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    Let's do this one at a time.

    Smelt Touch: Ah yes, the "insta-smelt" enchantment, a favourite of mods. Personally on the edge; my main objection is that it'd make furnaces, and especially blast furnaces, redundant in the late-game.

    Unburning: I think this should instead be a default property of all tools from iron up.

    Critical: No objections.

    Reinforcement: I'd like to see this, but not as an enchantment. Possibly as a default for all tools, or applied with a certain item.

    Wrecking: No objections.

    Overshot: Support the idea, but the current levels are too OP; I'd suggest +25% per level.

    Fire Strider and Lava Affinity: I don't think you're meant to swim in lava.

    Multishot Changes: Too OP.

    Curse enchantments: Unsure.

    New block: This could potentially be applied to the grindstone, given that it is used to disenchant objects.

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    Quote from headgames001»

    Well, the aesthetic and look of a backpack could improve the survivalist feel of the game.

    This isn't a functional use, but it is a bonus. The argument that backpacks are useless because there are shulker boxes is flawed, because it ignores how they can be used in conjunction.

    Even if the backpack just gave 6 new slots, if each of those slots carried a shulker box, that's another 162 available inventory slots. That's 10,368 more items capable of being carried.

    Oddly, this means it would be one of the few items that the player could potentially craft in the first minute of gameplay that actually becomes more useful towards endgame.

    Problem: Being able to carry shulker boxes in backpacks would be OP. If backpacks retained the items inside when removed, that means you could store items at six times the current density achievable by filling a shulker box with backpacks or vice versa; furthermore, it would be possible to put shulker boxes inside backpacks inside shulker boxes inside backpacks et cetera, which would achieve theoretically infinite storage densities.

    As for aesthetics, use a brown shulker box.

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    Ah, the old backpack suggestion. Here's my 2 cents:

    You haven't specified how it's crafted. (You haven't actually specified much, just "lets add backpacks" and a reason why.) Now, we already have shulker boxes, which are pretty much the same (albeit less convenient to use.) This leaves two possibilities: (You did say that it'd carry "about as much as a chest".)

    • If the new backpack is cheaper than a shulker box, it'd make shulker boxes redundant.
    • If it is more 3xpensive than a shulker box, shulker boxes would make it redundant.

    My idea: Instead of adding backpacks seperate from shulker boxes, why not use shulker boxes as backpacks? To do so, equip the shulker box in the chestplate slot, and a "Shulker Box" section above your inventory but below your armor and crafting grid will appear with 27 more slots. These are the shulker box's, and if the shulker box is removed, the extra slots will disappear and the items inside will end up in the shulker box, just as if it were placed and opened.

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    The Problem

    Right now, fire charges suffer from a major flaw: uselessness. All they are is an inferior, one-use-only replacement for flint and steel. Sure, they can be used to light Nether portals in an emergency, but that's rare (and anyway, you can find flint and steel in nether fortress chests). Sure, you can fire them from a dispenser, but that's only really useful for redstone and mapmaking. Fire charges need something that makes them unique, something that makes them useful. And this is where I step in.

    The Solution

    The solution: Make fire charges throwable. Fire chargers should be able to be thrown, producing a projectile identical to when one is fired from a dispenser.


    - Fire charges have a cooldown of 0.25 seconds.

    Who would benefit?

    • Combat: Now you will be able to unleash a hail of fire upon your enemies!
    • Construction: An easy way to detonate TNT or burn down a wooden house from a safe distance.
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    You get 10,000 pennies.

    I insert Poland.

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    posted a message on The Minecraftian Language


    You may remember an old thread proposing a Minecraftian language for villagers to speak. If you don't, that's because it was last active in 2016. However, I have been working on it independently since late 2017, and now it is capable of expressing almost anything a Minecraft player will encounter. Furthermore, the old Minecraftian was a mess, with rules constantly being broken; I changed that, regularizing everything.

