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    Quote from hexparrot

    Great response...yes, because you have not been successfully hacked by a group of idiots therefore, bad practice is not bad practice. Look at the entire server world: lighttpd, apache, msyql--what do you notice between all these services?

    They all tell you to be run as an unprivileged user. ALL OF THEM.

    Why? Because regardless of whether youre being 'targetted by a hacker group' (and god knows how you could have created that much bad blood)--0% threat is better than .01%. And a service like apache that gets compromised will only yield the permissions the apache user has. Likewise, a server like minecraft will only yield the permissions THAT user has.

    It requires NO effort to give minecraft its own unprivileged user, and good practice is good practice no matter what.

    "My security has been very well audited. The root password is 24 random letters and numbers."

    I call that an 'idiot' password. You want to make a login 'unlikely'? Use a 24 'RANDOM' letters and numbers....and make it god damn difficult for you to login. You want to make it 'pretty much impossible?' learn what RSA-KEY logins are.

    I'm proud of you and your impenetrable, high-significance server and your many conquered virtual enemies.

    You are so right... even xkcd makes that same established point.

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    Quote from cavemaneca

    that should work just fine, thank you.

    As far as with a plugin, JSONAPI for bukkit is a monster in this area and worth looking into. The amount of information you can pull out is nice, you can even make custom methods which I find very useful.

    This also gives you the ability to gather data using python, javascript, or php.
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    Yikes... kneading admins... sounds painful... what did they ever do to you?
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    Giving someone mod for your server just because they answer a question is retarded, that's just asking for abuse...

    How the **** do you expect new players to be a part of your server if you have a whitelist that blocks anyone new that tries to join? I know I would just try another server if it was me.

    The solution is to not have a whitelist... your ops are idiots...

    To prevent griefing, there are plenty of plugins you can use to let ppl join a server, but have to be given build rights to do anything... That way you can have new players join the server to check it out and not have to worry about the ones that want to grief...

    Think logically...
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    Quote from Mausterio1

    I got all the stuff. I got it started but i keep getting alot of errors when booting up. I use a floppy. I get error 1962 and 186. Im pretty sure i fixed the 1962 error but the 186 i havent figured out yet. 186 Security hardware control logic error.

    If you don't know how to work with a computer, I don't see you getting very far... A server computer doubly so...
    Do you know what a SCSI raid controller is? Because that's what the 5600 uses.

    With a statement like "I dont run on Linux. I run on XP." I would suggest you just quit while you are ahead.

    I would suggest you install a Red Hat Distro like Fedora or CentOS as they have the ability to pickup the controller configs without the need to install additional drivers, but that is probably over your head already....
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    Quote from battlekid

    The ignorance level in here is over 9000.

    OVER 9000!?!

    Lol.. but agreed... the guy is full of ****.

    1. You would need to be able to somehow get the so called 'virus' on the machine and running before it will be able to do any damage. You can target my 25565 port all you want, all you are going to do is flood my minecraft server will bad packet ids... after which will just prompt me to add your dumbass to my iptables... but I digress, little fear-mongering wankers that are attempting to get some asinine form of respect? are still wankers.
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    Quote from Doomdealer666

    My server is really laggy so could do with adding a bit more ram. Anyone able to suggest how to go about it? Have tried following a youtube tutorial making a .bat file but couldn't get it to work

    I downloaded the .exe software for the server if that makes a difference

    Plus don't want any changes to wipe my current server :smile.gif:

    Lol... well, you need the jar for the batch file, not the exe... so that does make a difference...

    Adding ram to a server implies adding physical sticks to the actual server.

    I'm guessing you actually mean "Increasing the ram used by Minecraft"
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    Quote from Thee_Hiro

    I cant stand my griefed map and want to desperately delete it, but my minecraft files are all mixed up and once I open world 1 and world 0 i cant delete it, it doesnt give me the option to do so, but i can recycle it which is useless. If i dont find a way im going to wipe my hard drive with a virus so help me god. Been trying for hours to start a new map but i cant seem to make any progress please help me!

    Settle down sparky... over-react much? Using a 'virus' to do anything is the stupidest thing you could do.

    Minecraft isn't rocket science... all of the world data is contained in their own folders, by default that is called 'world' and with the new server you also have a 'world-nether' for the nether.

    1. Stop your server, you can't delete files if they are in use
    2. Delete your world folder(s), when you start Minecraft again, you will see it build the new worlds.
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    Corrupted world maybe...
    A few things you can try....

    1. Restore your world from a backup (if you don't have one, then you deserve having to start over... shame shame)

    2. Rename the world folder and restart the server so it creates a new one. If it works, then your world is most likely corrupt.

    3. You can dry messing with the level.dat file, but i'm pretty sure what I've read involves taking that file from a backup as well, so it may not be an option.
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    Ahh... and there you show your true colors...
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