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    Sweet thanks!

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    If you need help with any coding and such my skype is mattmatt10401440. I'm 19 and a computer science major. Though I'm new to coding I could try to do my best and maybe teach you a thing or two.

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    NOTE: Server not hosted yet. There is a server to work on, however.

    OTHER NOTE: I'm not looking for permanent staff. I'm looking for people willing to help out.

    Hey there, I'm facemywrath. For you to get to know me better I'll go in to a little more detail on myself. I'm 18, starting college later this year for computer aided design/manufacturing. I've been playing minecraft since july 4th 2010 and making servers since later that year. I've hosted and worked on over a hundred minecraft servers none of which were successful because of my ADHD distracting me from my goal. However there was one, Farshire, that caused me to stay interested. I never completed it based on a lack of resources and because I, at the time, couldn't update it to 1.8. Farshire is a server I created and got much work done on, most of it by my head builder and best minecraft buddy Aryock. It was headed into being an MMORPG server in which you earn skills through several different methods. There were going to be quests, a large storyline, and a clan-system. The server was to be set up as a mix between Diablo and Warcraft (the rts and rpg versions put together) where you have a separate world for building and upgrading your clans and buildings. There was to be no actual building or breaking, however you could buy builders to build pre-made buildings that give your clan perks. Clan-raiding was to be a possibility had I figured out how exactly I wanted it done, which I have a general idea now. I would like to find people interested in helping me bring this dream back to life but sadly, I have no money to pay for a server. I do have a friend whom may pay for one for me but I don't know how long he would be willing to with little profit. I would like builders to help complete the masterpiece that is the world as well as java coders who can develop plugins to bring my ideas to life. With help I could make a massive server with a little bit for everyone and I would love this.

    I will post some pictures for those who are curious what I have so far.








    More Crafting

    For those who want to apply I would like to request a minimum age of 14. For those who wish to donate to the project you may do so soon enough.

    The application is as follows:

    * is required

    *First Name:

    *Role applied for:



    Pictures of things you've made:

    *Experience with role selected:

    *Ingame Name:


    (If applying for developer)*Can you code Java well enough to make the plugins I request of you?:

    Why should I choose you?:

    For those who would like to be a developer I will only be accepting people whom can actually code plugins because I myself am wonderful with utilizing plugins already made. If you would like to still apply do so, however you have less of a chance to get it. I do understand the limits of coding to a very deep extent and am only going to request realistic requests.

    And for those wondering about the screenshots, I am using the SEUS shader with PureBDCraft resource pack.

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    posted a message on ­čîčTorchlight­čîčLooking for Builders/Devs/WebDevs/Graphics
      What is your name? Matt

      How old are you? 18

      What position are you applying for? plugin dev, not java coding but something similar, i'd have to show you.

      Do you have any experience with the job you are applying for? yeppers

      What can you bring to this server that will benefit us? my own unique touch

      Tell us a little bit about yourself. It can be Minecraft Related, or real life. We just want to know you a little better! been playing minecraft since july 4th 2010, goin to UA this year starting off college. i work at a grocery store getting a fair amount of hours and in my free time like playing vidya games. my skype is mattmatt10401440 if you need to contact me. I don't go on these forums often so that'd be your best bet.

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    posted a message on Trifi Equinox Server | Beta Testers?
    The Trifi Team is creating a server called Equinox.

    While this server is not yet in beta you can begin applying currently for it.

    Also know that the beta testers will have to submit tickets on anything they find not working, otherwise what's the point of testers. the /sup command will do well.

    The server is a scifi rpg server in which you do quests/missions for the captain and gain experience as a specific type of mercenary to level up and gain skills to aid you in your missions.

    You will also eventually be able to rent out player rooms and buy things from the shops with your money to decorate your rooms.

    There are currently 5/50 beta tester spots taken.

    Testers accepted: Airtazer, Rainbowwaffles1, MrLynxGaming, Joshuad413, Ham127

    Apply here and I will message you with the server info and whitelist you when we get into beta.

    To apply just post your ingame name, age, and know that hacking is against the rules.
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    posted a message on Noctis PVP and Survival server.
    Hey there! I, Facemywrath, just created a fun, new, plain, survival server. Here's the info.
    Whitelisted of course.
    Our plugins are:
    AllDayAllNight: Makes the Skyworld completely night.
    Autorank: Makes you go up through the ranks by having playtime.
    BarAPI: Disabled right now.
    ChameleonArmor: Gives you armor that blends in with the background.
    EggCatcher: Catch mobs by throwing eggs at them.
    Essentials: Our main command and administration plugin.
    EXPFly: On use of a command, gives you fly mode for as many seconds as you have XP levels.
    InfernalMobs: Only in Skyworld, makes mobs incredibly difficult but also drop 5 gold.
    JOPHSpawner: Makes spawners mineable.
    Stats: Records the stats of the players for use in AutoRank.
    MineMaze: A plugin that works with WorldEdit to randomly generate mazes.
    Multiverse: Allows for the use of and the transportation between several worlds.
    PhysicalShops: Allows for an item based currency system. Gold Ingots are our currency.
    RandomLocation: Teleports you randomly between two coordinates. Used for leaving spawn.
    ReactionRewards: Creates random trivia questions with rewards when so many people get online.
    SQL Library and Vault: Used to make other plugins work.
    Votifier: Gives you gold for voting at our voting pages.
    Worldborder: Gives a border of 4000x4000 on the world.
    WorldEdit: Makes for easy editing of the world for OPs.
    WorldGuard: Allows for protecting of certain spaces.

