mod: Unused, Unimplemented, and Removed Features
    This is pretty much the only mod i play and I'm excited to see it updated! Keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Forum Beta Ending Soon - Help Us Test It!
    I don't really like the look of it. The old look for the tabs on top; news, forum, servers, etc. used to have really nice grass textures and headings like the ones that said 47 comments used to have dirt textures. Now everything looks bland. The tabs are just green, the headings are just brown, you removed the creativeness and uniqueness of this forum.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][1.6.4] Rediscovered Mod [WIP] (Unused, Unimplemented, and Removed Features)
    You know what would be really nice to add to this mod when you get a chance. 1 (or 2) new biomes: Edge Far Lands and Corner Far Lands. Look it up if you don't know, but they look really cool if possible to put in this mod.
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    I donated, but it still says I didn't donate. Does it take time or something? Do I have to message them on Facebook?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Jukebox and Music Discs For Map Making
    Quote from vxi

    I like this idea. At first I was going to say that you can edit the files of the preexisting music discs to do this, but I warmed up to this idea.
    I would like to suggest, as an appearance for the records; every record having grey-only patterns in the middle, so that they all seem to be more bland and non personalized than the other records. By doing this, it would allow map makers to customize their appearance via resource packs.

    About the update to the jukeboxes, I would like to suggest; instead of having dispensers able to place a record in the jukebox, if the jukebox had one inventory slot which could only fit music discs into it you could instead use hoppers, which were put in the game specifically for moving items to and from entities.
    Alternatively to having one inventory slot, they could even exist the way they do now, just use the hoppers the way I suggested.
    A third way I would like to have jukeboxes updated would be by instead of having a slit in the top in which you presumably enter the record, there could the texture of a indentation on the top of the jukebox in which a record could be placed, and when the record was placed in the jukebox it could show that specific record in the box.

    In the end, I don't think this would be a major change to Minecraft because of the already existing ability to replace the tracks with your own, but I'm not going to vote in the first poll. I do, however, believe that the jukebox update would revolutionize music in Minecraft and I believe many players (including myself) have been craving something to this effect, so I will vote yes in that poll.
    Apparently I have to vote in both polls, so I will do so. I'll vote yes in both, but have it be known that I don't think the first one is a major change and should definitely not be put on the front burner.

    I fixed the poll a bit more to make it easier to use. Thanks for your input! Maybe hoppers could hook up to jukeboxes as well for that instead to help make it less confusing.
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    posted a message on oldBlockHandling improvement, falling walls (/setblock)
    Quote from Pixelmod


    Seriously Pixelmod? This topic is 5 months old.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Jukebox and Music Discs For Map Making
    The Jukebox and Discs
    Are classic to Minecraft but with 1.8 rapidly approaching to aid in map-making with features such as limiting breaking only certain blocks with specialized tools, The Jukebox and Music Discs could be beneficial to mapmakers.

    The Music Discs

    The music discs in the game are in there to give Minecraft a homely feel to it, and to aid in enjoyment of the game. But what about mapmaking? What if the mapmaker wants to provide a certain feel to the map, but none of the music discs provided fit the mood? I believe what could be helpful to mapmakers is to provide a number of music discs in the game (only in the games files, not in survival or creative, to reduce clutter in the inventory) that have no sound to them, in the default resource pack that is. The number or colour of the extra discs is beside the point, what is important in this topic is that having the ability to have a resource pack (which some maps are bundled with) that customize these "blank discs" to have a specific music track. For example; making a Mario themed map, make a resource pack (it doesn't have to change any blocks, just be a custom pack) and add in the Mario theme song to one of these many blank discs and provide it in the map. Then, players would obtain the disc however the mapmaker provided it and if used with a music disc, would play the Mario theme song, adding an extra feel to the Mario map. This leads directly into my next topic which is...
    Jukebox Update
    What if a mapmaker wanted this music to be played automatically? In reference to the previous example, throughout the level jukeboxes play a level song. This is not currently possible in Minecraft, but I believe I may have a solution. Dispensers in the game will pick up liquids, or even dispense boats and minecarts, what if the dispenser had another use? The dispenser, when placed above a jukebox when activated could launch the music disc from the dispenser, onto the Jukebox, and with the way hoppers currently work, the disc is pulled into the Jukebox and automatically played. This works well in conjunction with custom music discs, allowing any custom track to be played at any time.

    The Bottom Line
    Jukeboxes and music discs could be improved on drastically, with mapmakers able to play any custom track to fit any mood. This would allow for endless possibilities of immersion in mapmaking. If you want to help support this addition into Minecraft to aid in this update that already helps mapmakers, just leave a comment of support, or maybe leave your opinion on the poll above. I hope to have provided Minecraft as a community with an excellent suggestion.
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    posted a message on 1.7.4 (14w08a) New Vanilla Minecraft Server | Whitelist | Amazing Seed
    IGN: falloffcliffman

    Age: 14

    How long you've played Minecraft: Beta 1.7.3

    Type of Minecraft player you are: I am a huge miner and great at building, not so much into combat though.

    How long you plan on staying: I plan on this being the first place I go to play survival on Minecraft.

    Cool pics/optional extras: I made this, a 1:1 Model of all 3 Lego Minecraft Micro worlds.
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