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    posted a message on 1.16 Vanilla SMP Server NOOB Friendly

    How do I apply to join?

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    posted a message on Vanilla Survival Server Opening || Needs Players

    Hello! I am in the middle of make a Java Vanilla Survival server.

    I want to play survival but this may sound cringe and all but I get lonely.

    So I made a server!

    Now what is the point on a server without players right?

    Well I am thinking of making whitelist but unsure right now.

    (The server will only be on when I am on OR if someone is on. I need to find a better hosting.)

    If you want to play on the server join my discord

    If you have any suggestions tell me.


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    posted a message on NEW CommandersMC | Dev Server | Join Us!

    Hello! I am Micc,

    I wanted to create a new server for all the datapack/plugin developers.

    This server is dedicated to all those developers out there!

    So come on an join and we will develop together.

    This is mainly for datapacks but if you develop plugins you are still invited to come and join us.

    There is not really a type for this server.

    So if you want to make a plugin for UHC, Creative, Survival Hunger Games. You do that. Or if you want to mess around with command blocks/datapacks.

    You can do that!

    Note: The server is Spigot 1.16.1 just to let you know.

    If you develop discord bots, we have a discord server for that.

    So one last time. Any developers can join. There are no requirements for this server except that you must have developing experience.

    Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sr5sDb9

    Ip: Coming Soon!

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    posted a message on Ozzy's Survival | Need Staff | Need Players | New Server
    Hello, I am Micc (a Mod for the server)
    This server is requiring new Staff for for the server!

    The server is really new and we would appreciate if you applied.
    Or if you want to play the Ip will be at the bottom of the post

    Though these seem like very little, It makes the experience ten times better!
    So why start your own, boring survival when you're alone when you can come onto my server and play with others!

    Additions such as Crates, Ranks..etc will be added at a later date, but at the moment there are no ranks or unfair advantages(P2W advantages)

    Thank you for reading.

    To apply message DaddyOZ on Discord.
    The ip is: OzzysSurvival.serv.gs
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    posted a message on [Some Paid] Looking for BUILDERS, DEVS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, and PROMOTERS!

    I have sent you a friend request and ready to apply!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Java 1.16.1 Hermitcraft Realm

    Discord username and #: Micc#9846

    Minecraft Username: FallenGalaxy_

    Age: 13

    What you enjoy doing in Minecraft: Building Farms, Building in general.

    How active will you be: At least 3-4 hours daily.

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    posted a message on Kingdumb Craft - Looking for Founders

    minicenterhosting means, console is a tool that helps the server. When you run the server it is like a log. Give info about what has happened. (Not everything tho). Console is a device you can play on and I see how you can get mixed up on. And why else would minicenterhosting be here the form is /servers-java/edition/server-recruitment/ So pretty sureminicenterhosting is meaning the console that helps the server. I myself is not applying but I was going to

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    posted a message on 🔨 Reforged 🔨 | | 🎉 Re-Opening 🎉 | | ❗ Staff Wanted ❗ | | 👤 Players Needed 👤
    🔨 Reforged 🔨


    I am looking for players/staff for Reforged
    This is the second opening of it.
    We are not paying so sorry if you require it :/



    Head versions included in below:
    Developer - Maybe

    More info on our discord server!
    To apply join our discord server then go to #apply
    You should get a welcome message that will also tell you to go to
    #apply to apply for staff!
    Make sure to read the rules!

    - Micc
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    posted a message on Slime Valley || Re-Opening! || Staff needed


    My name is TheBreathingSlime otherwise known as Micc or Imacat!
    I am the Owner - along side my friend IzzNation - of Slime Valley.

    As you know we are reopening

    We are currently looking for staff to help build up this server!

    List of Things we need:

    - Admins

    - Moderators

    - Builders

    - Developers

    Note: all of those things will have Head versions of them

    Other roles could be accepted too!

    We have not got any money so we can not pay/provide "good" hosting.

    Sorry for all of those who want to be payed!


    Discord: https://discord.gg/xtFsRXA

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