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    posted a message on SummerFields - 1.11 Update! (NOW WITH MOAR GROUP EFFORT!)

    I don't supposed there is any activity here anymore. This was, and still is my all time favorite texture pack so hope someone is still working on it once in awhile. I notice the website says 1.15-1.16 support, but there seem to be a lot of missing and broken stuff in 1.15.2. Cobble fences don't work, among a few other things. Is there any way I can simply fix these things on my own?

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    posted a message on Haven't touched resourcepacks in a long time, what happened to the light enviroment image minecraft used to use?

    Not sure if I'm describing this correctly, but forever ago, probably before they got called resourcepacks instead of texturepacks, there was an image in the pack that was just a series of weird gradients, and that controlled stuff like the overall lighting, biome tint and stuff. I use a texture pack that has unfortunately started to be abandoned by the creators. While it did a lot of things great, one thing it did best was lighting, everything looked bright and warm during the day, and it was all due to the enviroment image. I used to sometimes swap this file into other texture packs to give them the same excellent warm lighting. As far as I can tell this is no longer a thing. I searched all through the recent versions of the pack and can no longer find this file, nor any similar file except for the grass color image.

    Is this still a thing at all?

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    posted a message on [1.7.10 - 1.16.1]Sildur's shaders [PC/MAC/INTEL] Vibrant shaders v1.28 released! (July 23, 2020)

    Are there any other download sources that do not go through Adfoc.us. I can't get past their ad page to the download no matter which browser, disabling all adblockers, turning off virus scans, checking firewalls etc. The links simply don't work. I feel like I've literally left my computer on a street corner for anyone to play with in terms of disabling every ounce of security and it still won't go there. Can you please use some other source to download these that isn't so sketchy.

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