    Alphabet and Phontactics

    The Minecraftian alphabet consists of 16 letters, as follows (with IPA pronunciation):

    i /ɪ/~/i/ (i in bit or ee in beet; the latter is preferred)

    e /ɛ/~/e/ (e in pen)

    a /a/ (a in glass)

    o /ɒ/~/ɔ/~/o/ (o in pot or aw in paw; the latter is preferred)

    p /p/

    t /t/

    k /k/~/q/ (k in kite)

    f /ɸ/~/f/ (f in fish)

    s /s/

    h /x/~/χ/~/ħ/~/h/ (h in hat, NOT x in box)

    m /m/

    n /n/

    l /l/

    r /ɹ/ (r in room; never rolled)

    ts /ts/

    ks /ks/

    Minecraftian syllables have the structure (C)V(C), with no exceptions.


    a he, she, it

    af more

    ah that (possessive only)

    ahko those (possessive only)

    aka (to) do; yes (to a verb)

    akisak (to) chop

    akisake axe

    ako they, them

    alar baby, young

    alok (to) open

    aloke door

    alokelar gate

    alokepori trapdoor

    ani gold

    ar and

    aral close, near

    are thing, object, item

    e (to) be; yes (to a noun)

    eh this (possessive only)

    eheh name

    ehko these (possessive only)

    ekka (The) End

    ek'sarko zombie

    ek'sarkopoko drowned

    ek'sarkosis husk

    elko outside

    en 1

    fah good

    fahe happy

    faraal pumpkin

    faraalotil jack o’lantern

    fe iron

    fes dot, point, drop

    fespok waterdrop, rain

    fita front, next

    foe light coloured

    fokor reason

    fokorksi why

    hahar fast

    haker (to) throw

    halar (to) trade

    halef (to) smith

    hasti ghast

    hat wild, alive

    hemnaal sky

    henak number

    heram gem

    heramekka ender pearl

    herap (to) sell

    hikal far, distant

    horak ruined, ruins

    horakksatak jungle temple

    horakpoko ocean monument

    horakosis igloo

    horaksesses desert temple

    hos high

    i you

    iakhe spruce

    ielna head

    if from

    ikah fire

    iko you (plural)

    im down

    inae leg

    inlak village, city

    innelan crimson

    inolin pink

    inolinkae magenta

    intok granite

    iso other

    ito shelter (no door)

    ka day

    kae dark coloured

    kafa big

    kafka more

    kaheheh (to) name

    kahelkope exit

    kahelkopeekka end exit portal

    kahelkopenelan nether portal (out)

    kahikah (to) light (a fire), (to) burn, (to) ignite

    kahim (to) lower, (to) go down

    kahkafka (to) increase

    kahkakea (to) decrease

    kahkorot (to) strike (lightning)

    kahkorotaf (to) be struck by (lightning)

    kahmenor (to) smelt, (to) cook

    kahmenore furnace

    kahmenorepokso smoker

    kahmenoretok blast furnace

    kahnaf (to) enter

    kahnafpe entry

    kahnafpeekka end portal

    kahnafpenelan nether portal (in)

    kahom (to) raise, (to) rise, (to) go up

    kahotil (to) light up, (to7 illuminate

    kahoskes (to) wear

    kahpak (to) break, (to) damage

    kahpilin (to) carve, (to) cut (stone, wood)

    kahpiline stonecutter

    kahterer (to) wash, (to) bleach

    kahtetae (to) color, (to) dye

    kahtetke (to) equip

    kak (to) fall

    kakan destination, target

    kakanpatan target

    kakea less

    kakmip (to) dive

    kala part

    kalis (to) sing

    kam hostile, evil

    kami (to) like/enjoy

    kamita favourite

    kanelan warped (wood type)

    kani must, have to

    kap (to) catch

    kapar cyan

    kapelep fishing rod

    karah squid

    kari (to) live, (to) survive

    kasha mushroom

    kashainnelan crimson fungus

    kashakanelan warped fungus

    kato (to) break (a block) (gemeral); (to) destroy

    katol spider

    katoltolo csve dpider

    kef (to) craft, (to) make

    kek (to) eat

    keko (to) go, (to) move, (to) run

    kekokeko (to) adventure, (to) explore, (to) wander

    kepa boss, terror, dragon

    kepaekka Ender Dragon

    kepaseoos Wither

    keskes redstone

    ketaraf 100

    keti tree

    ketialar sapling

    ketihefo oak tree

    ketihefokae dark oak tree

    ketiiakhe spruce tree

    ketikena birch tree

    ketiksatak jungle tree

    ketimakar acacia tree

    kilpa clay

    kik glass

    kikori (to) mend, (to) repair

    kikorie anvil

    kikotil glowstone

    kip (to) press

    kippe button

    kirik quartz

    ko night

    kohan netherite

    kokar power, strength

    kokok string

    kokop through, via

    kokor golem

    kokorfe iron golem

    kokorosis snow golem

    kol different, strange, weird

    komen melon

    komis emerald, money, currency

    konon turtle

    korot lightning

    kosi green

    kosifoe lime

    kote (to) switch, (to) toggle

    kotepe lever

    koto (to) die

    ksaehi bat

    ksatak jungle

    ksepif ingot, metal

    ksi what (inserted into sentences)

