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    posted a message on Community Creations - The Banner Contest
    why not just have them set on rotation that changes everytime the page is loaded?
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    posted a message on Top 10 Reasons on why you stay on Singleplayer?
    1. every server wipes eventually
    2. i hate people
    3. everyone who could or would abuse power, has power
    4. glitchy
    5. very restrictive rules
    6. if you find diamonds legitimately and then someone founds out, you'll probably get banned for cheating
    7. if you kill anyone in pvp, whether they attack you or not, you're usually either banned for griefing or demanded to give their items back.
    this, of course, is a double edged sword: if you get killed, you're ****ed.
    8. i .. hate .. . .. when .. people type ... like. this ............. and try to punctuate retarded text speak. eg. "U", "U're", "R". i cringe.
    9. either extremely immature community, or a group of wannabe elitist
    10. within days of a server opening, every single person(except those who probably "donated" for admin powers) will be gone, and it'll feel like a laggy/glitchy single player regardless.
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    posted a message on whats bad about minecraft?
    a good number of reasons, really:

    it's a survival game that has not a single challenging aspect
    you can 'complete' the game in a few hours with ease
    there's no real replay-ability, only another play through
    little variety when it comes to the different resources, and armour/tools have no balance what-so-ever
    limited to only a sword and bow, a 3rd combat style would be beneficial
    there's no bonus or negative when using a heavy set of armour. eg: archers don't typically dress up like knights when they're going out hunting
    still can only be male
    still no world-size options to help with lag
    nether is still mostly useless
    sky city is still unreleased
    no more animal shaped hills and mountains
    the credits sucked
    dungeons are still lame
    mining is ridiculously easy
    ocean is still empty
    potion system is lame
    mod api still isn't released
    smp is still glitchy as hell
    relies heavily on mods for content

    wtb> active development team
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    posted a message on *POLL* - Have you Killed the Beast?
    i've done it numerous times on hardcore/varying difficulties of survival.

    though, now i refuse to enter the end. unfortunately, when i kill the dragon, i become dreadfully bored of the world i was in and can't find anything else to do.
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    posted a message on Need help with a bug. Please!
    this is a chunk error then. this has to be fixed externally(through the use of mcedit). the sticky at the top of this section, http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/257477-world-recovery-thread-ill-fix-brokenmissing-worlds/, offers to fix corrupted worlds for you, but if you think you know how to use it, it'd be faster to do it yourself.

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    posted a message on Need Help With lag please!
    Quote from SkilledToBuild

    32-bit operating system
    can get 64-bit java?

    you answered your own question.

    as for your fps, while the i3 card isn't overly powerful, your fps shouldn't be unplayable.

    1. adjust settings down to moderate/low
    2. try the optifine mod suggested by the previous poster
    3. minimize on multitasking if at all possible
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    posted a message on Need help with a bug. Please!
    is this only in one world? have you tried in others? it could be a hiccup with the world generator.
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    posted a message on Huge lag after 5 min playing MC
    minecraft jumps to 100% cpu usage during a cache error that's caused by another program being opened for prolonged periods of time. open task manager > process tab, and look for programs using high amounts of memory. generally, it's the browser, but i would assume it's not restricted to it.

    did you restart your computer?
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    posted a message on Huge lag after 5 min playing MC
    close your browser, then restart minecraft. if the problem insist, restart your computer.
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    posted a message on when did this game get nerfed?
    Quote from JP0152

    Cave spiders will ****. YOU. UP.

    no they wont?

    i agree op, it's depressing how easy the game has become. not only is combat pointlessly easy, but ores are significantly more common. the newgen have ruined this game, much like they ruin others.
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