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    posted a message on How to find diamonds EASILY - A guide to help beginners
    how about we all just dig down to bed rock, then clear all of the blocks from bedrock and up 12 layers

    surely we'll find at least 1 or 2
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    posted a message on Lord of the Rings Mod
    i can see that you've put your very best work into this, good job
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    posted a message on What are some Mods that "Enhance" Minecraft?
    "terrafirmacraft" is one of the best mods i've ever had the pleasure of playing, and it's still in alpha.
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    posted a message on Too many caves! Game is too easy
    Quote from NotSoAccurateNo1

    too easy? change to hardcore and go without armour
    haven't played on a difficulty aside from hardcore in a long time, and i play mostly without armour(i modded my golden helmet to be a crown, so i often wear it).

    it's really not hard, but the game was never intended to be; although, every passing update makes the game ever easier, which is what disappoints me the most.
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    posted a message on Top 10 Reasons on why you stay on Singleplayer?
    1. every server wipes eventually
    2. i hate people
    3. everyone who could or would abuse power, has power
    4. glitchy
    5. very restrictive rules
    6. if you find diamonds legitimately and then someone founds out, you'll probably get banned for cheating
    7. if you kill anyone in pvp, whether they attack you or not, you're usually either banned for griefing or demanded to give their items back.
    this, of course, is a double edged sword: if you get killed, you're ****ed.
    8. i .. hate .. . .. when .. people type ... like. this ............. and try to punctuate retarded text speak. eg. "U", "U're", "R". i cringe.
    9. either extremely immature community, or a group of wannabe elitist
    10. within days of a server opening, every single person(except those who probably "donated" for admin powers) will be gone, and it'll feel like a laggy/glitchy single player regardless.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w22a Ready For Testing!
    signs in singleplayer seem to have a 50% chance of glitching and not displaying text when placed against a wall.
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    posted a message on Are you honestly scared of Minecraft?
    what's there to be afraid of? even on my first night in survival, the first and last time i died, i wasn't afraid; i got blown up, so i ran back to where i died looking for a monster that had blown itself up and ended up killing many others throughout the night.

    however, less on the fear side, but when i'm running through dark caves and that random sound starts, i've been startled by it when i've been without sound for 10-20 minutes.
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    posted a message on What are your 1-9 items?
    1. sword
    2. pickaxe
    3. shovel/axe
    4. bow
    5. cobble/dirt(or other blocks if i'm building something)
    6. usually empty, typically used for things i may use(buckets, flint and steel, etc.)
    7. food
    8. map
    9. torch
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    posted a message on Is Hacking Accepted in The Minecraft Comunity ?
    "hacking"? or do you mean client-sided mods that are allowed to run due to servers having no security?

    yeah, it's not hacking.

    i don't care who mods their client for an advantage, nor do i care when others complain about it. insulting anyone for using public mods(which are typically posted on this very forum) is stupid. you should be insulting the server owners for knowing nothing about security and not preventing these mods if they don't want them in their server.
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    posted a message on whats bad about minecraft?
    all of these assumptions today. don't you people know what happens when you assume things?

    Quote from FurMaz

    1. Minecraft is impossible to beat, it's a sandbox game.
    2. The nether is VERY useful, you need it to start brewing, get glowstone, and many other important aspects
    3. SMP is not that glitchy, It has small glitches...
    4. The world and nether do not lag AT ALL! Your computer is **** obviously.
    5. The game is really good without mods, you just can't play
    6. What the **** is sky city?
    7. Dungeons are for killing mobs/ starting EXP or ITEM farms. They're not supposed to look good.
    8. The potions are awesome, and very lore friendly. You just can't use them