    ksilla long

    ksilme road, path

    ksilmepok river

    ksipan straight

    ksir (to) climb

    ksire ladder

    ksofkale purple

    la in, on, at

    laaral near

    laelko outside

    lafita im front of

    lahe wheat

    lahikal far from

    laim below

    lak crop

    laknelan netherwart

    lakokop through

    laktorek sugarcane

    lale bread

    lamar at the start of

    lamikar to the left

    lamit between

    lamon at the end of-------

    lan want to

    lanaf inside

    lanener to the right of

    lanili while, when, at the same time as

    laom above

    laparah behind

    lar fence

    laranak north of

    larenat where, at the same place as

    larisa before

    larokka after

    larseks (to) fly

    lartos powder, dust

    lartosnelan ancient debris

    lartosneron blaze powder

    lartospome gunpowder

    lartoskeskes redstone dust

    laseser east of

    lasi lava

    laskaf (to) swim

    latalan south of

    latsipan west of

    lemok (to) walk in

    lemokelasi strider

    lep fish

    lesko leaves

    liks magical, enchanted

    lin (to) hurt, (to) damage

    lokmip (to) run, (to) sprint

    lom body, torso

    lon smooth

    loneer yellow

    lop (to) drink

    lorop (to) paddle; (to) sail

    lorope boat

    makatarra mountains; extreme hills

    mamare full

    mamhenak many

    mamikah hot

    mamkomis expensive

    mamkokar strong, powerful

    mampok wet

    mamsirpe written on, filled in

    mamtetae colourful

    mamtopi empty

    mamtorek sweet

    man stick

    mankeskes redstone torch

    manotil torch

    mar start

    massa sad

    mek 5

    mekapi small, little

    meko cat

    mekohat ocelot

    mel friendly

    menor cooked, baked, roasted

    mikar left

    mil grassy, mossy

    milkar grass

    milkarnelan nylium

    mirakanto 10000

    misol (to) trap

    misole trap

    mit middle

    mof mob

    moflaskafe dolphin

    mok brick block

    moknelan nether brick

    moknelanpohem red nether brick

    mokpatek prismarine bricks

    moktok stone brick

    moktokekka endstone brick

    mokse cow

    moksekasha mooshroom

    mon end

    morlak carrot

    morlem orange

    mormel (to) rest

    na to

    naf inside

    nakah (to) give

    nali stairs

    nalke short

    nar without, free of

    narkomis cheap

    nee horse

    nelan (The) Nether

    nelki (to) welcome

    nen new

    nener right

    neron blaze

    nep foot

    niaka (to) not do; no (to a verb)

    nie (to) not be; no (to a noun)

    nihe bad

    nihil black

    nihilfoe dark grey

    nik concrete

    nikrekolo 1000

    nili now

    nirtif angry

    nitok andesite

    noko bedrock

    nomos curse(d)

    non room

    nor pig

    noreh shop (door but no bed)

    norehhalar market

    norehhalef smithy

    norehkamtakka woodland mansion

    norehmenor smeltery

    norehpilin masonry

    norehpolen shop

    norehrolek tannery

    norehsarra butchery

    norehsolon church

    norehtsalif library

    not (to) drop

    note dropper

    noteh (to) fight

    o I, me

    oko us, we (inclusive)

    okoh cold

    okot (to) launch, (to) shoot (something heavy)

    okotepome TNT cannon

    oleh (to) find, (to) discover

    oler (to) spawn

    oleremof mob spawner

    om up

    omksi mycelium

    omos frost

    or because

    orri ice

    orriomos frosted ice

    oro us, we (exclusive)

    osis snow

    osisosis tundra

    oskeslarseks elytra

    oskesielna hat/helmet

    oskesinae leggings/pants

    oskeslom chestplate

    oskesnep boot(s)

