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    Although we have different tastes, I absolutely agree with your views about Minecraft.

    And that's why I think Mojang could implement more game options.

    This way everybody will be pleased.

    This discussion was good.

    Thank you, guy.

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    Hello, everybody.

    Well, the pillager update was a disappointment to me. It's buggy, unbalanced, boring and rough...

    A lot of times pillagers spawned inside my village (which I build a wall) in the raid or not raid context.

    Pillagers are stupid. They shoot themselves, approaches the player to shoot with crossbows (???) and has no strategy concept.

    It gets worse when you realize pillagers seem more like a great empire (which has "invisible cities") than pillagers.

    The recycling of old mobs (witches, evokers, illagers, etc) was a great mistake because it made the raids really unbalanced and worse: boring!

    The evoker and the illager are cool in the mansion context because it's a creepy place. But at the camp, they don't work!

    An old mistake was to make witches spawn in any place besides only at witches houses, and now in raid context...

    I'm sorry, but Mojang looks like being lazy or something...

    There is my suggestion:

    Firstly - Villagers:
    Villagers work on fields, rivers, little mines and woods.
    Villagers don't need to break blocks, but they do animations that give the impression they are working.
    At the end of the day, villagers come back home and put randomly generated items (like coal, iron, fish and wheat - according to their jobs) in their chests.
    Villagers will hate players who steal a chest and iron golems will kill them.
    Villagers like cartograph and blacksmith will catch the chest content to make items which players can buy with iron and gold nuggets (please, remove emerald trade) or bartering items.

    Two types of pillagers: crossbow and ax (I'm not talking about illagers. You guys need to create a new mob that works balanced!).
    Pillagers spawn in groups of 6-20 at a region which has no player structures (or something like this to avoid annoying spawns like the one I mentioned later).
    Pillagers will look for chests and barrels at villagers or players houses, steal its contents and bring it to hiding barrels (buried, inside caves, etc).
    Pillagers kill farms to steal meat, wool, and leather.
    Pillagers sometimes kill one villager for their own rejoice and will try to kill any humanoid creature that approaches or attack them (zombies, skeletons, etc will attack pillagers that can become zombies).
    Pillagers have simple strategies:
    Crossbows behind axes OR axes around crossbows.
    Crossbows will look for high places and axes will try to corner enemies and protect crossbows.
    Crossbows will cover axes.
    The pillagers will try to stay next to each other.
    Every time a creature kills a pillager, every pillager gets a fear effect that gives 5% chances of the pillager runs away.
    If a pillager runs away, every pillager gets one more fear effect.
    This effect is accumulative to a maximum of 95%.
    In running, they can split themselves and/or become to smaller groups.

    If two groups of pillagers met, they will group up.
    If a player builds a wall around a village, pillagers will explode it with a TNT.
    If there is a bell in the village, the villagers will ring it when pillagers are coming.
    (another siege mechanics could be cool to implement)
    Pillagers can open doors (goddammit).

    I think it will be cool if when you save villagers a lot of times, they consider you their feudal lord and starts to work for you.

    Well. That's my opinion. What do you think about it?

    Imagine the adventures it will bring to the game!

    Imagine you looking for pillagers that run away from you to the forest.

    Imagine you catching a pillager that furtively entered in your house.


    Upvote so Mojang can see it.

    (I'm sorry about my English)

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