    1. note how i put 'complete', rather than beat. you can finish all content in a few hours, make more sense?
    2. brewing and glowstone are negligible. you don't need them for anything. you go to the nether for blaze rods, which with a little knowledge of how spawners works can have the ~40 required in 20 minutes.
    3. do you actually play smp? the peer2peer system is terrible, the server2peer system is terrible, pretty much all content has a chance of breaking in some way, and due to no optimization: it's very resource demanding.
    4. i didn't say 'i lag', the game is cpu and gpu intensive due to its rendering system. both realms do lag, especially the nether: thousands of light sources and the shading that comes with it is terrible on integrated gpu's. my pc likely laughs at yours, btw
    5. i never said it was 'bad', it's watered down and boring now.
    6. go ask notch on twitter
    7. what lore? and why can't i? lol

    Quote from Ricuuu

    Do u want to paly Minecraft or Skyrim? Srlsy this is a open world mining game where you build things and not run around and complete quests. This doesn't seem to be a game for you...

    actually, there's an achievement system that is comparable to a quest system. i'd like to play minecraft, but it's quite dull these days.
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    posted a message on When Did you start playing Minecraft?
    creative, a few months before survival test was introduced\

    edit: anvil isn't a game version, you should probably put 1.0+
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    posted a message on whats bad about minecraft?
    a long post is considered spam? it's big because i spaced out my replies. it's easier to read that way.

    it's not a long read, either. unless your reading ability is limited to less than 45 seconds of words.

    Quote from treoni

    I hope you just started playing, cuz if you saw the really early days of Minecraft you would grin in such a sour way even James Cameron's aliens couldn't out-acid you.

    hi, i've been here since before alpha. i highly prefer the old way things were done, this game has been watered down to the point that it isn't even fun anymore.
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    posted a message on whats bad about minecraft?
    Quote from dadazonkey

    Someone forgot their tampons this morning.
    And their coffee.
    And their cornflakes had crap in them.
    And there were bees in their underwear.
    And someone put an asshat on their head.

    oh, the irony. but, i could go for some coffee.

    Quote from dadazonkey
    The only viable argument you had was that mod api still isn't released.
    It is challenging, you can't kill the enderdragon with ease in 'a few hours', there is tons of replayability, every world is different, the resources may lack variation, but have you ever tried to get full diamond armor, every diamond tool, and an enchantment table? Practically impossible, unless you have xray. There is a third combat style: fists. There's even a fourth one: redstone contraptions & dispensers. You do START as male, but you can change the skin to whatever the hell you want unless you are EXTREMELY retarded. World size doesnt account for lag, you only load a few chunks at a time, not the whole world. Nether is no-where near useless, there is blaze rods for potions and eyes of ender (required to beat the game) then there is the pigs that drop you nice gold nuggets, magma cubes that drop magma cream, and ghasts that drop ghast tears and gunpowder. Noone on the Mojang team ever said ANYTHING about 'sky city'. Since when were there animal shaped mountains? The credits sucked, but their credits, they all suck, from every game, ever. If dungeons are 'lame' then how do you suppose people make mob farms? With pumpkins? Mining is nowhere near easy, there is lava, mobs, cave spiders, diamonds are extremely hard to find. The ocean is the ocean, what do you want in it? Pumpkin juice? Potions aren't lame, clearly you lack sophistication required to make them. Jeb is working on the mod api, meanwhile get off your retarded ass and learn how to install mods the old-fashioned way. It's not that difficult. Sure SMP is glitchy, look at any multiplayer game, they have glitches too. Sure, mods DO add a lot of content, but let me ask you, have you completed EVERY achievement in the game? If not, you have not explored the original game's entire content.

    what an ugly jumbled bunch of text. well, mine will be no better, but at least i space things:

    challenging to who exactly? i've died in minecraft one time: the very first time i played survival, back during alpha. it's not plausible to be so terrible that you can't handle this level of combat, and this level of casual content. are you really this terrible?

    the enderdragon is reachable in a few hours, have you never gone there? the bulk of the time to get there is exploring the stronghold, have you never found one(they're not challenging to navigate, either)?