    osto (to) sneak

    otil light

    otoh (to) see

    otohe eye; observer

    otoheekka ender eye

    otohekatol spider eye

    otohekatolmamtorek fermented spider eye

    paa sheep

    pae wool

    paha hot

    pak broken, damaged

    pakaa chicken

    par season

    parah back, previous

    parok block

    parokpetsa beehive

    parokponeemof spawner

    paroktsalif bookself

    pasan guardian

    patan (to) shoot

    patane bow

    patanpe arrow

    patek prismarine

    patekkae dark prismarine

    peek symmetric; has a feature on all six sides

    peheram diamond

    peikah soul fire

    pekor lapis

    pemon blue

    pemonfoe light blue

    peram diamond (abbreviated)

    peri (to) mine

    perie pickaxe

    pesnimor phantom

    pesot (to) kill

    pet if

    petok basalt

    petsa bee

    petse honey

    pikaon (to) launch (a firework)

    pikaone firework, rocket

    pilin carved, cut

    pir cloud

    pohem red

    pohmen apple

    pol (to) build

    polen (to) buy

    pom (to) explode

    pome TNT

    pok water

    pokai brown

    poko ocean, body of water

    pokomekapi lake

    pokso food

    pol build, place, make

    polak potato

    pom (to) explode, (to) blow up

    poni (to) spawn

    por 3

    pori level, layer

    poriim floor

    poriom roof

    poritotolpe pressure plate

    posak wood (planks)

    posek bamboo

    rai slime

    railasi magma cube

    ral wall

    ranak north

    rankam illager (shortened)

    ranof villager

    ranofekka enderman

    ranofkam illager

    ranofnor piglin

    ranofnoreksarko zombie pigman

    rap (to) dispense

    rape dispenser

    rarankam raid

    ras (to) till

    rase hoe

    rek (to) dig

    reke shovel

    renat place, spot; destination

    renatmormel bed

    risa before

    rito flower

    rok ore

    roketah swamp

    rokha 7

    rokka after

    rolek leather

    rorillor (to) collapse, (to) close

    rot old

    sah house (door and bed)

    san can, is able to

    sarra meat

    sasal sponge

    sek 6

    sepak coal

    sepok (to) teleport

    serlan celestial body (sun, moon, star)

    serlanka sun

    serlanko moon

    serlankomekapi star

    serlanserlan space

    ses sand

    seser east

    sesnelan soul sand

    sessan creeper

    sesses desert

    sessespohem mesa

    sestok sandstone

    sik (to) cut

    sike sword

    sikepaa shears

    sir (to) write

    sis dirt

    sisif paper

    sisnelan soul soil

    sisraspe farmland

    sisses gravel

    sissis plains

    sistok land

    sistokkasha mushroom island

    sistokoko (The) Overworld

    solon [no clear meaning]

    sosop soup, stew

    ta (to) have

    tah 4

    tak 10

    takka forest

    takkaosis taiga

    takkainnelan crimson forest

    takkakanelan warped forest

    takkakae roofed forest

    takkakena birch forest

    takkamakar savanna

    talan south

    tekar many

    tekel pillar, pole

    teok cobblestone

    terer white

    tererkae light grey

    tes 2

    tetae color

    tetke tool

    tetok diorite

    tilep with

    tiko time

    tiks bone

    tis decorated

    titik bottle

    titikrito flower pot

    tok stone

    toknelan netherrack

    tokko dog

    tokkohat wolf

    tokses sandstone

    tokto skeleton

    toktoseoos wither skeleton

    toktorra obsidian

    toktorraotil crying obsidian

    tolo deep, low

    tolon (to) brew

    tolone brewing stand

    tolonpe potion

    topi emptiness, void, nothing, zero, air

    topitok cave

    topitopi void

    torek sugar

    toro hole

    torotok cave

    torra hard, solid, durable

    totol (to) feel, (to) touch

    totolim (to) stand on

    tsal hand

    tsaliso offhand

    tsam slab

    tsamak tunnel

    tsamakperi mineshaft

    tsamakperihorak abandoned mineshaft

    tsamaktok cave

    tseto (to) store, (to) keep

    tsetoe chest

    tsilits silverfish

    tsino (to) jump

    tsipan west

    tson year

    tsot wood (log)

    tsotpeek wood (symmetric log)


    • Minecraftian sentences are structured SVO (subject-verb-object), with prepositions affecting the verb at the end.
    • Adjectives are placed after the noun, for example pae (wool) + pohem (red) = paepohem (red wool). Possession is indicated similarly; sike (sword) + o (I, me) = sikeo (my sword). are (some) and asa (all) also work as so; parok (block) + are (some) = parokare (some block), parok (block) + asa (all) = parokasa (all blocks; every block). However, the roles of nouns and adjectives are interchangeable; pohem can mean "red" as an adjective, but "something that is red" as a noun.
    • Plurals are unmarked.
    • There are no articles.
    • Simple tense (past, present, future) is optional and can be left out if desired.
    • Adjectives can also double as adverbs.


