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    posted a message on HD PVR 1212 not working with Windows 7 64-bit laptop
    I just got an HD PVR 1212 and I have a Windows 7 64-bit laptop and the 2 aren't really going well together. When I put in my installation CD from the HD PVR and I try to install the drivers, it says "drivers have not been updated. file not found. one or more driver components are missing or corrupt". I tried installing the latest drivers (which is compatible with W7 64-bit) from their website, same deal. I went into Device Manager, uninstalled the HD PVR then used the drivers on the website (thinking a clean install from the website drivers might help), no change.

    Anyone that has an HD PVR able to help me? Or someone at least trying to guess to help me?

    I've been having this problem all day, and as you can imagine, getting this as a Christmas gift and it costing $200 but not working isn't the best feeling.
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    posted a message on [1.0] Better Minecraft, Minecraft bug fixes and better coded
    Cool. It would be better if you made some sort of config file to choose to turn on/off some of the features. Some people might like some of them but not all of them.
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    posted a message on [1.1] Kitchen additions UPDATED Fridges, toasters, stoves And more!!
    Your mods are really good! Downloading them all.. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Can't connect to my own mincraft server!
    The only issue I see is the IP you previously port-forwarded was the Static IP of your old computer. You need to setup a static IP to your new one and port-forward whatever port you use to your new Static IP. If you don't know what a Static IP is or how to set it up, check http://www.portforward.com
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    posted a message on I'd like to CHOP my Wooden Slab, Not MINE it!
    I support.
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    posted a message on Same issue with Pre2 as pre1
    Quote from Xair

    Where is everyone getting Pre2???

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    posted a message on [1.8.1) KMODS - Exploding Tree
    Quote from s79

    or rig up some redstone under the tree that triggers the TNT.
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    posted a message on I really hate the hunger system
    Notch might as well add drinks to the game, a bladder system, toliets, hell, even add the possibility of kidney failure and cars and planes and terrorism! Can't forget the TSA, lotion, towels, sharks, dolphins, ceiling fans, window blinds, cars, Gatorade, bottle caps, fabric fresheners, oh yeah, and clothes!


    The game isn't supposed to be real life. I have no idea where you guys are getting the idea.

    The Hunger system does fit real-life Survival but it definitely doesn't fit Minecraft Survival.

    Minecraft and real-life are two totally different things.

    Simple solutions:
    -Make a Hunger toggle (won't hurt anyone, will it?)
    -Make an extra difficulty which is Normal + no hunger (this would counter the problem of Notch having to code too many possibilities with the hunger toggle)
    -Make all these adventure updates it's own mode.. Creative; Survival = up to Beta 1.7.3; Adventure = Survival + 1.8 and on features (I would sacrifice NPC villages and all that "fun" stuff for the chance to just play Survival normally without hunger)

    At the end of the day, I think I proved why the "this is more survival-ly" argument is invalid.

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    posted a message on Why can't notch work to save his life?
    At the end of the day, Notch has too many projects on his plate and Mojang has definitely taken a turn for the worse. If you played Minecraft like 9 months ago, you would know EXACTLY what I mean. As long as I don't have to pay any more money, I'll get the fullest out of my $20 by playing this game despite the fact it's deteriorating faster than the kidneys of an end-stage kidney failure patient.
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    posted a message on Stronghold + Mineshaft + NPC Village + Dungeon (The new 404 Challenge 1.8)
    Win. Sticky. Nao.
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    posted a message on What I'm looking for in the full release of 1.8
    Quote from Mr_Crayfish

    Hey. I've been playing the Pre-release version of 1.8 and I have come up with a list of what needs to be done for the full release. So here it isMake abandoned mines rare because they are friggen everywhere at the moment and kinda ruins the fun of exploring a cave without finding one of these sticking in it half way. Also, because that they would be rare, better loot if you find a chest because it is a mine and i mean there is barely anything in them in the Pre-releaseStrongholds need to be spawned more. 1 per world is not enough and is almost impossible to find. A BIG ONE, the generating needs to be that nothing spawns in something. Like, you can find a ravine with a abandoned mine in it. or a stronghold with a abandoned mine going straight through it. This makes it all awkward and not neat.Enderman are too easy to kill and they also need their our sounds, when they die they make a zombie dying sound. I want them to be really hard because it makes the game more fun and challenging. All mobs are around the skill, so make the Enderman like 20 hearts for it not to be.So this is it, my list. Comment on your opinions about this.

    Quote from lammiboy

    I think the top 3 things to fix are easily chosen.1. NPC villages spawning and there design.2. Less Mineshafts More Strongholds.3. Exp/leveling/skill points or what ever.

    Agreed 100%

    Quote from stellardawn

    I agree :biggrin.gif: but about the enderman sounds, how are we supposed to get their sounds when only the jar was leaked? sounds is in the resources :tongue.gif:

    I don't think many people realize that. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Hunger: The reason it needs to be possible to Disable it
    No one is the victim if a toggle is added. Not only PvPers are in support of this, lots of people are, even people that play Singleplayer. We're not asking to disable chargeable bows or sprinting or anything, we never said that. We don't care if you think disabling hunger makes those unbalanced. Play it the "balanced way" then. No one is affected if a toggle for hunger is invented and therefore I don't see a reason to not include it.

    On a more realistic note (no, that above wasn't mean to be sarcasm, I really am anti-hunger), I think a perfect fix to the system (not sure how much this would work for PvP but it would work for me on SP) would be if they added something like bandaids, that healed your health immediately or if they made it so that if you eat when your hunger bar is full, your health gets restored.

    Also, to everyone saying the game isn't meant for PvP. Shut up. You obviously don't remember that the game was built off of Creative Mode but only expanded to Survival because of what the fans wanted. So theoretically, if you ever crafted anything, you aren't playing the game like how it was meant to be played. Hunger was added to increase the survival-aspect. He also added blocking and chargeable bows to increase the PvP-aspect. He knows the PvP community exists, where the hell do you think he got the idea of making chargeable bows and blocking and other aspects soon to be implemented? To make PvP better.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, if you think that it increases skill, great for you. Many people disagree and it's not like implementing a toggle would only benefit PvPers. It benefits everyone that simply doesn't like the hunger system.
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    posted a message on Hunger: The reason it needs to be possible to Disable it
    The way I see it, the whole "skills" thing is just leading to an argument, but there's no doubt that it's more fun to play PvP without hunger than it is to play with hunger and I think that's the point that the OP is trying to get across. There's no reason to be flaming/bashing/whatever'ing him because he thinks that hunger should be toggleable. It won't hurt you in any way if it does have a toggle. You like hunger? Toggle it on. If you're in a situation like the OP or you simply think the hunger system is stupid (like me), toggle it off..

    I'm all for a toggle on the hunger system and I see no reason why someone would be against it.
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    posted a message on Hunger: The reason it needs to be possible to Disable it
    I read this whole thread and even if you aren't a PvP person, why are you against Hunger being toggable? Will it hurt you in any way? If you like it, then keep it on. If you don't like it, then turn it off. It's really simple, it's not hard.
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    posted a message on $20 Fully Custom HTML Websites for your server
    Tidy up your post, fix all the grammatical and spelling errors, make it look more professional, show us examples of your previous work, etc. At the moment, we see a 16 year old kid with Skype that want's to make fully custom websites for just $20 which sounds a bit unrealistic and unreliable in itself. :smile.gif:
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