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    posted a message on I really hate the hunger system
    Notch might as well add drinks to the game, a bladder system, toliets, hell, even add the possibility of kidney failure and cars and planes and terrorism! Can't forget the TSA, lotion, towels, sharks, dolphins, ceiling fans, window blinds, cars, Gatorade, bottle caps, fabric fresheners, oh yeah, and clothes!


    The game isn't supposed to be real life. I have no idea where you guys are getting the idea.

    The Hunger system does fit real-life Survival but it definitely doesn't fit Minecraft Survival.

    Minecraft and real-life are two totally different things.

    Simple solutions:
    -Make a Hunger toggle (won't hurt anyone, will it?)
    -Make an extra difficulty which is Normal + no hunger (this would counter the problem of Notch having to code too many possibilities with the hunger toggle)
    -Make all these adventure updates it's own mode.. Creative; Survival = up to Beta 1.7.3; Adventure = Survival + 1.8 and on features (I would sacrifice NPC villages and all that "fun" stuff for the chance to just play Survival normally without hunger)

    At the end of the day, I think I proved why the "this is more survival-ly" argument is invalid.

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    posted a message on Change your minecraft premium username for free
    • You wouldn't need to download a program to change your username
    • If it was okay with Notch and Mojang, they would support the feature
    • On their FAQ, they say there is no REAL way to change your username
    • If your computer/anti-virus software TELLS you it's a virus, it most likely IS a virus
    • You said you didn't make this, and you shouldn't download suspicious files like this from people you don't know, so no one here is going to download it

    It's fake, it's a virus, it's a scam - whatever you want to call it. Glad people on this forum are smart enough to not easily infect their computers.
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    posted a message on I hate Firefox
    "Also, Apple Safari doesn't exist to me."

    No offense, but things like that is why no one is going to take you or this thread seriously.
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