    • -e yields a verb's subject from the verb: patan (to shoot) -> patane (bow).
    • -pe yields a verb's object from the verb: patan (to shoot) -> patanpe (arrow).
    • -ka, -ke, and -ki mark past, present and future tense respectively. They can be omitted if desired.
    • mam- and nar- essentially mean "full of" and "free of" respectively.
    • kah- yields a verb from a noun: menor (cooked) -> kahmenor (to cook).


    Minecraftian uses an octal (base-8) number system.

    1 en

    2 tes

    3 por

    4 tah

    5 mek

    6 sek

    7 rokha

    10 (dec. 8) tak

    11 taken

    12 taktes

    13 takpor

    14 taktah

    15 takmek

    16 taksek

    17 takrokha

    20 testak

    21 testaken

    22 testaktes

    27 testakrokha

    30 portak

    40 tahtak

    50 mektak

    60 sektak

    70 rokhatak

    100 (dec. 64) ketaraf

    1000 (dec. 512) nikrekolo

    10000 (dec. 4096) mirakanto

    Example sentences

    Sessan pomka sahposak mekapi. The creeper exploded the small wooden house.

    Niperiak na imksipan! Don't dig [mine] straight down!

    Periefe kefaf tilep por ksepiffe ar tes man. An iron pickaxe is crafted with three iron ingots and two sitcks.

    Can I contribute?

    You are free to suggest new words, but I have final say over what gets in. Furthermore, they must adhere to the alphabetical and phontactical restrictions. Also, Minecraftian has a strict no-loanword policy; all words must be derived from onomatopoeia or made up.

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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    Using fireworks as weapons has one drawback: they rarely deal any damage at all, as they slide on blocks until they explode, ignoring mobs. My solution? Make fireworks fired from crossbows explode when they hit a mob or block. For fireworks that don'5 explode, they deal damage comparable to an arrow.

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    posted a message on On Phantoms and Elytra

    This suggestion offers a few closely related solutions to a few closely related problems.

    The Problem(s)

    1. Phantoms serve no purpose, and are just a headache: Phantoms attack players who haven't slept for 5 days. Such players include:
      • Players who spend long periods mining/in the Nether: Unaffected, as phantoms don't spawn underground or in the Nether.
      • Players on servers: Becomes a major annoyance.
      • Players who want to repair their elytra: Not sleeping for 5 nights is too annoying an ordeal for players who just want to kill one or two phantoms.
    2. Elytra are uncraftable/rare on servers: I'm the kind of person who wants everything to be craftable. Well, obviously not things like spawn eggs or bedrock (not even bottles o' enchanting), but saddles, name tags, horse armor, and elytra. (Why? Crafting is one of Minecraft's five pillars, alongside mining, building, surviving, and exploring.) Furthermore, getting one is hard, but since they only spawn in generated structures, getting another is harder; this problem is proportionally worse on servers.

    The Solutions

    1. Make phantoms spawn in the Outer End, and remove the insomnia mechanic - Simple enough. Here's the technical:
      • Instead of spawning in the Overworld when players have not slept, they spawn in the End in all available empty unlit sufficiently large spaces except in a 1000-block-radius square centered on the origin. They spawn with three times the spawning density (maximum possible spawns per chunk per Minecraft day) that they currently do. The insomnia counter is not removed; it can still be used for mapmaking purposes.

    2. Make elytra craftable - Also simple. The recipe is attached.
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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    I use beacons a lot in Creative, but never in Survival as the recipe is too expensive for a simple waypoint. My solution: Change the crafting recipe of beacons to use 1 diamond instead of 1 nether star, and allow them to be used as beacons without being placed on a material block base. However, instead of requiring one iron ingot/gold ingot/diamond/emerald to access the permanent buffs, a nether star is placed instead. Result: easier to use beacons as waypoints; no change for us8ng beacons as buff fields.

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    posted a message on Chairs and tables.

    No Support

    In Minecraft, you're supposed to be creative with the blocks that are there.

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