    We have a secondary world using the SkyIsleGenerator which makes sky islands.
    This world is incredibly difficult and you will only last at most 3 minutes.
    You get there through nether portal, and the nether portal FROM the sky world actually takes you to the nether.
    Our ranks are as follows
    Noob: 0 minutes, no building or using items.
    Peasant: 10 minutes, allows for building and basic commands plus /xpfly.
    Noble: 8 hours, allows for home and sethome, along with a few other extra plugin permissions.
    Baron: 1d 6h (in other words just 30h), gives /back and plenty more permissions.
    King: 3d, gives higher powered commands, such as /repair and /feed.

    Donators of less than $10 will get Noble rank and a stack of gold and 30 levels.
    Donators of $10 to $20 will get Baron rank, full diamond armor, a stack of gold, and 50 levels.
    Donators of more than $20 will get King rank, God Armor, and God Tools.

    There are mazes at spawn to enjoy while you are under 10 minutes in.

    Voting sites:

    Comment your IGN to be whitelisted!
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    posted a message on HOT DOGSSS!

    PORK + BEEF + CHICKEN + BREAD = 4 Hotdogs, restores 3 and a half food each!
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    So im sitting on my favorite minecraft server mining with my good ol' diamond sword shovel and pick going... "Wow, funny how I need everything but an axe down here, I mean there's no trees down here!" So now i feel a lack of trees while mining. Axes are used for wood and things but they are only on the surface... you should have an underground forest, sort of like a jungle, with vines everywhere and dark oddshaped wood that takes an iron axe to mine or above. I know i sound childish saying all the details and that but think about it: mining underground and hitting a pocket of trees that are dark and mysterious and maybe even poisonous... maybe it could be like cactus where if you touch them you are hurt but instead it poisons you. It can have its own mobs or even an underground npc village of [tree] people. I dont know why but it sounds actually sort of cool!

    After hearing what everybody says i agree with some of these ideas, i believe that you shouldnt have MANY extra items or things like i mentioned there but just simple things. Make it similar to an abandoned mineshaft kind of thing where you have the stuff there and maybe a few enemies (treants) to be there and fight against, or maybe an underground abandoned village or maybe a zombie village where they were infected! overall i really enjoyed the criticism because it always helps and thanks for the ideas guys

    Treant: its like a tank, very much health, axes do extra damage, it does a low amount of damage but poisons you. Is a tree person and can be a friend or foe, possibly allergic to light and it gets angry when in the light.

    Ick: maybe a slime creature that poisons you?

    Baba: a monkey type creature that is found down there and tries to steal the item you are holding :D

    Carrion Beetles: Beetles that give you a poison sickness.

    Carrion Mother: the mother of the Carrions, you attack her and the fleet goes after you. Creates eggs that hatch into Carrion Babies. Carrion Mother has a poisonous attack and when killed turns into a swarm of the babies.

    Carrion Baby: The baby carrions which overtime become larger ones.

    Carrion Soldier: the second stage of beetle which has a poisonous attack and nice health.

    Leech: An enemy that grabs you and doesn't let go and slowly damages you until you kill it.

    Darkwood: a type of wood that can only be destroyed with an iron axe or above. Poisons on touch and is used to create poisonous sword or poisonous Bow&Arrows which don't have large durability. Can be turned into planks that do not poison you.

    Darkvine: Doesn't poison but grows only in darkness and grows much faster than normal vine.

    Darkwood Saplings: Grow only in darkness.

    Deathshroom: Used to make instantkill potions. If stepped on release a gas that poison you and doesn't stop.

    Lichen: Is like normal lichen, grows on blocks like vine but on the ground.

    Carrion Egg: can be shot out of a dispenser like a fire charge, poisons the target. Unlikely, but might spawn a carrion baby.

    Ickball: Also shot out of dispenser to poison you. Slows your movement for a second or two.

    Bababall: A ball that can be used to attract the monkeys attention. Throw it like an egg or snowball and the monkey will go after it and pick it up and be preoccupied. Only works when light is around and is made out of iron to replicate the attraction of animals to shiny things.

    Carrion Fang: Used to make a poisonous sword with higher durability or stronger poison arrows. Gotten from Carrion soldiers.

    Darkwood Leaves: not poisonous whatsoever but (like normal trees and apples) has a possibility of dropping a poison bomb, which is basically a poison splash potion :D
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    and then i realize theres a pretty good chance that rubixcubeguy is the name of the guy im friends with on skype, get on there, and slap his brains out for being retarded... first of all, this is not a minecraft survival server ad, this is a request for someone to do you an illegal favor, you can get sued for threatening thievery, he payed for this account and to steal would be considered thievery, and therefore, i clap for you, you either have really big balls, or are really dumb... or both
    Quote from rubixcubeguy3

    All right I will cut to the chase. I hate this guy. His name is blaze10990 he banned me. You wanna know why? Because I didn't think a guy was from Malaysia. So I have a request. I need some hackers to hack his account and GRIEF THE HELL OUT OF THIS SERVER (the one he banned me on). If you could do that I would love you. Or if you wanna be nice you could tell me his password and I could do it personally. DO IT AND GET RID OF THIS GUY

    oh yes, and because your story is so dumb, i promise you nobody will help you, you are no-doubt an ignorant, raging, little child who is going to get his parents arrested.
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