    why yes, i have had full sets of diamond and what-not. in fact, in a smp i was playing recently, one of my strip mines produced 11 diamond blocks in less than an hour. so 'challenging', and 'extremely rare'. impossible, too.

    i take it you don't know what a combat style is, let me learn you this right quick:
    a combat style is a how you approach a fight, and how you deal with the situation. tell me, do you instinctively switch from your sword to your fist to kill? or do you pause completely, and build a clock and dispenser to kill for you? i would hope not. another combat style would introduce a viable method of killing something(such as the already implemented swords and tools(phys melee), and bows(phys ranged)). i would prefer to see maybe a combat triangle, with an introduction of magic.

    you can make steve a cross-dresser all you want, he's still male.

    world size does account for lag(whether you're visibly seeing the whole world or not, it's still rendering). the lead cause of the games intensity is how it's constantly rendering. even when you're standing still, looking at a wall, you're rendering something somewhere. however, fixed world sizes that load their entirety instead of chunks, would make the lag drop significantly.

    the nether is 'near useless', as i said. you spend 30 minutes in the nether: 10 searching for your stronghold, 20 gathering a stack of each material and farming blazes for ~40 rods(maybe more if you think you need a wart farm).

    notch mentioned a reverse realm of the nether, a "sky city", probably over a year before you got here. there even use to be screenshots of it.

    mountains looked like animals pre-1.8, with the old world-gen. go look up beta terrain screenshots.

    'lame' does not mean i want dungeons removed, it means they lack. it's a dungeon, that's a small 7x5 room. that's not a dungeon, that's a room. i simply wish they were expanded upon, though they might be too challenging to those who can't seem to even handled this watered down version of minecraft.

    mining is impossibly easy. news flash: you don't even need diamonds. hell, you don't really even need iron, but it's as common as smoothstone, so you might as well use it. ores are far, far more common than they use to be, and any old player knows that. diamond tools, you use to only make a pickaxe, because you couldn't afford anything else. now? i can have every item made from diamonds in an hour, with enough spares to never have to mine again.

    the ocean? the ocean is empty, it's ugly, it's everywhere, and it's pointless. there should be something in the waters worth going into them for, but there isn't. but, as casual as you are, i'll go ahead and assume you fear water immensely.

    potions are lame. not the brewing of the potions, that's cute. the effects, and how it was implemented, is lame. hell, opening your inventory to see how much time you got left? really? takes 2-3s to drink, they don't stack, they all look the same, etc. this update just lacked real effort.

    jeb isn't working on the mod api, the bukkit team is; it'll be released in 1.4.

    i know how to install mods, i simply dislike how heavily minecraft relies on modders to have any content. vanilla minecraft has nothing left to offer, and is completed far too fast by anyone who isn't as slow as you. although, i've been playingusing terrafirmacraft recently, kinda nice to have a thought-out system.

    and finally: yes, i have completed every 'achievement', if you can consider them that. i was unaware this was even questionable to being possible.

    Quote from dadazonkey
    And before anyone else starts bitching, let me ask this:
    Could YOU make a better game? I doubt it.
    Someone forgot their tampons this morning.

    i never claimed i could make a better game, but it's not like minecraft was something difficult to make. it's sloppy, glitchy, and it has no security. i could make a pong game with more security(i specialize in security, but i do have extensive knowledge of java and many other languages).

    question: why is the game so hard for you? why can't you find things as easy as others? can you make a better game(or, any game)? are you so casual that you have a heart attack when you hear a mob?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    get the server files from the site, install forge .96 and then the tfc server core

    has anyone else used a sluice in smp? trying to open the gui causes anyone in ours to crash with an internal server error.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    find the upper corner of that granite layer, then dig 6 blocks below its surface and 12 blocks into it; then, simply dig in a straight 1x2 line until you reach the other end.

    if you don't find any cassiterite/bismuthinite within that line, either move 24 blocks over or drop 12, you'll find it eventually
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